Anyone who knows me will be aware of my love of recipe books, it’s almost become a standing joke! So, it gave me a lot of pleasure to finally store them all in the same place. Even as a small child I loved looking through my mum’s cookbook collection. My love of food and desire to help people drew me towards a career in dietetics. Then when one of my older sisters’ friends, Fiona Clarke (nee Finlayson) pursued dietetics in college, I thought I would like to try this for myself.

When my weight management clients highlight one of the difficulties in losing weight is that they love cooking, I can reassure them that they can still enjoy cooking, but they will just need to adapt their recipes to make them healthier. I love to produce healthy recipes on my website to help my weight management clients and I find it so rewarding when I receive positive feedback. My essential goal is to write a cookbook on this topic.

The latest count on the number of recipe books I have is an impressive 206! In terms of numbers, the most common author is Jamie Oliver. However, my favourite chef has to be Rick Stein. I also highly recommend the Hairy Dieter’s weight loss books which show that healthy recipes can be packed with flavour.

Finally, the good news is that there is lots of space remaining in the bookcase for more cookbooks!

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