Healthy eating gets some bad press!  You will be familiar with these remarks…

“All you can eat is rabbit food”

 “Everything nice is bad for you”

We are made to feel like eating well requires being on a “diet” constantly thinking about food and never enjoying it.  Healthy eating should just be a way of living not a chore.  Everyone treats themselves from time to time and a healthy lifestyle is not one in which cakes and chocolates are a “sin”.  A healthy diet is all about balance that both provides for you nutritionally and satisfies your taste buds.

Know what is in your food!  “Be a food detective”.  Read food labels before you buy them and look out for foods high in saturated fats and sugar.  The Change4Life initiative has recently brought out an app which you can use to scan the barcode on foods to see if they contain high sugar and fat.

  • Shopping weekly can help you plan out your meals and save you money.
  • Make a list for each day of what you and your family want to eat at each meal, trying to follow the structure of the eat well plate.
  • From that list create a shopping list; include some healthy snacks, that way you won’t feel inclined to spend more on unhealthy binge snacks later in the week.
  • Use Mindfulness: eat slowly and thoughtfully. Eat in a relaxing environment and enjoy the flavour and smell of your food. This helps to avoid over eating and allow you to think about what you are putting into your body.
  • Practice taking more time in planning your meals and give a little time to eating it. If you can break into these new habits, you will see effortless improvements in your eating and in your health.

Give it a go for 1 month and see what sticks.

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