Food is everywhere… And it’s after me!

When trying to develop healthy habits, many people struggle to be more mindful and eat intuitively. So often the environment we live and work in appears to be sabotaging us. Food is everywhere! How can we become more mindful about eating foods we don’t necessarily mean or want to eat? I asked Glenn Mackintosh ‘The Weight Psych’ for his expert advice.

Gemma Sampson

As a dietitian and sports nutritionist, my food and nutrition philosophy centres around encouraging the athletes and clients I work with to eat more mindfully and intuitively. This allows them to develop a positive relationship with food based around healthy habits, while optimising their performance.

Eating mindfully and intuitively

It’s all well and good talking about being more mindful and eating intuitively. But sometimes we have these environments around us that seem to be working against us. A common challenge I encounter is that people struggle to eat mindfully when living and working in environments where there is always food around. There’s a feeder in the office who always seems to bring cake in, snacks on display and a cookie jar in easy reach. They don’t mean to, but end up mindlessly snacking on these extra foods which can undermine them achieving their goals.

Glenn Mackintosh  – Weight Management Psychology

I am a HUGE fan of Glenn Mackintosh ‘The Weight Psych’ and send almost every client I work with to check out his Thursday Therapy videos. He puts these up on Youtube every fortnight and I find that they often answer the questions my clients are struggling with at the time. So many people struggle with being mindful in environments when food is all around, so I decided to ask the expert for his advice. Check it out!

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Thursday Therapy




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