Evidence Week – A Dietitian at Houses of Parliament

This week marks the first of its kind  – week dedicated to evidence.

From the 25th to the 28th of June there are activities across the country to celebrate the need and use of evidence.

Why Is Evidence So Important In Dietetics?

As dietitians, we use scientific evidence to provide nutrition advice. By doing this, we know that our advice is safe and will actually improve the client’s health problem.

We may even advise on certain nutritional supplements such a probiotic. However, this is always based on scientific evidence.

The use of this type of practise is actually in the code of conduct in our professional registration. Failing to work in this way will result in a dietitian being struck off.

My Speech At Houses Of Parliament

As part of evidence week, I was kindly invited to House of Parliament to represent the British Dietetic Association and provide a speech which illustrates how dietitians use evidence.

Here is my speech;

My name is Kirsten Jackson , I am a Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian and, as part of that role, I work with individuals with irritable bowel syndrome. 1 in 10 people in the UK have IBS.
This condition can dramatically reduce the quality of life in an individual and there is no cure. However, with the correct dietary management, up to 86% of IBS symptoms can be improved.
Unfortunately, the combination of limited health service resources and lack of regulation in the nutrition industry, have led to people with digestive problems being drawn to advice from unqualified individuals who base their advice on pseudo science. Whilst, ironically, it has been proven that using dietetic interventions in IBS can actually save the health service money.
As a dietitian, I feel it is paramount that all our advice is based on scientific evidence as by doing so we have proven that we can make a difference to both individuals and the NHS as a whole.”

Other Events This Evidence

There are a number of other events happening this week, you can check them out on the SENSE website by clicking here .

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