Can you ditch dieting while wanting to lose weight?

It’s likely you found this blog because you are wanting to lose weight?

The main concern I hear from interested clients is that I do not promise weight loss. People come to me because they are over dieting, over the food rules and restrictions but not wanting to let go of weight loss goals. They are in many ways stuck in the middle of diet-world and food freedom.

Does that sound like you?

I completely understand your desire to lose weight.

But I still can’t promise you weight loss.

Research shows up to 95% of dieters will regain the weight they lost and up to two thirds of these people will end up a higher weight than where they started. And that’s not even the worst part. Weight loss dieting is the biggest risk factor for developing an eating disorder or disordered eating, it plays havoc with your mental health and enjoyment of food and life. In short, weight loss promises are bogus.

Although, I am not here to tell you that your weight loss desire is wrong. I am not here to tell you that you shouldn’t want weight loss. Of course it’s what you want when you live in a world telling you that weight loss equals health and happiness. In fact, I’m not here to tell you anything about your own food and body goals.

However, what I would like is for you to explore and understand your weight loss desires. Where have these body goals come from? Why are you wanting to change your body? How has trying to change your body been of benefit to you?

After that I want you to work on accepting where you are now. Developing respect and understanding for your body in its here-and-now. Don’t worry, this is not the same as loving your body or being happy with where it is but just appreciating that it deserves care right now.

This step is so important as research has found you are less likely to take care of your body and adopt healthy behaviours if you are feeling shame and distrust towards it. Using hurtful words or focusing on trying to change your physical appearance triggers extreme behaviours that do not meet your physical, biological and social needs- all of which are important for health.

Can you relate to this? What behaviours have you started in a bid to lose weight that have not felt sustainable or healthy? Have you sacrificed your social life, emotional needs or blown your financial budget in a bid to follow a diet?

Intuitive eating is not aimed at telling you that your goals are wrong, but in helping you explore whether your current goals are useful for you and shifting your behaviours to ones that are helpful- both physically and emotionally. It is about giving you a new perspective to understand your thoughts and feelings.

Foodi Freedom packages do just this. They are designed to help you explore and change your perspective on your food and body goals. You do not need to give up wanting weight loss to start working with me but you do need to be open to exploring your food rules, body ideals and emotional needs.

Can you relate to this post?

Do you want to ditch dieting and find food freedom? You don’t have to do it alone!

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