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Nutella ricecake recipe

6th July 2020 /

Cycling, Recipe, Snacks, Sports nutrition
Who doesn’t love a bit of nutella? These nutella ricecakes are great for longer bike rides when you’re looking for an easy, tasty, chocolately ride food. Easy to make at home, or when you’re travelling and find yourself out of ride food. All it takes is two ingredients – rice and nutella. The end result

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Spicy quinoa salad recipe

15th June 2020 /

Mains, Recipe, Vegetarian, gluten free, plant based
Bright, colourful, plant-based and easy to whip up ahead of time. If you’re looking for a new salad recipe to get more vegetables in, try out this spicy quinoa salad recipe. Perfect for summer barbecues served alongside chargrilled chicken or tofu for an extra serve of protein. By cooking the quinoa and mixing the dressing

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Spanish Fish Stew

6th June 2020 / Catriona Huntly

Healthy Recipes, Weight Loss Recipes
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Dieting: when it’s time to say no

18th May 2020 / Laura Clark

Weight loss and body composition
Mental Health Awareness Week is flying the flag for kindness this week. So, it’s the perfect time to think about how we’re interpreting this for ourselves, particularly when it comes to our quest to lose weight or change our body shape. Dieting often takes us on a merry-go-round of emotions, initially euphoria when our efforts

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How can I make baby led weaning choking foods safer?

18th May 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

According to a recent survey of all of my social media followers, gagging and choking is the number 1 weaning worry. I get it, it was my biggest worry too when I weaned my children.Each day around 40 under-5s are rushed to hospital after choking on something or swallowing something dangerous.I’ve teamed up with Daisy

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Is Sourdough Bread Low FODMAP?

17th May 2020 / Kirsten Jackson

Uncategorized, sourdough bread low FODMAP
You may be wondering if sourdough bread is low FODMAP? Bread is staple part of the diet you will likely miss when doing the low FODMAP process. In this article I will explain which breads you CAN have. Although many breads contain high FODMAP ingredients such as honey, apple and inulin, there are also suitable

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What are the best baby bottles when breastfeeding?

11th May 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

This is a guest post by Registered Dietitian, Gabriella Goodchild.However you choose to feed your baby, you may decide to introduce a bottle at some point. With so many brands and baby bottles to choose from, how do you know which bottle to choose? And what are the best baby bottles when breastfeeding?Why introduce a bottle

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Plant based sources of iron

8th May 2020 /

Nutrition + Health, Sports nutrition, Vegetarian, iron, plant sources of iron, vegan
If you don’t like meat or prefer to follow a plant based, vegetarian or vegan diet, getting enough iron from plant based sources can be difficult to achieve. Difficult, but not impossible. With some careful planning it is possible for vegetarians to use plant based sources of iron to achieve their iron needs. What does

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How much protein do you need in lockdown?

28th April 2020 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients
How much protein do I need in lockdown? I thought it was time to delve into the protein macro again, particularly as our habitual exercise patterns have shifted somewhat. We may be exercising more, or less than usual or altering the type of exercise we’re doing. Lockdown might also have influenced out dietary choices too

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Food is everywhere.. and it’s after me!

27th April 2020 /

Mindset, Nutrition + Health, Sports nutrition, Weight Management, fitness, psychology
What do you do when food is everywhere, your friends and family keep offering it to you and it just seems to be coming after you? Right now with everyone living and working from home there is seemingly unlimited access to food. How do you stay true to your goals and keep eating well in

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