Food is everywhere.. and it’s after me!

What do you do when food is everywhere, your friends and family keep offering it to you and it just seems to be coming after you? Right now with everyone living and working from home there is seemingly unlimited access to food. How do you stay true to your goals and keep eating well in such an environment?

The clients and athletes I work with are highly motivated people. They have great goals and are committed to sticking with them. BUT! Often the environments they live and work in act against them in achieving their goals around food, nutrition and weight. Especially now in the midst of COVID 19 lockdown. 

I keep hearing my clients ask how do they change the behaviours and eating habits of their family members so they stop sabotaging their good eating habits?

Sadly as much as we’d like to we can’t control what others do around us, but we CAN control the way that we react and respond to those situations. 

Over the years working as a dietitian I have begun to see the importance of mindset, psychology to support behaviour change and sustainable eating habits and incorporate that daily into my practice when coaching my clients .

I am a HUGE fan of Glenn Mackintosh ‘The Weight Psych so when I realised a question that I commonly come across needed answering, I turned to his expert advice. I asked what tips and strategies he recommends people use to stick with their goals when there are people around them offering them biscuits, lollies and cake? Check out what he had to say:

What does he suggest?

First, acknowledge the obseogenic environment you live in, and consider the AVAILABILITY, VISIBILITY and PROXIMITY of less nutritious foods and how these influence your food choices and how you can reduce them. Keeping biscuits, chips in the cupboard rather than on the counter in plain sight.

Next spin this around and increase the availability, visibility and proximity of MORE nutritious foods – so have those fruit and veggies easy to see and access so you are more likely to choose those first if you are eating mindlessly .

Also make sure you talk with the people who are sabotaging your efforts to see if you can turn them into supporters. Tell them WHAT you are doing, WHY you are doing it and HOW they can help. Because most of the time people do want to help.

What tips have you found useful to stay true to your goals and eating habits? Share them below in the comments!


If you want support with changing your relationship with food, book a call online with me now. There is no better time like now to start making positive changes. I know you will look back and be so proud and grateful for going on this journey with me. 

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