Weight loss real talk: it’s time for a change

Are you on a journey to a get lower body fat?



If you are – I want you to remember this…..in school we weren’t taught the skill of – how to eat to get healthy body fat.



And this next bit upsets me.



Most people will blame themselves and believe that they’ve done something wrong – that they could have prevented getting to this point with their weight.



So they bring some kind of self frustration or punishment into the diet they do.



Worried they won’t get results – so they demand fast results.



Can you see just how perfectly the ‘dieting industry’ fills the gap.



Preying on the low self esteem – and do you want to know what upsets me even more – is that diets are not the solution for long term fat loss.



Because fast weight loss – will never amount to permanent results.



So this person then comes a victim and gets stuck in a metabolic yo yo nightmare.  Feeling like they are the biggest failure in the world.



Caused by the programming of the dieting industry because we seem to think – this is the only way to get long term results.



When – IT’S NOT.



When I help my clients – do you know what we focus on?



Getting their mindset right – re-training their thinking, understanding there is a better way to long term results that does not involve restriction, and feeling bad about yourself.



This is about your relationship with you and building self worth and esteem.  Feeling happiness and joy.  And having a kick arse relationship with food.



And not blaming yourself.  Instead….gaining confidence and understanding what to do to get your body metabolising body fat WITHOUT going on a damn diet!



I did a diet once when I was 13 years old and never again 🙂



You don’t cheat on a diet – your body and mind don’t want to do a regime that is not in tune with what your body needs.



No more self blaming.



So next time you get frustrated – remember I wasn’t taught this in school – give myself a break – AND remember there is a way to permanent results that does not involve dieting.



You don’t have to struggle or stay stuck in a yo yo weight cycling pattern.



You can learn what to do – that may actually feel fun.



Do you feel ready to break free? Let’s do this!  I cannot wait to share more with you 🙂


With love,

p.s –  Do you know a friend who wants to make this change too?  Share this email and video with them.

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