The Best Christmas Pressie for YOU!

I remember many years back a woman telling me she was still finishing off Christmas cake in March….



She’d cycle from comforting herself with food and justifying why it was ok to eat it and ‘treat’ herself and then would feel so bad for it and feel like she was a bad person and felt tremendous guilt for having it.



Desperate she would ‘diet’ throughout the year – but the diet wouldn’t last and her weight would cycle up and down like a ping pong ball.



***You see the Christmas period is no different to any other time of year – it merely tests our self care/food habits because it’s part of our culture that we rush about this time of year – hence why we call it the ‘silly season’ and stress, lack of sleep and indulgences are magnified***



This time of year is a recipe for Fat Gain.



If you’re struggling with your weight and food and don’t feel confident with food and self care and have unhealthy food/eating habits – you’ll feel controlled by food – then the festive season will feel like a disaster for you.



You’ll tune out and overeat – IF you don’t have the skills to know how to put yourself in the ‘winners seat’. Then it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you – because you know YOU and what to do and what decisions to make around food that will leave you grinning from ear to ear come January 1st.



So rather than tune out from now until the New Year – I’d encourage you watch this video and if it speaks to you – reach out to me.



And I’ve got something exciting to share……I’m feeling super happy and love the results by coaching clients are having and I want to help more lovely people…..



Special Weight Loss Coaching – New Year OFFER 🙂



I’m offering 5 lovely people a HUGE reduction on my monthly fully supportive private weight loss coaching (£495) – committ to 3 months of working with me (Jan, Feb, March) and instead of the normal regular price of £495 per month – I’ll be reducing this by £100 per month – that’s a saving of £300 over 3 months.



We will start January 2nd – open to new and existing coaching clients. Sign up period  starts TOMORROW….(Friday 30th Nov-Friday 21st December 2018).



This is life changing and the best Christmas present you can give yourself to break through old self sabotaging patterns with food and your weight.



Imagine how your life would change if you finally stopping battling with food and your weight?



If you want to make this jump…and find out more – email me at

Lots of love,


Katie 🙂


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