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Broccoli is a newer addition to the low fodmap family – although particular attention needs to be made concerning which parts are low fodmap. Growing conditions and plant storage of FODMAPs affects the fodmap content of foods. A good example here is the ability to use the green parts of leeks and spring onions and […]

Do Keto Diets Work For Diabetes?

Following on from my previous blog on my services page about ketogenic diets (usually known as a keto diet) and weight loss I wanted to do a separate blog on keto diets and diabetes. The reason this topic deserves a blog all in itself is because with diabetes the stakes are arguably higher. Hypergylcaemia is […]

Processed Meat Linked to Premature Death

In a huge study of half a million men and women, research in Biomed Central’s open access journal BMC Medicine demonstrates an association between processed meat and cardiovascular disease and cancer. One of the difficulties in measuring the effect of eating meat on health is the confounding effect of lifestyle on health. Often vegetarians have healthier lifestyles […]

The Aubergine

Aubergines have to be my favourite vegetable. I love that they marry well with other vegetables such as tomato and potato. They have a velvety texture and a creamy taste and more than earn their title as the vegetarian steak. Although in some quarters they are suggested to produce intolerance, as along with potato, peppers […]

Menopause Workshop

I’m excited to host my first workshop on The Menopause and diet. This would be of interest to women over 40 who are experiencing the menopause. Date – Friday 8th February 2018 10 am to 1 pm Location: Great Shelford Come and spend a morning with me and learn how to cope with the menopause. Refreshment sand […]