Metabolism Boosting Weight Loss Shakes

Let’s face it – we don’t like change – I don’t – but I am happy to change – IF I’ve made the decision to do so.



But we all want better results – better health, better relationships, more money – yet we often don’t want to do what it takes to get those results because change is so tricky!



This is why the mind is so important – it can be our greatest power or our greatest prison.



I’ve worked on my mind a lot and I’m still on a journey – and at 42 years old, I feel proud and happy with how I’ve taken care of my nutrition over the years.



I want to share more about food, recipes and nutrition with you.



I’m aware I don’t talk a lot about food or nutrition in the blogs as I’m so mindset based (in fact I’m working on an online Weight Loss training programme that is mindset based – do let me know if you’re keen to hear more).



So I’m excited to share with you that I’ve got a new eBook available to get from the website.



Weight Loss Shakes eBook



You can read more about it here



25 ‘blend & go’ Delicious Shakes – made from real food and really easy to make!



The eBook is £10 and super easy to purchase  – just pop in your card details and it’s emailed to you as a PDF.



I created these weight loss shakes because I wanted an ‘on the go’ option that was not high in fruit sugars and that balanced energy, and metabolism.



I had one this morning before my workout – check out this 7 minute video



Your habits can bring you to success or they can take you down the road of struggle.



Your body responds to what you feed it – and most people start the day off all wrong and then wonder why they plateau with their weight – and energy levels!



But I don’t want this to happen to you – I desire to support you to keep up momentum and achieve your dreams.



Weight loss success is all about awareness and thinking differently.


Wishing you all the best of health,
Katie 🙂


p.s if you have a friend who wants ideas for what to eat for weight loss – do share this blog post with them.

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