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What is a low carb diet?

Every week I receive questions. Whether in type 2 diabetes education or via our online community. One question that came up this week was ‘what is a low carb diet’? Sometimes we get so caught up in talking about things we forget some people might not know what we are saying. Therefore, today I have […]

Intermittent Fasting – Is it for you?

Should we all be following strict rules around fasting? The potential benefits of fasting for the body have been talked about for a long time, but the idea that restricting your eating to a certain time window is good for health, seems to be building momentum so what does the science say? Fasting allows the […]

Sugar and IBS

You will likely have heard the claims around sugar being a trigger for IBS. You may have tried a sugar free diet to help your IBS symptoms. The term ‘sugar’ refers to several different molecules. Not all ‘sugar’ will cause your IBS symptoms, only those which you are intolerant to. In this article, I am […]