Specificity the Superhero – 3 Things You Must Do | DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

To grow your healthcare practice and have a steady stream of clients you need to get down and dirty with the details

You need to…

  1. Know your Unique Selling Proposition/Point (i.e. what makes you unique) and who exactly you’re targeting. 
  2. Get specific with your own goals (personal and for your business).
  3. Constantly be refining you goals and USP. 

Specificity the Superhero Loves…

1. You knowing your USP & who you’re targeting.

In the latest Podcast Specificity the Superhero I spoke about “if you’re selling to everyone you’re selling to no one.” – sure you might attract some clients with a catch-all net approach, however we want you to have a steady stream of clients so that you can live comfortably and be able to sleep at night knowing your business of helping people will be able to continue.
Start now by writing down 10 things that make your business unique, then craft that into 1-2 sentence statement. 

Specificity the Superhero Loves…

2. You getting specific with your own goals – personal & business.

We tell clients to make SMART goals all the time. Is it something you’re doing for your business? If not, it should be. 

Matt Mayberry in the article The Power of Writing your Goals Down in Entrepreneur talks about the Game-Changer Goal. This is another process that you may find particularly helpful. Essentially, you identify the goal that would change your life the most and then you write down a list of 20-50 action items that you need to do to achieve this goal. Simple, straightforward and actionable (that last bit… ACTIONABLE… really important). 

Specificity the Superhero Loves…

3. You taking the time to refine your action plan and goals (and USP if necessary).

Look – we all know that things change. Priorities shift, you start a family, your husband/wife loses their job, you take on a part-time writing gig – whatever it is. 

When things change your action plan to achieve your goals must change too, otherwise you run the risk of not achieving what you set out to achieve in the first place. 

If the priority shift is so drastic (✋ guilty as charged) that your goals need to change too – hey, that’s ok, but be in tune with yourself to know that it’s then time to set some new goals to work towards. 

If your goals change and you no longer want, or are able to, serve your same clientele anymore then change your USP and start marketing to the right group of people. 

As an example, if you focused on IBS and then after you had your first child wanted to focus more on family nutrition and healthy eating for picky eaters then that’s ok! You can change your USP and your business goals – but please don’t do this weird thing where you’re doing both with pictures of intestines and FODMAP resources on your website next to a video of you showing parents how to prepare a snack tray for a toddler. 

… unless mums on the FODMAP diet with a fussy toddler is your niche. 

Happy goal setting!

x Emily 


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