Salad bowl – low fodmap

The weather this weekend is fabulous for April. We are famous in the UK for discussing the weather – not surprisingly when it can change so frequently. Days when it is unexpectedly fine are few and far between. It makes me crave a salad.


Salad leaves – radicchio, red leaf and spinach

1 Carrot

100g Celeriac

1 Teaspoon light mayo

2 Radishes

Green beans

75g Cooked wild and wholegrain rice

75g Black rice pasta

Dressed crab

Dressing for rice – soy sauce, olive oil (equal quantities) and a few drops of fish sauce.

Grated lime rind


Wash leaves

Peel carrot and celeriac and grate – mix with the mayo.

Make the dressing

Cook rice and pasta till soft – add the dressing to the rice and pasta whilst warm and then cool

Wash and slice the radish.

Cook the green beans till soft, then cool.

Add all the ingredients to a bowl.

Pile the dressed crab on the top (you could use other ingredients if you wish, instead)

Sprinkle with lime rind




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