Do tougher financial times, mean eating unhealthy foods?

In a nutshell…!  But you do need to be patient and shop around.
Sitting on the train home this week, I heard a conversation that I tried my hardest not to listen to!  Come on now, you know you do it yourselves…..sitting on a quiet train, reading your kindle, paper or finishing some work, you can’t help but ease drop.  The topic of discussion was based around money and food – when money is tight – can you really have a healthy diet?
I truly believe that you can, it just may take a little more thought, planning and shopping around.  The first tip is to hit the supermarket late afternoon which means discounted choices – especially on a Sunday afternoon.  Keeping a look out for coupons is another great way to reduce your costs.  Signing up to company Facebook pages and websites can help you get more coupons then usual.
Try frozen vegetables really are as nutritious as fresh.  Some do have a different texture and flavour, but choosing your dishes wisely and opting for stews, soups or hot pots can make them go further.  If you’re not keen, try market stalls instead as you can often get more for your money.
Beans, peas and pulse are fantastic for bulking up dishes and making them go further.  Adding different beans or lentils to curries and soups to your dish will make them almost double in size!  Meat substitutes such as frozen quorn, is cheap and flavoursome with some dried herbs and sauces.  If you have a big freezer why not cook in bulk and divide into portions so you can eat healthy after a busy day at work.
Frozen fish with some vegetables and potaots is another good option like my meal above.  In fact, the choices are endless!  So go now and plan the next few meals at minimum prices and let me know how you get on.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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