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Have we got it all wrong about gluten?

Dr Lomer said  “only people with coeliac disease – an autoimmune condition that causes gut inflammation when gluten is ingested and affects 1 per cent of the population – needed to go gluten-free. Yet an estimated one in five of the population now buys gluten-free food….”     read more

The Obesity Problem

The Obesity Problem Did you know over a quarter of people in the UK are obese? About 2/3 are overweight. Obesity is big news in healthcare and is the primary cause of type 2 diabetes. Obesity is directly linked to a number of different illnesses including type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, hypertension, gallstones and […]

Tweaking recipes to make them healthier

Tweaking recipes to make them healthier So Flora Pro.activ rang me last week and asked if I’d like to join in their Christmas recipe challenge. I think the word “challenge” was only added to spur on those who might not otherwise take part by prodding their competitive nature. It’s not really a challenge at all. […]

A New Baby Food Venture

A New Baby Food Venture I’ve written before about why making your own baby food is better but (having had two babies, a husband that works long hours and my own freelance business) I am completely aware that it’s not always going to happen! The trouble with buying baby food is that the food that’s […]

Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in Public So today the media is reporting that swanky hotel in London asked a mother who was breastfeeding in public to cover herself while she was having afternoon tea. Claridges apparently said this is their hotel policy. On top of this, Nigel Farage live on LBC suggested that it was “a matter of […]