Festive food challenge

Do you come alive over the festive season or is it not really your thing?



I adore Christmas…well not as much as my sister who I visited one Christmas when she was living in Rome had handmade gingerbread men hanging from her Christmas tree!



Whatever your feelings about Christmas are – we all have to make food decisions over the next month.



I’m very grateful that Peck Nutrition clients have doubled since the summer.



I have many clients right now who are vibrating high and motivated and who I know will enjoy food over Christmas without fear of losing that success feeling.



I’d love you to join us :)



Success with food is all about how you think so here’s a story that may help you with your food decisions.



Last week I was watching a Western set in the 1800’s.



It was near Christmas, the family were sitting at the table after a days work near a roaring fire.



They were about to eat homemade apple pie.   Apparently apple pie was popular in the 1800’s.



Sugar and light molasses were used in the filling.



I bet no one said “you shouldn’t be eating that – it’s too high in carbs and sugar!”



Imagine the reaction if someone was transported back from 2016 to 1845 and announced that at the dinner table!



Don’t you think it’s interesting how it’s become normal to feel guilty for having food that contains sugar…..as if you’re a bad person.



How about saying goodbye to that guilt….wouldn’t that feel good?



Your festive food challenge:

Now I know it’s tricky because we have an abundance of food at our finger tips right now…a lot more than 1845 :-)



But you can do it – I believe in you!  And if not now then when??



Two action steps for the next 6 weeks:

1) What one food can you reject from putting into your gorgeous mouth this Christmas that you know is full of processed fats and sugars, but you eat too much of anyway….that you wouldn’t dream of feeding to a healthy toddler?



2) What are two Christmas treat foods you can plan to eat in healthy portions, foods you can get excited about like it was 1845?  A real treat, eaten without guilt, made with love and real ingredients……foods that contain sugar!! (by the way I use darker unrefined sugars).



Food doesn’t feel guilty, food is not a bad emotion – you decide what emotion you will attach to it.



So instead of choosing to feel guilty.  Take action that will set you free this Christmas.



I’d love to know what you plan of action is this Christmas with food so you can enjoy the food you eat and say good bye to unhealthy festive eating habits.



Leave a comment below :-)


With festive love,


p.s Do you have a friend who wants to improve their relationship with food and struggles at Christmas?  Share or tweet this blog post so they can have a read :-)

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