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16 Aug, 2017

High ho high ho, its off to work we go…

Performance at work is very much affected by the food we eat, it is not just the elite athletes and ballet dancers who can improve how they work  by eating well. Did you know that a poor lunch can cause a real afternoon slump where you will feel more like sleeping than working? Or that […]

7 Aug, 2017

Some people have all the luck ….

As I sit here shivering in August, my thoughts turn to the Mediterranean. OK, so it is rather too hot there at the moment, but the norm is predictable sunshine, …. and these countries enjoy what science suggests is a good diet for health. The Mediterranean diet is based upon eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, […]

31 Jul, 2017

Live long and prosper- eating well in later life

Mr Spock`s famous Vulcan greeting or farewell is a useful motto for eating well. Our lifespan has increased so much in the last 100 years that there are now more centenarians than ever before. In my view it is vital that any life is of the best possible quality, which means good nutrition is a […]

24 Jul, 2017

Let it rain, let it pour

Ah, the great British summer – waterproofs, wellington boots and muddy dogs and children. Yes, let’s talk about fluids, but the ones we drink not the type that waters our green and pleasant land. As adults we should aim to drink 6 to 8 cups or glasses of fluid every day. As a guide that […]

17 Jul, 2017

Time lords, and ladies

This isn’t about Dr Who, but more about the pub landlord and when is it wise to call time on drinking alcohol. How much is enough and how much is too much? The guidelines for sensible drinking in adults with no condition or pregnancy is 14 units a week for both men and women. What […]

10 Jul, 2017

Anyone for tennis?

So, it is Wimbledon fortnight, meaning that it is high summer, a time for strawberries and cream and multitudes of spectators both at Wimbledon and on social media. How can we keep healthy as couch potatoes who are not using thousands of calories with forehand smashes, serving aces or reaching break point? Well, it is […]

26 Jun, 2017

A world of confusion

I was looking at nutrition headlines which have been published in the past few months and found some that totally contradict one another. In March, the headline read “substances found in red wine helps fight ageing “, and also in march  “ moderate drinking may reduce heart disease risk”. Then in June it read “ […]