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Podcast: Nutrition for Endurance athletes (In The Flow Nutrition)

Earlier this week I recorded a conversation about nutrition for endurance athletes while in COVID-19 lockdown here in Girona with Jackson Long from In The Flow Nutrition. We discuss the common mistakes athletes make when it comes to fuelling and nutrition, relative energy deficiency in sport, plant-based performance, favourite recipes, considerations for young athletes, and […]

Nutrition and Immunity

Nutrition and Immunity By Helen Phadnis, BSc MSc PgDip MBDA, Consultant Dietitian In the current environment more than ever, it’s important to maximise your immunity and fight off disease. In this article I’d like to give you some common–sense advice, dispel some immunity myths, and share what’s on the horizon for personalised nutrition to optimise […]

Top tips to stay healthy and productive whilst working from home

The latest government advice will see more of us working from home than ever before. For those of us not used to it, the lack of familiar routine can throw our usual habits out of the window. What and when we choose to eat for example, are likely to shift in the coming weeks, whether […]