How to say no to ‘food pushers’ over the holidays!

Feeling confident around food is easy when you have good food boundaries. Do you know what a healthy food boundary is?  Do you implement healthy food boundaries in your life?

Empowerment around food lifts your vibe and keeps you focused and on track no matter what is going on around you.  In fact this powerful mindset shift is what I help my private clients make in my 1 on 1 six week intensive coaching programme .

So with the holiday season upon us – let’s have a little fun! 🙂

I will share with you now how to respond when your food boundaries are be tested.  It’s all about dealing with people who push food on to you and I will give you 3 powerful scripts you can put to use on how to say no with love and anchor yourself in healthy food boundaries.

What is a food pusher?

A food pusher is someone (friend, associate, colleague, family member or relative) who has a ‘pushy’ energy with food that you feel in their presence. You feel forced to eat something – you feel a sense of obligation to please them!  That their choice is now your choice as if you are incapable of having your own voice or making your own food choices.  It feels like you are trying to be controlled!

You may often find yourself thinking….”the problem is, I’m not in control of my food” – when in fact you may be suffering with disempowerment energy around food .  Because at the end of the day it does not matter where you are or what situation or circumstance you are in.  You are 100% responsible for your food choices and decisions to eat whatever you want to eat. You know you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ with food (whatever perfect is!) – you just have to be happy!



This is about your self confidence around other people and your ability to communicate your needs and come from a place of self awareness. It also has to do with your food conditioning.  Let me explain….
Often our past conditioning has a lot to do with our strength to communicate our boundaries.
Were you told a) to be the good girl and please others and be agreeable?  b) to be respectful to your elders and do that they tell you?  c) that it is a sign of rudeness to not say yes? d) were you forced to eat all the food on your plate as a child? 
All of these beliefs can influence your ability to express yourself – honestly, though, as a adult it’s not that you have an obligation to do what others tell you – this is more to do with your inability to express your needs and speak up in the moment to set a boundary and overcome the past. You cannot control what a ‘food pusher’ does or says – and it’s not your business to control them either – it’s your business to feel the anxiety and discomfort you feel but to stay present in that moment and express your truth firmly. Ultimately people don’t like it when you do this – as it means they may feel uncomfortable but that is not your concern.  Your concern is what makes you feel happy and at ease.  This is your body and YOU decide what you put into it. You are not a helpless baby. People who are food pushers ultimately feel their sense of self worth is linked to whether people do what they say around food – they continue to ‘go on and on’ and push you verbally until you give in and eat or choose to eat what they want you to eat – and they do this ‘tactic’ very subconsciously to feel secure.
Psychology tip bit:  security does not come from controlling others to do what we want – it comes from the inside – so feel love for them and yet choose to please yourself first!
Here are 3 powerful scripts to raise up your energy if your polite refusal offer is ignored and you need some help:

Food push #1: Specially for you!

They say: “I made this specially for you – it’s your favourite – I know you’ll love it – go on have some”!

You smile and say: “that’s so sweet of you” – smile – pause – “I don’t feel like some right now…maybe later or you can give me some to bring home” tilt head and smile or “I’ve already had some – it was delicious!”

Food push #2: Let your hair down!

They say: “go on live a little! It’s the holidays for crying out loud – don’t be so strict – one piece won’t kill you!”

You say: “wow – you really want me to have some don’t you? – no thank you” and laugh about it 🙂 zero need to over-explain!

Food push #3: You’ve hurt my feelings!

They say: “you’re a real party pooper! Why do you have to be like this and ruin everything”!

You say: “I’m full thank you!  ….or surely your happiness is not dependant on whether or not I eat this – is it?” 🙂


Bottom line ✅

No can be a complete sentence – so these lines are courteous and coming from a place of love and respect where you take the higher ground.


Does this blog help you?  Ask yourself this question:  Do I feel anxiety around people and food?  Because gaining confidence in this area will really sky rocket you to the health results you want .


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