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Be like jam – spread the word about healthy eating

There is so much stuff and nonsense swirling around the internet about diet and nutrition, it is no wonder people are confused about what a balanced healthy diet looks like. The simple way to learn about healthy eating is to take a look at the eatwell guide available here on this link It is […]

Gnashing and grinding of teeth.

It can be easy to overlook the importance of our teeth and their role in being well nourished and yet without our gnashers, we would not be able to enjoy crunching apples, biting bread or tearing at meat. Our teeth and their health is set before we are born, when our mothers provide us with […]

Only the lonely

I read the other day that up to 9 million people now live alone in the UK. Whilst this does not mean that there are 9 million people craving company, it is quite clear that unwanted “aloness” can have a negative impact on food intake and enjoyment. You see, food is not just about nourishment […]

Reasons to be cheerful

Today has been described as blue Monday. We are all meant to be looking glum as Christmas celebrations become a distant memory and summer sunshine is too far away. I thought I would try to counter this negativity with some reasons to be cheerful. The days are getting longer and the sun is making progress […]

Merry Christmas and no humbug

Season’s greetings to all, I hope you will have a splendid day, eating drinking and making merry. Have a great day but remember there is no law that requires us to eat and drink ourselves silly for the 12 days of Christmas. We can all indulge over the festive season and many of us will […]

Past your sell by date, says who?

The dictionary definition of this phrase refers to someone who is no longer considered useful as they are too old. I don`t think i have ever met anyone of any age who fits that description, my mum lived until she was nearly 96 and she was useful to me until the day she died. Miss […]