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23 Jul, 2017

Sausage and watercress conchiglie pasta – gluten free and low fodmap

This dish is really easy to make and can be incorporated into your low fodmap recipes for working week nights, plus you don’t need to use fresh herbs – dried are just as good but maybe use a little less as the flavour is more concentrated in dried herbs. I don’t eat sausages often, and […]

20 Jul, 2017

Disordered eating in children – practical tips Claire Bryant

In this webinar Claire Bryant will discuss general feedback from the London Eating Disorders Conference 2017. She will specifically focus on concepts and practical ideas she learnt for managing faddy eaters (infants). Learning Outcomes: to pass on information learnt on this Conference for other dietitians to incorporate into their practice. Claire is a dietitian based […]

19 Jul, 2017

Nutrition works: Five things you must know if you want to get pregnant

One Being overweight or underweight reduces your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term. Check your Body Mass Index before you stop using contraception and if you have a BMI under 18.5 or over 24.9 then you should take action to reach a healthy weight before you start trying to conceive. Check […]

19 Jul, 2017

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.23

Big news hitting the headlines this week is the submission of a trademark by Amazon for a meal kit company with the strap line “we do the prep, you be the chef which comes as a blow to market leader Blue Apron . Amazon is a massive threat in terms of its online ordering, cashless […]

19 Jul, 2017

Dieting myths explained

‘Dieting’ tends to do the following: Raises your awareness of your eating habits. Makes you more aware of what you put in your mouth. Controls your portion size and makes you think more about it. Generally reduces the volume of processed foods where sugar and fat contents are unknown. Research into the most successful diet […]

18 Jul, 2017

Hydrogen Breath Testing

Introduction What is a hydrogen breath testing and what does it diagnose? Hydrogen breath testing is used fairly routinely to diagnose a range of gut health problems. It is not painful and runs very few risks to an individual’s health. This article will talk you through the answers to these questions and iron out any […]

17 Jul, 2017

Time lords, and ladies

This isn’t about Dr Who, but more about the pub landlord and when is it wise to call time on drinking alcohol. How much is enough and how much is too much? The guidelines for sensible drinking in adults with no condition or pregnancy is 14 units a week for both men and women. What […]

16 Jul, 2017

Aubergine stuffed with lamb and pine nuts

This recipe is another Ottolenghi recipe which I have modified to make it low fodmap and is quite simply delicious the original version can be found in his Jerusalem recipe book. It was very easy to modify really- just don’t add any onion to the recipe! Cinnamon is low fodmap and one of my favourite […]