A Dietitians kitchen – February 2016

My dietitian’s kitchen has a bit of a breakfast theme going on this month. As a cereal lover, I’ve been tasting a few different varieties along with a couple of breakfast experiments adding vegetables to my porridge. Here’s just a taste of what I’ve been trying this February.

dietitian kitchen feb 2016



It’s the International Year of Pulses (in case you didn’t know). Last month I was all over chickpeas , so this month I’m trying all sorts of different ways to incorporate lentils into my diet. I’ve been adding them into drinks, mixing them into my homemade protein balls, mixing them into soup and pasta… let me know if you have any super lentil recipes worth sharing! My most recent recipe using lentils has been to mix them into pancakes to up the protein content


beetroot porridge

I frequently experiment with ways to incorporate vegetables into my diet in not so traditional ways. Beetroot porridge anyone? I wasn’t sure whether that experiment would work out, but combining beetroot, apple, fresh ginger, oats and milks makes a very vibrant and zingy breakfast that is guaranteed to cause comment!

Zucchini / Courgette


Since I brought up the beetroot porridge I’ve been eating, it would be a shame not to mention how much I’ve been enjoying zoats since I discovered them earlier this year. Zucchini in porridge . Yet another odd sounding combo. But not so odd tasting when you combine it with some banana and a bit of protein. Yum :)

Moma Foods Coconut Chia pots

moma porridge coconut chia pots

When you live a busy lifestyle, convenience becomes important to help keep you on track with your goals and avoid eating whatever you find. I found having some porridge pots like these ones from Moma foods in my desk drawer at work useful for those days when I arrived post training and had forgotten to pack breakfast! You can read my full review here .

Raw Gorilla Strawberry crispies

raw gorilla

Keeping true to the breakfast theme, these strawberry crispies from Raw Gorilla were briefly in my breakfast bowl. I say briefly, because the box only lasted me three breakfasts, they were that yummy. Probably should work on my portion control… Full of nuts, dried seeds, coconut and using buckwheat as the main grain this crunchy cereal is full of tasty goodness. Although perhaps best not to eat the whole box so quickly!

Riverford Recipe Boxes

riverford recipe boxes

Stepping away from the breakfast theme I’ve got going on in February, I’m currently trying out Riverford Recipe Boxes. Riverford organic farms are encouraging people to ‘drop a day’ and try a meat-free dish once a week, in a similar theme to meat-free-monday which you might have come across. The idea is to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat, and focus on adding better quality meat when you do (or if you do) eat meat. I’ve previously bought Riverfords organic fruit and vegetable boxes which are fantastic. The recipe boxes are a bit of a step up from that, containing all the ingredients to cook 3 meals for 2 adults. However so far I’ve discovered (as someone with a large appetite) that these are EXTREMELY generous portions which are realistically much closer to 3 large adult portions. With some vege leftover afterwards! Big thumbs up from me.

That’s about it for this month! I’ll be back next month with more foods that I’m trying and experimenting with. You can also check out previous posts of whats in this dietitians kitchen .


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