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29 May, 2017

On the bandwagon ….

Another “celebrity” wades in to criticise hospital food, joining a long list of people in the public eye who have raised this issue. Hospitals have a duty to provide meals for patients which meet a strict nutritional quality for protein and calories, whilst having a minimal budget to deliver food which people will eat. In […]

22 May, 2017

2 days today, better health tomorrow

The 2 day diet has been developed specifically to help women reduce their weight and their risk of breast cancer. Being overweight increases the risk of breast and other cancers, so it makes sense to aim to keep your weight within reasonable limits. Carrying too much weight also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, […]

8 May, 2017

A world of confusion – food labels

Nutritional values are now printed on the foods we buy in packets, boxes and tins. These labels are intended to help us make decisions on the nutritional content such as the quantity of sugar or salt, the number of calories and the fibre levels. But in many cases, the information is not clear enough to […]

1 May, 2017

Mayday, mayday, mayday

Whilst dancing round the maypole this morning, after washing my face in the fresh morning dew, I got to thinking about the craze for so called clean eating. Although clean eating has been around for 10 years or so, with so-called Celebs like  Miranda Kerr being fans, recently it has enjoyed a much higher profile. […]

24 Apr, 2017

Any old iron (and zinc)

Minerals  such as iron and zinc are  essential for good health throughout our lives. Many people may be familiar with Iron, which is needed to transport oxygen around the body. If we don’t have sufficient iron in our diet, we may become anaemic, which will show itself in fatigue as well as other signs. There […]