Life detox & Matcha green tea

I don’t know how you spent your May bank holiday but I jetted off to the sunny climate of Crete. Four days of beach, heat, stuffed vine leaves (my fav) and smothering sun tan lotion on (I am NOT getting unnecessary wrinkles) were thoroughly enjoyable.

A much needed break and one which I decided to carry out a ‘life detox’ – always one to make things sound dramatic this was simply not turning on my wifi. Increasingly I’ve found my mobile phone has become a much too strong attachment ‘first thing in the morning and last thing at night’ type thing. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. This was a highly cleansing experience for me and I was able to think clearly without being distracted by that Instagram feed or persistent email feed – ‘out of office’ is a dream. Wanting to continue this as much as possible into London life I have set my alarm for 9pm every evening to switch off data and wifi only to be turned back on when I am safely out of bed in the morning. A little difference goes a long way and I really encourage you to try something similar!

Anyway, this has nothing to do with my blog topic just felt the need to spread some life detox wisdom… Today, I am going to spread some nutrition wisdom on matcha green tea.

Last weekend I attended a wonderful event by Pukka herbs where myself and some fellow yogis enjoyed a free yoga class followed by a wee talk about the new range of matcha green tea bags by Pukka herbs. If you know, you know.

Before this event I was not a green tea drinker. Memories of my late teens forcing bitter green tea down my throat in the morning to help me ‘lose weight’ followed by grim feelings of nausea would arise every time somebody mentioned green tea. People telling me they actually liked green tea was a statement I could not comprehend or believe in my heart. Alas, I tried some samples at this event and was moderately impressed. Of course, a goody bag with tons of samples and a cute tea bag tin was gratefully received and envied by my flat mate. And I must say, in the comfort of my own home when I’m beginning to wind down, I have since thoroughly enjoyed a warm mug of Pukka’s matcha green tea with lemon or mint (yet to try the other flavours) – absolute shock, horror, bliss!

So, as a natural evangeliser of great things I thought I would give pukka some free publicity and tell you about their new range and why you should probably get some!

What is matcha green tea I hear you say?

Unless you’re a highly knowledgeable healthie you may not know what matcha green tea is. So, it is the leaf found at the tip of the green tea plant. It is often turned into a matcha green tea powder which healthies add to smoothies, muffins and pretty much anything they can get away with. Alternatively, it can be found in a desirable matcha green tea bag.

What is so good about matcha green tea?

Compared to normal green tea, it has a gigantic amount of antioxidants. We know why antioxidants are good for us but maybe it’s difficult to always get a good amount of fruit and vegetables in our diets. Whilst I would encourage you to strive with fruit and vegetables – a cup of matcha green tea is a helpful aid to really boost your antioxidant ammunition!

It can also help with energy levels as it has a slow-releasing form of caffeine. I put my hands up and admit that I am a caffeine addict, any longer than 24 hours without a coffee and my head starts to really hurt. Much like refined and complex carbohydrates, caffeine in coffee is similar to refined carbs – giving you a spike in alertness and energy followed by a rather grim crash only to be lifted by another coffee. The caffeine in match green tea, however, is similar to that of complex carbohydrate – ‘slow releasing’ so it should help to keep you alert and well energised for a longer period of time.

But will it help me to lose weight?

The catechin and caffeine in green tea may boost your metabolism and therefore aid weight loss. However, the evidence for it having any significant effect over and above eating well and exercising regularly is inconclusive. So I’m afraid religious green tea drinking is unlikely to make a beneficial impact to your efforts. I would certainly discourage anyone to do as I did and force the stuff down your neck for the purpose of losing a pound or two!
All that being said, I would highly recommend drinking matcha green tea to improve your general wellbeing. If like me green tea is a phenomenon you just can’t stomach – give Pukka herbs new range a try as they have a lemon, mint or ginseng option which might soften the green tea blow! A little birdie told me they have an offer on at the moment in the shops so if that isn’t enough to encourage you then perhaps matcha green tea isn’t for you and that’s OK!

Let me know your thoughts, have you tried matcha green tea before? Is there a special recipe that you recommend or do you have an amazing matcha related story to share?

Healthy lives are fruitful lives. 

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