What to expect at your initial weight loss consultation with Mairi Huntly Private Dietitian

The focus of my 3-month weight-loss programme is making permanent changes to your lifestyle rather than a ‘quick fix’ solution.

Find your motivation to change

During your initial consultation, I assess your motivation to change to ensure you are in the right mindset to make changes. No one else can make you lose weight, so I explore what is going to motivate you to stick to your weight loss plan. Is it a summer holiday or that wedding in several months’ time?

Get support

Making lifestyle changes is difficult, and while you have to take responsibility for your own behaviour, it helps to have appropriate support. I work with you to find people who will support and encourage you.

A workable programme that’s easy to follow

For many people, eating for weight loss needs more than just healthy eating. You may need to take a careful look at the amount of food you eat and check your portion sizes. The food portion guide I use provides to with how many portions you should have from each food group based on your energy requirement for weight loss. It is totally flexible and means you can still choose the foods you enjoy, and which best suit your lifestyle.

I also provide you with weight loss resources including healthy recipes, meal planners to help get you started.

One-to-one support for weight loss and maintenance

Successfully changing needs time to think and plan. My break free from dieting package is a 3-month plan in which you attend 6 one-to-one sessions, which can be arranged to fit around you. Some people find it helpful to attend appointment more frequently at the start but it is totally flexible.

“I had lived with a weight problem for many years and finally decided I needed some professional help. I discovered Cambridge Dietitian via the internet and at the first visit realised I had made a good choice. Mairi was approachable, easy to understand and above all very well qualified. She guided me through a change in eating habits with brilliant dietary advice and gently encouraged me during the struggles. Life is now very different, new clothes, more exercise, feeling healthy and above all feeling good about myself. I would thoroughly recommend her services”. Mary Irish

 To find out more about how I can help you lose weight, book a FREE 15-minute telephone appointment with me https://www.cambridgedietitian.co.uk/contact/


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