Spring vegetable frittata – low fodmap

This frittata can be served as a light lunch with Jersey potatoes and is very pretty!


5 eggs

Half a sliced courgette

3 Pak Choi

30g of Parmesan cheese


Salt to taste

Spray oil


Wash the vegetables

Trim the base of the pak choi flat and slice it at right angles to the growth direction, about an inch from the base, to form a flower – do this with each base of the three leaves if you wish – I just used one.

Chop the rest of the pak choi finely.

Slice the courgette.

Grate the cheese.

Whisk the eggs together and season and add the cheese and chopped pak choi.

In a pan add spray oil and place the ‘flowers’ and slices of courgette around the pan.

Add the egg mix to the pan.

Cook until well cooked through

Chop over the chives and serve

Serves 3-4 with Jersey potatoes and green salad.



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