Retrain Your Brain – NEW Weight Loss Mindset Audio Training programme

Are you ready to finally lose weight for good?


I have a NEW audio training programme that I believe will really help you with weight loss if you are feeling stuck.


I work 1 on 1 with clients in my 6 week private coaching programme – but I wanted also to create a lower cost self study programme where you can work on your mindset as this is fundamental and the place to start if you want lifelong weight loss!


So how do I know if I need to work on my mindset you may ask yourself?


If you are feeling frustrated with your current results and feel things are not changing for you, than mindset may be your biggest obstacle.


If you feel you cannot get started or fail to be consistent with your efforts, or feel self sabotage is your good friend, than yes – you need to flip your mindset.


I bet you know logically some things you SHOULD do to get results – but do you fail to take action to do these things day in and day out?


Do you find you keep coming up with problems and excuses?


You feel if only you were more motivated, or if only you had more will power or if only you weren’t so lazy – you’d reach your goal.


Most people think more will power is the answer – when in reality – it’s re-training your auto-pilot brain that is needed if you want to change.


Because you don’t get what you want – you get what is programmed into your auto-pilot brain at a deep level. This controls nearly all your habitual behaviour and you are very habitual with food.


Most people are not even aware just how programmed they are with food and their lifestyle and this is why they are not getting the results they want.


Your results tell you a story!  Make sense?


I’ve helped hundred and hundred of men and women re-train their thinking in my 1 on 1 coaching.  I’m an experienced intuitive mindset health & weight loss coach and I’ve developed this training – (which I’m very proud of) – to help you win.


Why do I care so much about this?

Well, I’ve successfully retrained my own brain as despite studying nutrition (and also having a passion for human health) I had a lot of dieting programming in my mind which I inherited from my mother growing up.  I also used to binge eat in the evening and comfort eat and would be uber restrictive during the day.


Are you ready to overcome your weight loss blocks?  Read on 🙂


Retrain your brain – How to get forever weight loss results without dieting



This is an audio training programme with MP3 audio trainings, an introduction video and supportive guides to assist you.  This is not a diet, this is powerful education to shift you to your desired dream! This is self study – you can learn at your own pace.


Once you make the purchase you will be emailed with your receipt – instantly and there will be a link where you can download all the programme content.  The content is in the form of:  MP3 audio files, PDF files and a downloadable MP4 video.  You can save these on your computer/device and begin to study right away!


Audio Training Programme Contents:
1. Introduction video on how to best use the audio training programme – video
2. Weight loss mindset – get the healthy way to think about weight loss – MP3 audio training
3. Letting go of past dieting failures – how to heal from the past – MP3 audio training
4. Get out of DIET MODE – what is it and how to change your thinking – MP3 audio training
5. Get a healthy relationship with food – how to use food as a success tool – MP3 audio training
6. Goal setting visualisation – MP3 audio training
7. How to re-wire your brain to prevent yo yo and self sabotage – MP3 audio training
8. Stress and the weight loss connection – how to overcome – MP3 audio training
9. Weight loss secrets – lifestyle must-knows for success – MP3 audio training
10. How to heal emotional eating – MP3 audio training
11. Weight loss and the scales – conquer fear and learn the healthy way – MP3 audio training


Downloadable Bonus MP3s:
-Weight Loss Nutrition Essentials – how to easy deal with food (carbs, fats and proteins) MP3 audio training
-Weight Loss Success affirmation/meditation – MP3 audio training
-Managing trigger emotions – MP3 audio training
-How to measure body composition for success – MP3 audio training


Downloadable PDF support guides:
-recommended body composition monitor with manufacturer discount
-how to find your weight loss eating sweet spot
-habit tracking sheet to track your food success
-body composition tracking sheet to track your stats


Downloadable PDF food guides:
-breakfast recipes (cooked & uncooked)
-main meals (cooked and salads)
-weight loss shakes (main meal substitute)
-weight loss Nutrition Food List (carbohydrates, proteins and fat with how to use!)
-4 day metabolism boosting plan with recipes


This powerful training will:
-take your motivation to the next level
-boost your energy
-speed up your metabolism
-take away your stress and frustration
-give you healthy control
-teach you the truth most people don’t know
-show you how to finally lose weight for good!


To achieve lifelong healthy weight loss – know that the power lies within you and it’s not as hard to succeed as what you thought.


Bonus you’ll receive:
-access to my Peck Nutrition Success Inner Circle – where I share personal updates on what I do to maintain my weight and a healthy relationship with food – and motivation to support you with the implementation of these new habits!
-a complementary breakthrough call with me (valued at £150)


Total value of training: £1500

Actual programme cost?
£299 in total (including all the bonuses)


To purchase: Click on the buy now button


How is this training different?

You don’t really understand something until you can implement it to get results – this training will show you how.  If you are not getting results – there is something powerful you need to learn and apply. There is not something wrong with you!  Follow the direction I give you and get results 🙂


If you have any questions – feel free to email me on


With love,

p.s – do you have a friend who needs to retrain their thinking for permanent weight loss results?  Share this post with them 🙂


Katie Charlton
Intuitive Health & Weight Loss Coaching – Mindset Expert

Katie is 43 years old – British born New Zealander with a passion to help people who are struggling with their health & weight get permanent results so they can live the life they dream of.

She works 1 to 1 with clients in her 6 weeks health & weight loss results coaching programme.

Her clients are family and career passionate men and women who are 1-3 stones overweight with low energy, digestive or hormonal health issues with a tendency to comfort eat and suffer with food cravings, and self sabotage eating patterns. Her focus is on mindset, healing, speeding up metabolism, boosting energy levels and stopping cravings and achieving weight loss success.

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