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Food sustains but also must be sustainable

I am sure I am not the only person who perhaps takes the availability of food for granted. And yet we should be aware that the food we eat has impact on our bodies, the environment and the economy of the world. Diet related illnesses such as obesity, type2 diabetes and heart disease, are the […]

Past your sell by date, says who?

The dictionary definition of this phrase refers to someone who is no longer considered useful as they are too old. I don`t think i have ever met anyone of any age who fits that description, my mum lived until she was nearly 96 and she was useful to me until the day she died. Miss […]

Too much of a good thing

I was foolish enough to venture into a high street health food shop with my sister last week. She wanted to return her purchase of vitamin D as the tablets were 1.5 times the recommended daily supplement, as advised by the specialist advisory committee on nutrition (2016). A refund was not forthcoming, even though the […]

What lies beneath..

Visceral fat, unseen by us all and yet a real risk to our health. There are 2 types of fat stored in our bodies, that which is stored under our skin (subcutaneous fat) and internal fat (visceral fat). Subcutaneous fat defines our body shape and is not thought to have the same health risks as […]

Lest we forget….

Remembrance Sunday took place today, when many of us stood and reflected for a few moments on the ultimate sacrifice given by brave men and women to keep us free. A member of the association which represents the Merchant Navy was interviewed and spoke about how in World War 1  the UK had only 6 weeks […]

Bangers and mash..

Well it was bonfire night last night and it was like a war zone in my local area. I won`t make any comment on the fate of poor Guy Fawkes,  but suffice to say that i think it quite extraordinary that someone who plotted to bring down the government of the day remains famous more […]

Trick or treat?

Tonight my door bell will chime constantly alerting me to an army of small children dressed in ghoulish outfits chanting “trick or treat”. As a good neighbour, and not really keen on having my windows egged, I will offer a  bucket of confectionery for them to choose from. I will not worry about their sugar […]

Mood and food – keeping your spirits up

Food can affect how we feel in many ways.  It can comfort us when we are feeling low, think chocolate! It can make us feel bad if we think we have eaten too much again think chocolate! Sometimes food memory can make us feel good or bad, for instance being on a diet can feel […]