The power of self care

I believe the most important relationship we’ll ever have is with ourselves (unless you have a cute furry friend like Jemstone).


In the 5,700 consultations I’ve done – I’ve learnt that good health comes from having amazing self care.


How can we be good to anyone else, our family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, staff, clients, patients, customers if we are not happy, turned on and proud of ourselves?


Every day is an opportunity for you to make yourself feel happier.


This starts with respecting yourself, honouring your self care and really taking personal responsibility for it.


There is nothing more important than the choices you make to eat every day.


The food you choose to put into your body – affects how you feel, your energy, your decisions, your mood, how your body functions, your concentration and focus.


Over time you see the effects of the choices you’ve made – your skin, hair, nails, energy, body fat levels, muscle mass, your teeth, joints, bones, circulation, the functioning of your organ systems (kidneys, liver, heart, digestion, brain etc).


There’s no escaping that fact – our results tell a story of how we’ve been taking care of ourselves.


You know when we were in our 20’s our body was maturing but after the age of 40, how we take care of ourselves every day will determine how many young years (regardless of your actual age) we have as matured adults.


Isn’t that exciting?  ?


I know there is a tendency to fall into ‘reactive – grab and go mode’ – where you think there’s more urgent matters of life to deal with.


e.g. work and earning money for the family or making sure the children are well cared for.


Being reactive will put you into a rushed way of living where you feel there’s never enough hours in the day…I just have to get things done….arrrhhh.


Reactive mode is where you get into the habit of mental rushing as if you’re in the middle of an earthquake, when in fact it’s your mind just taking control of you, creating fear based thoughts that will send your body into an unhealthy spin.


Reactive mode – over time – breaks your body down.  Constant fear based thoughts have no place in good health.  They will not serve you in any area of your life.


We end up falling into the rushing trap.


We end up neglecting themselves.


The answer does not lie in rushing.


The answers lies within you and slowing your mind down so can take care of yourself ?


Happiness and health is an inside job.


This is a complete mindset switch – when you take better care of you, when you rush less – you are actually are:


More productive

More effective

More efficient

Happier and more energised

Able to heal more quickly


When you make this switch – you set an example to everyone around you – by your actions – you lead others ?


Are you ready to take your self care to a whole new level?  Do you feel a desire to get out of the rush of life and really boost your energy, your mood and change your health?


Are you super confident with food and understand how to eat right for your body?


If you need help – I can help you – click here to invest in your health


Your task for today:


Just observe:

– Are you rushing about?
– Is your mind racing?
– Do you feel guilty if you think about really nourishing yourself with food?
– Do you switch off from healthy eating and regular exercise?


What did you observe?  What will you change?


Share your reflections in the comments below – don’t be shy – it’s amazing how much sharing helps everyone ?


With love,

p.s.  Do you have a friend who’s interesting in healthy living – forward or share this email with them

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