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14 Sep, 2017

Manage anxiety naturally

Many people struggle with feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. While there is nothing that can replace the support of a qualified therapist, these are 5 strategies that I use to help manage anxiety naturally. Despite there still being a huge stigma surrounding mental health and anxiety, I feel like this year it’s becoming much more […]

11 Sep, 2017

Weight loss tips for cyclists

Optimising your body composition to improve power-to-weight ratio is a common challenge faced by cyclists. Finding the balance is tricky. Lose weight too quickly or in an unsustainable manner and you could end up losing power. Here are some of my top weight loss tips for cyclists wanting to improve their body composition. Here I […]

29 Aug, 2017

What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you? You know those conversations you have that become key turning points in your life? This question was one of those conversations.  An important question Slateman sprint – my introduction to triathlon I was first asked this question back in January 2015. I was talking with my psychologist about how much I loved […]

15 Jun, 2017

Do you need protein supplements?

Protein pancakes, protein brownies, protein smoothies… there’s even protein chocolate bars on the market these days! Protein plays a key role in muscle growth and repair, it forms enzymes and hormones to keep our bodies functioning normally and performing optimally. It’s good stuff and is being added to all sorts of foods. But. Is the real […]

7 Jun, 2017

Simply Cook Recipe Box: Product Review

When strapped for time and you want a delicious nutritious meal, recipe boxes can be a lifesaver. I’ve been using Simply Cook  recipe boxes for years. Put them to the test yourself with their £3 offer on a first box ! What is Simply Cook? Simply Cook is a monthly recipe box that gets delivered to […]

1 Jun, 2017

Food is everywhere… And it’s after me!

When trying to develop healthy habits, many people struggle to be more mindful and eat intuitively. So often the environment we live and work in appears to be sabotaging us. Food is everywhere! How can we become more mindful about eating foods we don’t necessarily mean or want to eat? I asked Glenn Mackintosh ‘The […]

29 May, 2017

All about ancient grains

  Ancient grains are often marketed as nutritional powerhouses that are ‘cleaner’ choices than standard wheat or rice varieties. They claim to be nutritionally similar to strains enjoyed by Incan, Aztec and other ancient civilisations for thousands of years and less selectively bred than modern grains. What are ancient grains? Similar to superfoods, there is no […]