The forgotten weight loss secret

How have you been sleeping over the last 2 weeks? 



Have you ever thought – what does sleep have to do with my body fat levels?








I dive deep into sleep with my weight loss coaching clients – we only have a few minutes here so I’m going to touch on one key point:



**how sleep affects hormones – and how hormones affect body fat**



In our ‘modern’ world – we see sleep as ‘lazy’ or ‘unproductive’ or something that gets in the way of our corporate achievements.  Have you ever resented sleep?



When in fact – sleep is the very one thing – that ties our body to the natural rhythm of the sun which is critical for good health.



You may have heard of ‘circadian’ rhythm??  This topic won a Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 2017.  



When we are in this natural daily cycle of sufficient sleep when the sun is down – we have zillions of processes that occur in our body when we sleep – when the sleep ones happen properly the ‘awake’ ones happen.  Sleep is the anchor to it all.



You de-frag, heal, clean and repair damaged parts during sleep – and your body is in full on energy production, function and performance during the day.  



One thing that happens in your sleep is that – your hormones get balanced – and if you get less than a good 8 hours you fall into the realm of sleep deprivation which affects your hormones and hence your body fat.



Here’s what happens:

-cortisol rises – your body sees a poor sleeping cycle as a stress – cortisol tells insulin to release and insulin stores fat in your body – this can happen after just 1 day of less than ideal sleep.

-your appetite hormones – leptin and ghrelin – get out of whack.  This means when you are full you don’t feel it, and you want to keep eating and when you have had enough to eat – you still feel driven and out of control and want to eat regardless of whether you feel tummy rumbles or not!

-your brain also produces chemicals that are potent and drive you to eat and especially foods that are sugary, fatty and salty (this is separate to your appetite hormones driving you to eat).

-also note your appetite hormones cascade to your hormones insulin and glucagon which get out of balance and you end up storing more body fat.  



Quadruple whammy!



Bottom line:  Not enough sleep = stress to your body (and this is just from the sleeping side…hmmm not happens when you are awake).



To you this may seem like a complex web to sort out – however, after years of doing nearly 6000 consultations – and studying my own life – I’m easily able to problem solve with my clients and come up with a personalised action plan.



Here’s a few tips to get you started on this journey:


If you are getting less than 8 per night then you really want to make sleep your focus – I’ve created this 1 page – cheat sheet – you will find 5 tips to get more sleep.


Download your how to get more sleep cheat sheet


I hope you like the video and you find the cheat sheet helpful!


Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think – was the video and cheat sheet helpful?


Katie ?

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