Retrain your brain: stop this dieting habit

This week I’m celebrating helping people by doing 6000 consultations since I started Peck Nutrition.



I’m getting a new website – is being created – I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live!



I really want to reach more people who need help with weight loss who don’t want to diet.



If you want to re-train your thinking to be happier – this 5 minute video will help you


It makes me feel sad that so many people get on the scales every day and let a machine dictate how they are going to live their day.



There was a day where I would get on the scales and give myself a high or kick up the bum depending on what the number read.



Like I would get some kind of control seeing the number drop.



This is a self sabotaging habit.



I want to get you on the road to success and let go of this habit.



How do you feel about the scales?  Leave a comment below 🙂



Do you know there is a better way then using scales?  Where you feel empowerment, strength and freedom?  I can teach you what to do 🙂



Wishing you success,


p.s –  do you have a friend who’s obsessed with the scales and wants to change?  Please forward this email them.

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