Experiential Event Marketing for HCPs – It's all about BIG IMPACT.

Experiential Marketing, for the sake of both of us I’ll call it EM for short, should be something you are seriously considering or have already implemented in your healthcare business. 


  • Because it shows potential clients we’re REAL PEOPLE – and in this digital age, that is becoming even more important. 
  • Because it shows current clients that WE ARE EXPERTS THAT CARE – which we do, that’s why we went into healthcare. 
  • Because it gives you a ton of engaging content for social media that will help you generate SOCIAL PROOF for potential clients. 

There are more reasons, but I like those three – they’re to the point. 

Experiential Marketing (EM) is essentially event marketing that engages your participants in a fun and memorable experience with your business/brand.

Let’s pause for a second – humour me and follow the next set of instructions…

Think back to the last event you went to that you really enjoyed: 
Was it a friend’s wedding? Was it a festival? Was it a conference? 

Now asked yourself why you enjoyed it.

Chances are if you think back to the reason why you enjoyed yourself so much it was most likely because you felt involved, engaged, there was something for you to participate in probably with people that you cared about

Now answer the following questions…

  • When people asked you about that event what did you tell them?
  • How did you describe the event to others? Were you smiling, laughing, perhaps you were determined?
  • How does it make you feel thinking about being at that event?

Thanks for following along there – I really wanted to walk you through an event that was memorable to you. 

That engagement, those feelings that you still feel when you think about that event – THAT is the type of experience we want to create for our audiences. 

If you can’t create an event that clients or potential clients are going to remember, then why go to the effort to put on an event at all?

Because this is a subject I am really passionate about I have created a FREE Masterclass on EM! There are some details below. 

x Emily 

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