5 simple ways women avoid weight gain


5 ways women avoid weight gain

5 simple ways women avoid weight gain


Do you find yourself piling on the pounds as you battle the daily challenges of life? Here are 5 simple ways women avoid weight gain.

Keep moving

Get up from what you are doing every hour and walk up some stairs, do a few chores or run an errand on foot. If you commute consider cycling or set the alarm a bit earlier and replace some of your rail, tube or bus journey with a walk. If you travel around in your car for work park somewhere pleasant at lunchtime and walk. See if you can walk the kids to some of their clubs rather than driving all the time. In winter when this is less practical go swimming or bounce at a trampoline park with them rather than sitting down with a cappuccino. When you go to “stay and play” at the school try actually running round the playground with your child rather than chatting to the other parents. If you are retired find some active charity work or join a Nordic walking club or dance class. We can all do it.

Pack a punch with your lunch

Stop complaining that there are no healthy food outlets near work or that you have so many errands to run that you just have to grab fast food for lunch. Get some chill packs and boxes and pack up some leftovers from the night before to microwave at work. If you make packed lunches for the kids make one for yourself at the same time. If you are on your own at lunchtime respect yourself enough to plan what you will have for lunch just like you plan the family meals.

Don’t let your man serve your food

Men generally need more calories than women and they can eat bigger portions without gaining weight. My husband serves me three times the portion of rice, cous cous or pasta that I would serve myself and half as much salad and veggies. Let’s get the men cooking but until we have time to teach them about portion distortion let’s serve ourselves.

Nip it in the bud

There is no need to get paranoid about your weight but losing 2 kg is much easier than losing 4 kg, which in turn is easier than losing 8kg. If you notice your clothes are feeling a bit tight tweak simple things like your snacks, drinking (alcohol and soft drinks) or portion sizes and get back on track.

Get some inspiration

If you only have 4 healthy recipes in your repertoire then it’s time to branch out. Check out the supermarket recipes pages on their websites or start a recipe club with some friends. Meeting together once a month for a healthy bring and share lunch is a great way to find new dishes to enjoy.

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