What makes a cyclist?

What makes a cyclist? Is it the kit you wear? The height of your socks? The number of miles you accumulate on Strava? The number of bikes you own?

Earlier this year someone told me that I’m “not a cyclist”.

As someone who rides my bike more days than not, I found that to be a bit insulting.

The culture of cycling can unfortunately be a bit eliteist at times with it’s supposed ‘rules’ about clothing, matching equipment and obsessions about weight.

It’s sad because this can be off-putting for a new cyclist entering the sport.

Personally I think there is so much more to being a cyclist than an image, numbers or weight of a bike.

All you need is a bike

To be a ‘real cyclist’ you don’t need fancy equipment.

All you really need is a bike.

The other stuff is optional.

It’s nice, but it’s certainly not essential to be a cyclist.

Rust bucket, carbon frame or ‘real steel’, the one thing all bikes have in common is two wheels and the ability to get you from A to B, get your muscles working and your heart pumping.

The health benefits of cycling extend far and wide. It’s a great stress release, way to improve your mood and boost your mental and physical health.

So, whether I’m a ‘real’ cyclist or not is beside the point.

What I am, is a woman who loves riding my bike as much as possible, sharing that passion and encouraging others to get outside on their bikes more too.

Hope to see you on your bike soon.

Happy training


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