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Weight loss and health – my answers to what ‘THEY’ say

11th October 2015 / Laura Clark

Lifestyle, Medical, Nutrition, Weight Management
They say you should detox If you own a liver and kidney you are detoxing 24/7. Check if you have these and if you do, don’t panic. To help them along keep well hydrated and don’t drink alcohol in excess. They say you should cut out sugar I recently had a visit in clinic from

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Beef Jerky – are you man enough?

6th October 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Sports nutrition
A request for ‘man snacks’ came recently from one of the alpha males in my extended family. I  laughed initially at the thought of snacks being gender aligned, until I took myself and my husband as an example: Snacks for me: – Fresh fruit, dates, dried apricots, dark chocolate, home made oat cookies, bliss balls.

Exercise and Pregnancy

3rd October 2015 / Eulalee Green

During Pregnancy, Exercise
How to Make Exercise in Pregnancy Safe   Exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on your health and the developing baby. Women who exercise during pregnancy experience less back and pelvic pain, lower risk of developing gestational diabetes, better diabetic control if they already have diabetes, and a lower risk of complications during labour.

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The French Paradox – a bikini body on cheese, fois gras & red wine

29th September 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Sports nutrition
I spent the weekend just gone slightly in awe of delicately framed French women savouring traditional rich French cuisine. The French Paradox that struck me here was not so much the lack of heart disease in a country consuming foods so loaded with saturated fats, but the lack of pot belly. How do these ladies

Eggs or weetabix – what should you TRY for breakfast?

28th September 2015 / Laura Clark

When thinking about rugby and nutrition, the first thing that springs to mind is protein and lots of it! In fact protein seems to be top dog at the moment with everyone from office workers to gym bunnies reaching for protein shakes. But when are they needed and when are you literally flushing your money

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Tone up with your 20 grams of recovery protein, and make it fishy!

21st September 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Sports nutrition
As a nerd I like to have a set of rules to work to. I like numbers, and I like it when they’re based on research. It also helps when that number answers a question I get asked a lot: how much protein should I eat? For ideal recovery post workout that’ll be 20 grams.

Must eat nuts and beans. The vegetarian athletes mantra.

9th September 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
I’ve become a weekday quasi-vegetarian. It happened by accident really. My husband has been working away from home Monday to Friday and so I’ve been cooking what I crave and what the children like – which is mainly cheese, beans, fish and vegetables. Sometimes chicken – but since our move we no longer have a decent

Preventing Gestational Diabetes

9th September 2015 / Eulalee Green

Before Pregnancy, During Pregnancy
How to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Gestational Diabetes Gestational diabetes is the most frequent complication in pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is carbohydrate intolerance causing hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) that starts during pregnancy. Of the 700,000+ women who give birth in England and Wales each year, 30,600 developed diabetes during pregnancy (i.e. 4.3% of all pregnancies)

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SPOTLIGHT ON SUGAR: Not so sweet for Jamie Oliver or GBBO

6th September 2015 / Laura Clark

What a week for sugar! We’ve had Jamie Oliver condemning it whilst surrounded by prosthetic limbs and extracted teeth and meanwhile the Great British bake off contestants are shunning it in favour of supposedly healthier bakes containing fancier alternatives. I feel compelled to peel back the media hype once again and set a few things

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Sugar? Let’s keep the message simple

18th July 2015 / Emer Delaney

        Yesterday was a busy day in the world of nutrition!  With SACN’s report telling us all to eat less sugar and drink fewer fizzy drinks, what does their key message actually mean?  We’ve been told, Free sugars should account for no more than 5% daily dietary energy intake and already I’ve
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