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The Truth about HIIT –

MY problem with HIIT High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been the buzz in the fitness industry for a number of years now. The principle is simple. High intensity exercise pushes you out of your comfort zone for short periods of time. In turn, your body releases stress hormones conducive to fat burn and improving […]

Which Sweeteners Are Low FODMAP? Dietitian Advice For IBS

Introduction Low FODMAP sweeteners are an important consideration for those with digestive problems.  Some sweeteners are sugar alcohols or ‘polyols’, a type of FODMAP . Even if you don’t actively add sweeteners into your food and drinks, they are commonly found in ‘sugar free’ drinks and chewing gum. It is therefore important to get to grips […]

Should crash diets be part of NHS treatment?

Should crash diets or fad diets be available on the NHS? This is always a controversial one that splits opinion. I suspect I could start full scale warfare just within my dietetic department by mentioning this topic. Some are staunch believers crash diets are what is needed to kick start people into losing weight. Others […]

Low Fat Potato Salad

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