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Dear Nutrition and Hydration Week Supporter

Happy New Year to you all.
Your support of the week and all the great activities you deliver during the week is making people notice. Here is an email we received from Hong Kong.
“Knowing the previous Nutrition and Hydration Week was successfully held in different organizations to promote the importance of nutrition and hydration. On behalf of Nutrition care working group, Pok Oi Hospital, Hong Kong, we hope to participate in the coming Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017. We plan for training workshop, tea party, patients’ meal satisfaction survey and staff canteen booth during the week.”
Thank you to Joanne a dietician at the hospital for sharing her plans and support of the week with us.
The ‘Week’ expands its portfolio
A new area the week is expanding into is Workplace Well Being. Building on numerous enquiries last year from businesses and organisations seeking further information from us in the week to increase employee awareness, particularly fluid intake, the organisers of the week we have added a further aim of the week.
Improve staff awareness of their own hydration and nutritional requirements
The benefits to the employer are huge with healthier and more alert staff, and research has associated better hydrated staff with increase productivity and less work-related accidents. The benefit of enabling the week to reach a wider audience is the prevention of avoidable hospital contact and admissions through poor hydration in the community.
The change to include a wider public health message is now reflected in our update mission statement –
‘Our mission is to create a global movement that will reinforce and focus, energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element of maintaining the health and well-being for our global community.’
Nutrition and Hydration Week Napkins
Following a successful launch last year with the Hospital Caterers Association Midlands Branch, Nobisco are able to provide bespoke Hydration & Nutrition Week logo 2ply 33cm napkins. A case of 2000 napkins is £24.96 + vat. They will endeavour to provide free delivery where possible, however a £9.95 delivery charge may be incurred depending on location.
Due to print time and to avoid any forthcoming price increases, the deadline to receive orders is Wednesday 25th January 2017.
Please contact Amanda Turnbull directly on or 07798 646 159.
Promotional Material
We are in the process of securing our first sponsor for the week, we will let you have more details when confirmed. We will utilise some of this funding to update our website, but we will be investing some of the funding in promotional material for you to use during the week. Have you any ideas or suggestion of what would help you promote the week to get maximum impact for your work? Please email us on the the email below. We look forward to receiving your ideas. 
Contact for Newsletter items, photos, plans, ideas, any comments send them to:

Thanks as ever for all of your supportDisplaying

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