The FoodMarble Food Intolerance Testing Device Review

You will likely be wondering is the FoodMarble device accurate? Or is this just another scam?

There are so many supposed food intolerance tests out there and mostly they are completely inaccurate. This is very frustrating because I know you just want answers and will often be vulnerable to the claims.

BUT hold on to your hat – the FoodMarble is accurate! This little device really is a game changer.

In this article I will explain to you how the device works and why it is accurate. Please keep in mind that I am also a registered dietitian. This means I would lose my license if I made inaccurate claims.


What Is The FoodMarble?

The FoodMarble is a home food intolerance testing kit which was developed by a company in Ireland.

The device allows you to track your intolerance to different foods, drinks or meals as you go through the day. All data is stored on an app on your phone, allowing you to find out what is causing your symptoms.

FoodMarble Testing Kit

How Does The FoodMarble Work?

If you are intolerant to certain foods, then they will make their way to your large bowel undigested.

In your large bowel, these foods are broken down in a process known as fermentation. This means that gut bacteria eats the foods and produces a lot of gas in doing so.

It is this gas which the FoodMarble tests. Increases in gas indicate a food intolerance.

Can The Device Be Used For SIBO Testing?

At present the device is not designed for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth testing. For now, it is used to test for food intolerances.

Can The FoodMarble Be Used To Test For Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition and requires a blood test, followed by a small bowel biopsy to diagnose it.

The FoodMarble can test for a wheat intolerance. This is when you are reacting to the FODMAPs contained within wheat. But it can not test for coeliac disease.

Is The FoodMarble Accurate?

Yes! This device is accurate.

I know this because of 2 main points;

  1. It has been studied and shown to provide the same results as those larger breath testing machines you would usually find in hospitals. You can read the research by clicking here .
  2. Each device is checked against certified gas standards from the International Organisation for Standardisation .

What is The FODMAP Program?

The FoodMarble comes with an optional add on called the FODMAP Program. In this, you will be sent with FODMAP sachets to test you tolerance level to.

In this program, you will get given sachets of 4 different types of FODMAP to test. The FoodMarble will then talk you through a reintroduction process to find out what you are intolerant to.

Where Can I Purchase The Device?

You can order a FoodMarble device from their website by clicking here .

The company have been kind enough to provide me with an affiliate code which gets you 20% off code IBSRD1 (add this at the check out page!) 


The new FoodMarble device is an accurate way to pin-point food intolerances using a combination of breath testing, symptom tracking and a food diary.

For those of you on the low FODMAP diet, you can even incorporate it in to your reintroduction phase as it provides additional clarity.

However, you still need to go through the appropriate tests via your doctor first to get an accurate IBS diagnosis. This is because the device does not rule out conditions such as coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease.

You can get further information on how to get an IBS diagnosis by clicking here .

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