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16 Oct, 2017

Mood and food – keeping your spirits up

Food can affect how we feel in many ways.  It can comfort us when we are feeling low, think chocolate! It can make us feel bad if we think we have eaten too much again think chocolate! Sometimes food memory can make us feel good or bad, for instance being on a diet can feel […]

18 Sep, 2017

Eat your greens…..

And yellows, reds and all the colours of the rainbow. We are so fortunate in this country these days that we can access such a wide range of fruit and vegetables to brighten our plates and provide a range of vitamins and minerals. When I was a little girl (I am showing my age, I […]

11 Sep, 2017

Burn baby, burn

Lets put the record straight on the fat burning issue. Many rumours and pseudo science surround fat burning, with some foods being heralded as fat burners.  . You may see in the media about  foods that burn fat. Lets have a look at a few silly statements about this: Grapefruit has long been said to burn fat, […]

4 Sep, 2017

Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness

In rolls September, with shorter days, cooler mornings, and lots of autumn produce to help us eat a balanced diet. Blackberries are a free hedgerow fruit, really tasty as a pudding with stewed apples or made into jam, without the addition of glucose- fructose syrup which is an ingredient of many commercially produced jams. Glucose- […]

28 Aug, 2017

In a jam, or a pickle?

Well it is bank holiday and I am sure many people will have endured traffic jams as they chase the sun and indulge in the final free for all before the autumn arrives. Other more tasty jams,  and pickles, have either sugar or salt added to them for the simple reason that these are the oldest […]

21 Aug, 2017

Trust me, I`m a dietitian

I had an interesting discussion with someone the other day who was totally dismissive of dietitians ( madam, know your audience!) she was of the opinion that it didn’t really matter whether I called myself a dietitian or a nutritionist, she maintained that people simply didn’t care. This got me thinking, once I descended from my […]

16 Aug, 2017

High ho high ho, its off to work we go…

Performance at work is very much affected by the food we eat, it is not just the elite athletes and ballet dancers who can improve how they work  by eating well. Did you know that a poor lunch can cause a real afternoon slump where you will feel more like sleeping than working? Or that […]