Many clients ask me if Enterosgel is good for irritable bowel syndrome.

There are so many supplements out there claimed to help with IBS. It can be hard to figure out what is what.

You will likely also be fed up of having to try yet another supplement.

So, in this post, I will look at what Enterosgel is and if it is good for IBS.

What is Enterosgel?

Enterosgel is a gel substance which binds with toxins in your gut, transporting them out with your stool.

The product contains porous molecules which are unique designed to trap these toxins. However, the product itself is not absorbed into your body.

In doing this, the manufacturers state that symptoms of diarrhoea in IBS can be managed.

Enterosgel contains no allergens or lactose.

Many of my clients are keen for a natural solution to their IBS. So, you will be please to know that Enterosgel is not a drug, because it is not absorbed by the body.

Does Enterosgel Help IBS?

There are currently no studies looking at this product in IBS. Although the company are in the process of recruiting for one.

You can sign up to this study by clicking here.

There is one recent, 2019 study, looking at Enterosgel in IBS.

The study was a randomised controlled trial, meaning there is no risk of that ‘placebo’ affect.

A total of 86 people completed the study. With results showing that Enterosgel did reduce the duration of diarrhoea.

You can read the full study here.

Although this study looks promising, participants only trialled the product for 8 days. So, we don’t know what affect this may have on your symptoms long-term.

Also remember, your IBS is a lot different to just diarrhoea. So, we cannot automatically say that your IBS-D will improve with this product.

How Do You Use Enterosgel?

Enterosgel is a gel that you simply swallow.

But, because there are no studies on IBS, I cannot advise you on when, how or how much of this you should be taking.


Enterosgel is a non-drug-based supplement designed to soak up toxins from your gut. It has show to be beneficial for those with diarrhoea.

Unfortunately, we do not have any research on how this supplement works with IBS. Remember, your IBS is very complicated so please hold out for that research!

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