Oregano Oil and IBS

You may have read that oregano oil can help IBS. You will want to trial this claimed remedy as anything natural is a bonus right?

In this article, I will cover what oregano oil is, if it helps IBS and whether you should be taking it or not. 

oregano oil and IBS

What Is Oregano Oil?

It is likely you have heard about oregano oil and may be wondering what is it?

Oregano oil is an essential oil. It is extracted from the leaves of the oregano plant. 

There are many health claims around taking oregano oil. Some people claim that oregano oil can help with IBS.

Oregano oil can be purchased in most health and wellness stores. You can buy in capsule or droplet form. Some forms are 100%, whilst others may be mixed with another substance.

Online ‘experts’ will advise you to take the supplements by either swallowing it or rubbing it on your skin.

Is Oregano Oil Good For My IBS?

Sadly, there is currently no research looking at IBS and oregano oil. So, it is hard to draw any conclusion at all.

Claims that you may read online come from no basis at all. But, you need to be careful about the information you are consuming and always ensure the person behind it is qualified to be handing it out.

Oregano Oil and Candida

Candida is a type of yeast that can grow on or in your body. You may be more familiar with ‘thrush’ or ‘fungal nail.’ These are both caused by candida yeast.

Whilst you can grow candida in your gut, you are highly unlikely to have an actual candida overgrowth . You can read more about this my post here.

Sadly, the claims that oregano oil can kill off candida are yet to be proven. The only research available is in test tube studies (1 , 2 ).

Oregano Oil and Bacteria

The other argument for oregano oil that you may have heard is that it can kill off harmful bacteria.

This is of interest in IBS due the links with small bowel bacterial overgrowth (3 ).

Again, there is no human studies to support the claim that oregano oil can kill bacteria.

Instead, what we have is test tube studies (4 , 5 ). These cannot be used for the basis of how your body as a human works.

Is It Dangerous to Use Oregano Oil For IBS?

You will not be able to safely take oregano for your IBS as there are no studies in this area. So, we don’t know what the benefits or side effects are yet.

Although oregano itself has been eaten for 1000s of years, this is very weak form in comparison to the oil extract.

For breastfeeding, pregnant women and children, the risk is higher. If you fall into one of these categories, then research is even more limited or non-existent. 

It is therefore recommended that you do no try essential oils.

How Much Oregano Oil Should I Use For IBS?

As there is no research in this area, it is impossible to advise you.

You will also struggle to know which form to take the essential oil in e.g. capsules vs drops.


Do not use oregano oil to help your IBS. There is no research to support the claims and it could even be dangerous.

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