Love Christmas food without guilt

What’s your favourite Christmas food?  What makes your mouth water when you think of it?


I adore Nigella’s ultimate Christmas pudding with organic vanilla ice cream, homemade custard or organic pouring cream or a combo of all three!


Hmmmm – the different flavours – send me out of this world.


I’m a food lover – I feel happy and proud with my relationship with food.  I’ve worked at it.


There was a time in my 20’s I noticed some negative ‘diet’ voices flying about.


These thoughts didn’t make me feel good.  I decided to change. I ‘retrained’ my thinking.


Now I help people do the same – so they feel happy and get the health results they desire – this gives them time freedom!


Your entire life changes when you up your nutrition ?


It doesn’t matter how much you know about nutrition, you must first work with your mind and get your attitude right.


Now Christmas is the most perfect time to do this.


Here’s my Christmas Mindset Fix (a little tough love – if needed):

1. There’s no need to feel powerless over your ability to say no to foods you don’t want to eat
2. If anyone judges you – it’s their problem to deal with that judgement emotion in themselves – not your responsibility at all ?
3. Relax and enjoy social occasions but don’t feel compelled to eat or drink everything that is on offer
4. No and smiling – is a complete sentence
5. There will always be food wastage and food shortage in the world – don’t feel bad for leaving food on your plate


Ultimately, food is not good or bad.  You CHOOSE that judgement thought.


Labelling food as bad – creates negative feelings/energy and disharmony in your body.  It’s not healthy – if you do this….and if you want to feel happier….you really need to – let that mindset go.


Rather..(deep moment):  Ask yourself – what’s really behind this distracted thinking?


Could it be as simple as – I need some help to really understand food and so I can get my body to change?


We eat quite a few times a day – we want to be creating positive feelings every time we eat.


I write this because there are so many people who struggle with food – it doesn’t need to be this way.


Your Christmas Food Challenge:

-ask yourself – how do I want to be eating over the next 4 weeks? This includes snacking, meal times, meals out, parties, family gatherings, everything (plus alcohol).


Don’t give yourself the excuse of being ‘bad’ with food.  Take full responsibility, make a decision.


Well done!!  – Awareness and working on yourself is the best Christmas present you could give yourself!


I did a little video for you about this topic click here to watch it :



I’d love to chat with you  – do you feel you can enjoy your favourite Christmas food without guilt after reading this blog?  Leave a comment below ?


Merry Christmas ?


With love,

p.s.  Do you know someone who gets stressed out with food this time of year?  If so share this with them ?

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