Fall in love with sleep

I got an email from lady who gets my blogs – let’s call her ‘Diane’.  Her email inspired today’s blog.



Her email touched my heart – she’s 52 years old and struggling with high body fat levels.



She’s reading a book on sleep (Why We Sleep).  Very timely as I am focusing 100% on my sleep at the moment.



I’m in love with sleep – however over the past months I’ve not got as much as I would like – and at times – have felt bloody yucky for lack of sleep.



Lack of sleep (as her book describes) – “is cataclysmically disastrous for our body” – and I’d add for your mind too!



I’ve had so many people – come to see me – upset about their health – they tell me – they need a ‘diet plan’ – when in fact – they need a ‘sleep plan’.



Now – there will not be one person reading this blog that does not know in their logical mind that sleep is vital for good health.



But I can bet you hundreds of pounds that nearly everyone is sleep deprived.  How do I know?



Because who gets 8 hours or more of sleep a night?



We go on and on like a duracell bunny – thinking we are ok – when in fact we are ampted on caffeine – plug out the caffeine you can see what you’re left with.  A bunny who is flat lined and exhausted.



So how do we fix this?

Change our mindset first – have you heard someone say “you’ll sleep when you’re dead” – this way of thinking is crazy – would you never taking your car for a service ever and then wonder why it doesn’t last as long?



We can go buy a new car – but we only have one body.  Sleep is our most fundamental life altering habit.



So I said in an email to my colleague Jess yesterday (I’m going to visit her and her husbands retreat in Spain this month!) – “I’ll go to bed at 8pm” – ha!



Well, the reality was I probably achieved shut eye at 9:45pm as I got into this Western Film!



I woke at 3:15am very briefly for toilet stop, then slept until 7am – so that’s 9.25 hour sleep – ahhhhh.



So here’s your homework ?

Over the next 2 weeks – track the total number of hours you sleep each night – use a fancy app if you wish – or do it the old fashioned way.  Total your hours sleep per night and divide by the total number of days you tracked and you get your average.



Your average should be 8 (more…yay) but not less.



Share your views on sleep in the comments and what your plan is for the next few weeks.



The next blog is going to be on how sleep can help lower body fat with a ‘how to get more sleep’ cheat sheet!



If you fancy a 5 minute video summary – pop over to YouTube and have a listen:



Woo hoo – you got this – have a great next few weeks.



Katie (and Jemstone) ?

p.s.  Do you have a close friend or family member who is exhausted, doesn’t get enough sleep or suffers with insomnia or struggles with sleep?  Share this blog with them so they can sign up and get next the cheat sheet next time.

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