NHS Minor Ailment Scheme

Even though I have worked in the NHS for a number of years I did not know about this and it may help some people especially those on low incomes.

NHS Minor Ailment Scheme

I am a Public Governor for Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust and the accident an emergency department is often full of people with more minor ailments which could be resolved by the pharmacist.

Basically if you don’t pay for prescriptions (Under 16’s do not) then you can request a ‘PHARMACY FIRST CARD’ from your GP receptionist. 

This card entitles you to many free medicines without having to visit your doctor and obtain a prescription including; Liquid Paracetamol (calpol) and Sudocrem. Just take your card along to the pharmacy, explain the symptoms and the pharmacist will give you something to suit e.g. nappy rash, teething etc. There is no charge for this!

Schemes vary between locations, but the NHS Minor Ailment Scheme is for adults and children who:

  • ·         Are registered with a GP surgery which is taking part in the scheme
  • ·         Want treatment for a minor illness included in your local scheme

Medicines can be supplied free of charge to the customer if they are exempt from NHS prescription charges.

The NHS Minor Ailment Scheme is available in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but only in selected pharmacies across England and Wales. 

It is easy to go to the website and see where the nearest pharmacy in the scheme is by putting in your postcode

Read more at http://www.boots.com/prescription-support/minorailments#i2aiOHXtBFEUzxho.99Read more at http://www.boots.com/prescription-support/minorailments#i2aiOHXtBFEUzxho.99

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