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Testimonial Jack Walker, NPA Bodybuilder

A short testimonial from my hard-working client and Natural Physique Association (NPA) bodybuilder, Jack Walker: “Rick miller has to be one of the best guys out there, throughout my experience of competing the the NPA Yorkshire he was there for every single step all the way to doing my tan for me backstage! His knowledge […]

Depression: Can the right food, help mood?

Depression: Can the right food, help mood?   Depression is common mental health condition. As part of National Depression awareness week premier women’s health channel healthista published an article on this topic too. Helping to raise awareness around this condition that according to Mind affects 1 in 4 of us. Check it out here   “Eat […]

The Perfect Diet or… The Perfect Approach?

Here’s a thought…if you asked random people in the street what their definition of a perfect diet is…   …what do you think they’d reply with?   …Paleo, Mediterranean-Style, Low Carb, Low Glycaemic Index, Low Fat, High Fat, High Protein, Vegetarian, Vegan, Intermittent fasting…the list could probably go on for several pages.   …but most likely […]

The Sinister 6

I was once asked by a patient recently…   “Everything in nutrition is so confusing! Surely in this day and age, with all the modern technology we have, we could figure out something as simple as what to eat!”   Frankly I have to agree with them.   I tend to find that even amongst […]

Are you Eating Intuitively? 3 Steps to Stress Free Eating.

I was recently quoted in The Independent newspaper on ‘Intuitive Eating’… For those who’ve never heard of this, is effectively a nutrition philosophy to help you develop a more healthy relationship with food.. You can read the original article here The journalist wanted to know about this new ‘anti-diet’…but let’s take stock for a second about what […]