5 signs to prioritise your health more

Have you ever thought that spending money on a nutrition/healthy living expert, personal trainer or fitness class was an indulgence?



I used to believe this.  When my family moved from UK to NZ in the 70’s – the focus was on how we were going to make ends meet.



I heard…”money doesn’t grow on trees” – I grew up thinking life was hard, and there was no place in our life for frivolous behaviour, like spending money on yourself as money was hard to come by.



Now at 41 – I see things completely differently.



I feel there is nothing more important to us than our health and well being.



Our emotional and physical health is the centre of our existence.  If we don’t have wellness and health – we don’t exist.



I believe you are here to express our own unique gift in the world and you can’t express your gift if you are trapped inside a body that is stifling you.



Your body is an energy generating machine with mind blogging healing capabilities!



Why not centre your life around getting the best out of it.  Imagine what you’d do – how you’d feel?



Do you catch yourself – if you say or hear others say:


-I don’t have enough time
-I’m too busy
-I’ve got other priorities
-I’ll focus on myself when…..(the kids leave home, etc)
-I’ve got too much do
-I don’t have enough money
-I’m too stressed



This kind of talk is a habit.  We are programmed to have this fear based mental hurry mindset.



It raises our perception of threat in our nervous system and causes us to rush about like we have a pack of wild dogs on our tail.



It’s a pretty uncomfortable cycle to be caught it and causes our body to break down and most people live this way (this is the major cause of high body fat levels).



We think…when things slow down, then I will focus on me.



However – things will only slow down if we change.   As the rushing comes from our own perception of how we see the world around us.



I know it can feel hard to change deep ingrained patterns of thinking.



I’ve personally made a commitment to my heart, that I would change my perception of how I saw,the world – to get out of this rushing head space, and really start with making me happy first.



It’s a much better, happier and healthier way to live and I love to help people live this way too ?



The first step is to be aware of what our body is communicating to us – when it is not happy.



Here are 5 signs to pay attention to:  

1) You struggle to make it through the day without caffeine and you are hit with that mid afternoon slump


2) You have a ‘ping pong’ mind – you feel your mind is jumping about all over the place and you find it hard to focus on one task at a time or you find yourself really lacking focus or ability to concentrate.   You also find it hard to switch off at night.  I call this low mental energy.


3) You get cravings and feel your appetite is out of control – yet you don’t feel true hunger that much and you find you have strong urges to overeat at night.  I call this hungry but not hungry.


4) Your emotions feel all over the place or you have a short fuse, you judge others, you don’t keep commitments or are always late and never on time.  This is low emotional energy.


5) Your digestion feels sluggish and you suffer with bloating. You also feel low energy after meals especially lunch.



If you can resonate with anything I’ve just said – this is great because then you can start to do something about it!



Share in the comments – what sign you identify with the most – in the next blog I’ll do a cheat sheet for the sign that I get the most responses from.  The cheat sheet will give you 5 nutritional and lifestyle solutions!


Katie ?


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