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An update from Nutrition and Hydration Week

Dear Nutrition and Hydration Week Supporter
“A Global Challenge” is the strapline for the week. No matter which angle you look at it from providing food and drink in sufficient quantities to maintain quality of life is fundamental to all of us involved in health and social care regardless of where in the world we are.
Search out your colleagues in likeminded professional associations, sectors of industry, establishments or services similar to yourself and you will find it’s a small world as everyone is facing the same challenge – how do we ensure everyone receives good nutrition and hydration when they are in our care?
The mission and aims of Nutrition and Hydration Week continue to strike a chord with many involved with good nutritional care around the world.
The mission “To create a global movement that will reinforce and focus, energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as an important part of quality care, experience and safety improvement in health and social care settings.” The mission is gaining strength though your continued participation in the week activities and beyond.
A reminder of the keys aims of the week:
Highlighting Good Nutrition and Hydration Practices
Protected Mealtimes
Mealtime Matters
Nutrition Advocates/Champions for each health or social care setting
The minimum standards for good nutrition in the respective settings
Continued Education for professionals on good nutrition and hydration
To further embed The 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care (in the UK)
Judging by the feedback many of you are working towards these aims and encompassing the mission of the week as we have seen plenty of evidence of energy, focus and engagement. The week is providing a legacy of good nutritional care and we continue to be amazed by your endeavours in promoting good nutritional care wherever you are.
We Need Your Updates
Whilst we’ve been out and about recently meeting some of you and seeing the great work you are delivering, you’ve been telling us about your initial plans for 2017’s week. It’s great to know you are planning and have set up working groups but don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us more about your plans, its promote the week and your work. A few lines will do just some we can use to say “Hey did you know xxxx have plans and this is an outline of what they are ….”
You may have seen … (our idea?)
The results of an awards dinner conversation………….. It was thrown into the ring what is the largest scone ever made and could we beat it during the week?
The answer ………….. is just short of 120Kg and 3 ft 10 inches wide and it was made in New Zealand six years ago. As a result of the comment and the support around the table plus from other caterers on the evening, the challenge is being investigated further. The social media tweets also drew a call from the other side of the world to Andy one of week’s leads saying the record couldn’t be beaten, a bit like red rag to a bull that call!
As they say investigations in to the logistics behind it are taking place before a a further formal announcement as to whether the challenge will be taken up.
We have heard ….
Our Canadian colleagues are planning a webinar about the week in February next year. Thank you for your continued support of the week and we are looking forward to your further plans too.
Contact for Newsletter items, photos, plans, ideas, any comments send them to:

Thanks as ever for all of your support

The Nutrition and Hydration Week Team
Andy Jones, Derek Johnson and Caroline Lecko


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