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Type 2 diabetes remission diet – An off the record discussion on the pros and cons

Since originally blogging on the type 2 diabetes remission a while back (find it here) I’ve been getting many more enquiries about this. This is in no small part to the media coverage on the diet.  It makes sense really. If you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the past you wouldn’t have received […]

5 Things You Need Consider When Choosing a Social Media Platform for your Healthcare Practice

As a healthcare professional with your own private practice you’re a one-woman/man-band and you try so hard to gracefully waltz from making the coffee, to the journal articles you printed off three weeks ago, to giving clients cutting-edge advice, to feeding yourself, to sleeping, to trying to come up with a plan to bring in more clients and spending time […]

5 Tips for Website Brainstorming – DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

So you’re building or re-vamping your website yourself. Perhaps it’s Squarespace, perhaps it’s Wix, perhaps you’re a little bit of a technical guru and you’re using WordPress (kudos).  Regardless, there are a couple of things that you want to think about before embarking on this marketing mission.  Domain Name Ideas/Securing a Domain Name.  This one […]

Specificity the Superhero – 3 Things You Must Do | DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

To grow your healthcare practice and have a steady stream of clients you need to get down and dirty with the details.  You need to… Know your Unique Selling Proposition/Point (i.e. what makes you unique) and who exactly you’re targeting.  Get specific with your own goals (personal and for your business). Constantly be refining you […]

Understanding & Identifying Ideal Clients | DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Understanding & Identifying Ideal Clients (i.e. Buyer Personas)  You may cringe at the thought of conducting more marketing research but the truth is the more you know about your customer, the better you are able to help them as well as generate increased income within your healthcare practice.  Buyer Personas are something you may have […]

Experiential Event Marketing for HCPs – It's all about BIG IMPACT.

Experiential Marketing, for the sake of both of us I’ll call it EM for short, should be something you are seriously considering or have already implemented in your healthcare business.  Why?  Because it shows potential clients we’re REAL PEOPLE – and in this digital age, that is becoming even more important.  Because it shows current […]