Female cyclists: Getting the most out of your body podcast

I was recently a guest on the Love Women’s Cycling Podcas t hosted by Black Sheep Cycling to discuss my experiences working as a sports dietitian with female athletes. Together with Nic, Kat and Laura we talk about how female athletes at all levels can get the most out of their bodies. Listen to the Podcast now!

Episode 7. – Getting the most out of your Body. Love Women’s Cycling Podcast

love women's cycling podcast

In today’s episode Nic Moerig met up with three successful women, with three different passions, that all call Girona, Spain home. Sport is what connects Kat Stene, Gemma Sampson and Laura Siddall together and with its growing athlete population, Girona has an increased need for professional infrastructure to support its athlete population. We spoke about a variety of topics from fuelling during training to pelvic function and stability. 

Listen to the podcast

If you live in Girona, or find yourself passing through and would like to get in touch, you’ll find all our details below as well as some helpful resources.  

Kat Steen | Australian Sport Physiotherapist | Instagram @forca_13 | Website https://forca13.com/  

Laura Siddall | British Professional Triathlete | Instagram @lmsid 

Nicole Moerig | Yogeur & Pilates Practitioner | Instagram @yogeur.co | Website https://yogeur.co

Gemma Sampson | Advanced Sports Dietitian | Instagram @gemmasampsonnutrition | Website https://dietitianwithoutborders.com/  

If you are a female cyclist who wants to ensure your diet is balanced to fuel your training well and optimise your health and performance, book an online nutrition appointment .


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