10 Healthy Snacks to nourish your body & fill your belly!

My name’s Helen and I’m a snackaholic! My clients often tell me it’s my advise on snacking that improves their energy levels, mood, and outlook on food in general. My ethos is to focus on nourishing your body, feel good about those in between snacks, and think of the extra nutrients you’re sneaking in between meal-times. Increase your vitamin and mineral intake, reduce over-eating at main meals, regulate your blood sugars and appetite…. SNACK!  

Do you find some snacks just make you feel more hungry? When you’re truly hungry but your next meal isn’t for another couple of hours you want something that will sit in your belly for a while filling you up. Think healthy fats and fibrous nutrient dense foods that will be registered by your body and cancel out those hunger signals. Steer clear of highly processed carbohydrate snacks, which get absorbed very quickly, and leave your stomach grumbling, or even worse make you more hungry. So put that skinny muffin down, start looking after yourself, and pick up one of these tasty morsels instead:

  1. Edamame beans  At 10.8g protein per 100g snack-sized bowl these are a dream for cancelling out hunger. Usually found in either the prepared salad or frozen sections of the supermarket. Simply dress with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and if you’re feeling adventurous a sprinkle of chilli powder. 
  2. Seaweed thins  Hunger can be driven by nutrient deficiencies. Vegetarians can find it hard to eat enough vitamin B12 – seaweed thins contain 360% or your daily recommended intake per packet which would solve this problem. Deliciously crisp and salty these are available in all major supermarkets.
  3. Home made vegetable crisps  Take your favourite root vegetable: parsnips, beetroot and carrots all work well. Slice using a mandolin as thin as you can, coat with 1 tbsp olive oil, season, and lay flat on baking parchment. Bake for 20min at 200 degrees, then turn the oven off and leave crisps in there until they crisp up. Ovens vary so modify cooking time/ temperature according to your own ovens temperament! These go lovely with a glass of wine at social gatherings.
  4. Padron peppers   As with the home made veggies crisps these often make an appearance alongside a glass of wine at social gatherings, but are great anytime. Simply rinse and pat dry then shallow fry until skin has blistered, dab off excess oil with kitchen towel, season and serve.
  5. Poppadoms  The chickpea flour that these are made out of make these 20% protein and fibrous, and therefore satiating. No need for any oil, just pop some plain uncooked poppadoms in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch them puff up. Nom nom!
  6. Celery sticks with nut butter  I never liked stringy old celery until I used a trick from Gok Kwan & peeled the outer string of with a vegetable peeler. Delicious crunchy celery but without the dodgy stringy bits! All that chewing helps your body acknowledge you’ve eaten something. Add nut butter for healthy fats and protein. 
  7. Apple slices with nut butter  Apples contain pectin which helps keep you fuller for longer. Add nut butter and you wont get bored half way through the apple!
  8. Almond stuffed dates  Adding nuts to dates helps to blunt the insulin spike produced by the glucose they contain. Almonds help with weight control but personally I usually eat them alongside something else to jazz them up a bit. 
  9. Dark chocolate Clinically proven to lower blood pressure. Take the stress out of a Friday afternoon with a few squares of >70% cocoa solids dark choc!
  10. Bliss balls  Still a fave in this house: blitz your fave nuts and dried fruit, roll into balls, pop in the fridge and consume one ball at a time when hunger strikes. See my recipe for pecan brownie bliss balls in my July 2015 blog post. 

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