Small changes = big results

How many things are you currently trying to overhaul in your life?

Maybe it’s getting more sleep, stretching, strength, exercise or nutrition habits you want to work on. How many are you trying to change all at once?

All too often I see people trying to make too many changes at the same time and not being able to stick with them in the long term when life gets crazy.

small changes = big results

When I work with my clients there may be 10 things we could work on to improve their nutrition for training or performance. BUT we start with one to work on and then build them up, one at a time in a sustainable manner.

Better to stick with one small noticeable difference for a month than 10 changes that barely last the week.

Over time small changes equal big results.

What’s ONE change that you could focus on with your nutrition over the upcoming weeks?

Train Smart. Eat Smart. Perform Better


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