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Christmas Pudding with NO DRIED FRUIT!I have developed this…

27th November 2015 / Sophie Medlin

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Christmas Pudding with NO DRIED FRUIT!I have developed this recipe for people who can’t digest dried fruit BUT it is also great for all you raisin haters! Christmas Pudding RecipeDried Fruit Free!Ingredients 2 large Bramley apples, coarsely grated 1 cup glacé cherries roughly chopped (don’t worry about the skins, the processing makes them easily digestible)3 pieces

Weight Loss – Is Timing Really Everything?What sort of meal…

24th November 2015 / Sophie Medlin

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Weight Loss – Is Timing Really Everything?What sort of meal pattern is the most effective for weight loss? *for most healthy people who need to lose weight; not accounting for patterns of exercise *Tomorrow, the popular nutrition press might choose to have you believe that 6 meals per day is the only way to lose weight, then the

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – The Low FODMAP DietWind, bloating,…

21st November 2015 / Sophie Medlin

FODMAP, IBS, Nutrition, bloating, dietitian, ibs problems
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – The Low FODMAP DietWind, bloating, diarrhoea and or constipation? Always looking for the nearest loo? Help is here!When I tell people that there is a diet to treat IBS and it has a success rate of up to 86%, they are often very interested, probably because IBS affects around 20% of

Losing Weight; The Struggle is Real It is the battle many of us…

18th November 2015 / Sophie Medlin

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Losing Weight; The Struggle is Real It is the battle many of us fight with ourselves everyday and many of us lose that battle most days…then we feel like a failure, beat ourselves up and eat cake to feel better. When will it end?!?! I get asked all the time by all sorts of people how they

Top 5 Immune Boosting Diet Habits

8th November 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
As a nutrition expert I feel pressure to look the picture of health at all times. Glossy hair, long nails, glowing skin and a skip in my step are all evidence of the nutritious healthy lifestyle I live. However sometimes the odds are stacked against me and over-training, stress, a change in seasons and lack

Protein powders – are they safe? are they necessary?

13th October 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Sports nutrition
The biggest guys at the gym all take protein powder, celebrity athletes endorse it, and just look at the photos on the tubs, these powders get you ripped! Or do they? Are protein supplements just burning a hole in your wallet? Are they replacing fibre containing meals and leaving you constipated? Or worse still are

Weight loss and health – my answers to what ‘THEY’ say

11th October 2015 / Laura Clark

Lifestyle, Medical, Nutrition, Weight Management
They say you should detox If you own a liver and kidney you are detoxing 24/7. Check if you have these and if you do, don’t panic. To help them along keep well hydrated and don’t drink alcohol in excess. They say you should cut out sugar I recently had a visit in clinic from

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Beef Jerky – are you man enough?

6th October 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Sports nutrition
A request for ‘man snacks’ came recently from one of the alpha males in my extended family. I  laughed initially at the thought of snacks being gender aligned, until I took myself and my husband as an example: Snacks for me: – Fresh fruit, dates, dried apricots, dark chocolate, home made oat cookies, bliss balls.

Exercise and Pregnancy

3rd October 2015 / Eulalee Green

During Pregnancy, Exercise
How to Make Exercise in Pregnancy Safe   Exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on your health and the developing baby. Women who exercise during pregnancy experience less back and pelvic pain, lower risk of developing gestational diabetes, better diabetic control if they already have diabetes, and a lower risk of complications during labour.

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The French Paradox – a bikini body on cheese, fois gras & red wine

29th September 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Sports nutrition
I spent the weekend just gone slightly in awe of delicately framed French women savouring traditional rich French cuisine. The French Paradox that struck me here was not so much the lack of heart disease in a country consuming foods so loaded with saturated fats, but the lack of pot belly. How do these ladies
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