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Felicity Lyons RD MBDA

BSc (Honours) Nutrition PG Dip Dietetics PG Certificate Sports Nutrition

London, England
Hi I’m Felicity. I specialise in helping people achieve better health and well-being through dietary and lifestyle changes. I love what I do, and understand how challenging it can be to try and change long held habits, and then hold onto those new habits. Specialist areas: Diabetes Remission using Counterweight …

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Eulalee Green

RD mBDA BSc MSc, Consultant Dietitian & Holistic Health Coach

London, England
Eulalee Green is the lead Consultant Dietitian for Family Nutrition Coach. She has over 25 years’ experience as a Senior NHS Dietitian, Holistic Health Coach, and Public Health Nutritionist. Over her 25 years of providing clinical nutrition and dietetic services to children, men and women promoting health and managing a range of medical conditions.
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Helen Rose


Sandbach, England
Interpreta Nutrition provides consultancy services to the food industry and public sector organisations, specialising in the infant, early years and dietetic foods sectors. Support research, product development and marketing processes where a nutrition science or regulatory input is required.
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Sophie Medlin

BSc Hons RD

London, England
Sophie Medlin is a registered dietitian and a lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at King’s College London. Sophie worked for many years in hospitals before moving to a career in academia and private practice. In her clinical work, Sophie specialised in managing the nutritional needs of people with intestinal problems. …

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Charlotte Foster

First Class BSc (Hons) Nutrition & MSc Dietetics, RD.

Guildford, England
    Graduating with a first class degree in Nutrition from the University of Nottingham, Charlotte went on to gain her MSc in Dietetics at King’s College London before qualifying as a Registered Dietitian. Since qualifying, Charlotte has gained a wealth of experience working in an array of medical specialisms …

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Clare Clement

BSc (Hons) Applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics

, England
Clare is an experienced Dietitian, she qualified in 2002 and since then has worked within both the NHS and private practice. Clare currently works for Powys Teaching Health Board as a Specialist Eating Disorders (CAMHS) Dietitian and Renal Dietitian. Prior to this post she has worked in both hospital and …

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Deborah Norman

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, PG Dip Health Promotion, PG Cert Sports Nutrition

, England
I am a highly motivated Freelance Dietitian providing clinical expertise, consultancy, and training. I have over 25 years experience of supporting individuals who need dietary advice to overcome medical conditions, and groups and organisations to improve health through good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. I am passionate about the effect that good …

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Preetpal Kainth

MSc, PgDip RD

London, England
Preet is a dietitian who is passionate about nutrition and health. She has over 10 years experience working within the NHS and academia. During her time with the NHS she worked in a wide array of specialties from diabetes, weight management and nutrition support to name a few. Preet focuses …

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Victoria Hilton

BSc (Honors) RD

Glasgow, Scotland
Hi! My name is Vik Hilton. I am a registered dietitian that specialises in a variety of health conditions including gut health (gastroenterology), diabetes, cardiac and respiratory! Whether you are looking to prevent a condition, treat an existed condition or lose/ gain some weight - I can help! ! I offer 1:1 consultation appointments over video call for a range of conditions including IBS (low FODMAPs), Inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, Coeliac, Diabetes and more!
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Jo Rayner

BSc (Hons) RD

Harlington, England
I am a highly experienced NHS paediatric Dietitian (25 years) and offer practical translation of research and evidence into nutrition solutions. An effective communicator at all levels from 1:1 to large groups. Combine this with industry experience in manufacturing and product development, I could have just what you are looking for.
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Dawn Smith

BSc Hons Dietetics, Registered Dietitian, MSc module Dietetic Management of Allergic Disease

, England
Are you looking for a Registered Dietitian that could help you or your business with diet, health and wellbeing matters, group presentations, lecturing and offers 1:1 consultations. Dawn specialises in Adult food allergy, food sensitivities /intolerances,Coeliac Disease,Gluten sensitivity, Irritable bowel syndrome including the FODMAPS diet ? Dawn has recently established her freelance practice alongside her NHS work with 14 years experience working as as the Lead Specialist Allergy Dietitian and 20 years experience working in gastroenterology at Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust. Dawn presents at regional healthcare professional study days and has participated in research publication on Coeliac Disease. Dawn is based in Durham city centre which is easily accessible to people and business in the North East Region UK.
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Debra Thomas

BSc (Open); BSc (Hons) Registered Dietitian

Rhydlafar, Wales
I have over 20 years' experience in Dietetics and I specialise in the management of IBS symptoms using the low FODMAP diet approach. I conduct face to face consultations or via Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp. Usually only 2 consultations are necessary and over 75% of IBS sufferers find improvement with the low FODMAP diet.
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Amanda Herbert

BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics

Worcester Park, England
I have over 13 years clinical experience working within the NHS and have trained in specialised areas including Diabetes IBS – Low FODMAP Home Enteral Feeding Nutritional Support Obesity I can do skype, phone calls, emails and face to face consultations and offer a thorough and cocientious service which begins …

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Jill Scott


, England
Jill Scott BSc RD MBDA is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant who combines her freelance career with a part time with Macmillan Cancer Support, as a Development Lead for people living with cancer. With over 30 years’ experience in the fields of nutrition, health and wellbeing, Jill works with a range of organisations within the statutory, private and voluntary sectors in the design and delivery of training programmes, including trainer training, and resource development. Her particular area of interest and expertise is healthy weight management and lifestyle behaviour change throughout the lifespan.
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Talia Cecchele

BND (Class 1 Honours)

London, England
In addition to dietetic consultations, Talia is able to provide services such as corporate workshops, cooking demonstrations, recipe creation, brand collaboration and freelance writing.
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Liesl Silbernagl

BSc (Honours) Nutrition and Dietetics

Chelmsford, England
I qualified as a dietitian in South Africa (BSc Med (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics) and am registered with HCPC (DT27547). I worked in London as a paediatric dietitian for 5 years, and am now Essex based.   My areas of special interest include: premature infant nutrition, weaning, enteral feeding and …

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Jo Withers

BSC (Honors) Nutrition Dietitics

Worcester, England
As well as doing freelance work I work part time for the NHS specialising in eating disorders including paediatric ARFID presentations and adult mental health as well as delivering training and developing resources for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
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Christine O'Brien

BSc (Honours) Nutrition & Dietetics

Chesham, England
I pride myself in detail oriented and evidence-based work and deliver on-time to a high standard. My enthusiasm and creativity drive me to produce excellent work. I am excited to hear about any projects you would like Dietetic assistance with.
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Lisa Rowlands

BSc (Hons) RD, PGDip

Colchester, England
I am a registered private practice and freelance clinical & sports dietitian with 18 years of clinical NHS experience working in many areas. My passion is to provide reliable, practical and tailored nutritional advice that helps my clients to make informed dietary decisions. I am an empathetic, friendly and caring …

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Maja Berry

BSc (Hons) RD

London, England
I am an Eating Disorder Dietitian, specialising in adolescent and adult eating disorders and sports nutrition. I support my clients to have a better relationship with food and to return to a healthy weight and lifestyle. I can support you in ensuring your meal plan encompasses all your essential nutrients, in all dietary choices, including vegetarian and vegan. Every person has their own challenges, so we can put together a package that works for you, be it helping you plan a weekly meal plan, eating or shopping with you and supporting you to challenge your thoughts around food.
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Penny Vlachou

BSc, MSc, PG cert.

, Scotland
I have been a qualified dietitian for the past 8 years and my mission is to increase health awareness and contribute in improving people's well being, taking into account their individual needs. I fully believe that the right diet and nutrition can make a huge difference to our health and quality of life.
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Jodie Relf

BSc Dietetics

London, England
Besides providing online consultations for women with PCOS I also offer a range of other services. I work with brands on new product launches and generating new claims, I write content for media, my own and other's blogs and am available for talks, podcast interviews and other public education services.
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Dr Elaine Cossins

RD (Post grad with distinction), PhD Biochemistry, Post-grad diploma Sports and Exercise nutrition, MSc, BSc

Foix, Occitanie
I am a UK-registered dietitian based in near Toulouse in the south west of France. I qualified as a dietitian in 2001 and have worked with adults and children in the NHS up until leaving the UK in 2016. I set up my private freelance practice in October 2018 My website is I offer face-to-face consultations for those living nearby in France and virtual consultations using Skype or WhatsApp
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Ruth Kander

Dietetics Postgraduate

, England
Ruth Kander is a knowledgeable, kind and caring dietitian who wants to help people be the best they can be. Ruth has a passion to provide people with reliable information that is practical to follow their help their individual needs.
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Angie Jefferson

BSc (HONs) RD RNutr

, England
With a broad array of nutrition-related business skills, Angie holds a unique position in her ability to advise both commercial and not-for-profit clients on all aspects of their business. From product R&D to web development, public speaking to bespoke training, whatever the project large or small, clients can trust Angie to deliver nutrition information to fit their needs in a down-to-earth and engaging style.
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Helen Gardiner

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

London, England
Freelance Dietitian/Nutritionist for several food companies, since 1992 until present. Since October 2016, employed as a NHS Bank Community Dietitian delivering several successful 12-week weight management programmes in London Borough of Sutton, promoting health and well-being to adults.
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Samantha Milner

BSc (Hons), PGDip, RD, PGCE

North Ferriby, England
Since qualifying as a science teacher and then as a Dietitian in 2013, I aim to create an enjoyable atmosphere to support positive dietary changes. This could be on an individual basis where I will work with you 1:1 to progress towards your dietary goals, perhaps due to a recent diagnosis or to lose or gain weight. I also work with companies. If you're an organisation looking to provide tailored dietetic sessions/ideas for your staff, or perhaps pupils or customers, please feel free to get in touch to explore options. I ensure a safe, healthy and holistic approach.
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Kathy Cowbrough

BHSc, Masters Public Health Nutrition (MPHN)

Retford, England
Kathy’s main focus is public health nutrition with interest in supporting healthy eating and activity to promote future health – particularly for pregnancy and early years. She has worked in the NHS in Sure Start settings and many community settings along with freelance work since 1983.  But works completely freelance …

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Paula Gallon

BSc (Hons) RD

Kenilworth, England
I am an experienced Diabetes Specialist Dietitian working with individuals with Prediabetes, Type 2 and Type 1 Diabetes to help them gain the knowledge and confidence to take control of their diabetes, improve their health and enjoy life. I believe changes should be practical and fit in with lifestyle and family, and that no one should  have to stop doing the things that they enjoy. But people need information to make the right choices for them, and advice should be based on the best evidence for what works. 
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, Wales
Experienced dietitian with interest in sarcopenic dysphagia, learning disabilities (adults), lecturing, writing and menu analysis. I have been published contributing to key chapters in respected reference books and enjoy writing articles on various aspects of people’s health and well-being. My passion is spreading the (evidence based ) word on nutrition …

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Sue Baic


I’m a registered dietitian with over 30 years’ experience in a variety of settings. I worked for many years in NHS hospitals and the community before moving to a career in academia as Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Public Health at the University of Bristol. I now work freelance with …

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Judith Calvin

Bsc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics

Ballymena, Northern Ireland
I offer professional nutritional advice for corporate events and businesses interested in improving the health of their staff through talks, one to one consultations or workshops. Research has shown that nutrition related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease can cause losses in productivity in employed people. Offering your staff the opportunity to improve their health through professional nutrition mentoring can significantly improve the health and productivity of your staff and therefore prevent overall losses for your company. I also work with any company to plan and nutritionally analyse menu's for specific medical conditions that require specific diets. I'm available for writing articles and blogs.
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Debra Williams

BSc (Hons) RD

Exeter, England
Are you looking for an experienced Registered Dietitian for a training event or a particular project? Or an individual suffering with a clinical condition and need some dietary advice? If you are looking for evidence based professional advice then please contact me below or email me at I work …

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Chanda Pattni

Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honors in Dietetics

London, England
THE LONDON DIABETES DIETITIAN Your health is important so make it your top priority! ​The London Diabetes Dietitian can help you to prevent or manage your diabetes and its associated complications. ✔​ We provide professional, high-quality specialist dietetic services which are easily accessible via face to face, telephone or Skype consultations. ✔ We create tailored dietary and lifestyle plans which are designed to meet your individual needs. ✔ Our dietary information resources are peer-reviewed, patient tested and contain consist nutritional messages. ✔ Our services are based on the most up to date research and evidence-based guidelines. ✔ We offer additional dietetic services for a variety of conditions. ✔ We work with medical insurance providers. ​The London Diabetes Dietitian works with you to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to make effective dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals!
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Sarah Lumley

BSc Hons Dietetics

A WorkReady Accredited and highly motivated dietitian, Sarah is keen to work alongside you to improve the health and well-being of your employees. She'll help to empower you all towards better health. Services to your business can include assessing the nutritional environment, helping you work towards workplace health accolades and nutritional presentations tailored to your team.
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Edinburgh, Scotland
 I am a Registered Dietitian, specialised in weight management. Experienced nutritional consulting both groups and individual patients. I am helping people change their eating behaviours to lose weight and be healthier by using Cognitive Behaviours Therapy methods. You can expect to be supported throughout the whole process and get new …

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Laura Boyle

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

, England
Based in South London (Clapham Junction) Laura started Right Spot Nutrition as she is passionate about helping all members of the public. She works in the NHS Monday- Friday however offers clinic slots in the evening and on the weekends. Together you will come up with a plan to help …

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Lisa Waddell

BSc (Hons) Nutr, RD, PhD, MBDA

Nottingham, England
Lisa Waddell is Director of her private business; Food Allergy Nottingham Service Ltd (FANS) and also works part time for the NHS as lead community paediatric dietitian. She is an expert in paediatric food allergy and has over 20 years experience helping families identify whether their infant/ young child is suffering from food allergy or other feeding related problem.
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Victoria Francis

BSc Honours Nutrition and Dietetics.

Stamford, England
Working as a dietitian for over 15 years, Victoria is experienced in translating up-to-date scientific research on nutrition and disease into practical and realistic advice to help you reach your dietary goal. Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law and governed by an ethical code, to ensure that …

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Louise Symington

BSc (Hons) MSc (Food Sustainability)

Brighton, England
I offer - individual consultations for various health conditions - nutrition consultancy service for food business - educational workshops - project management services for charities All based in Brighton, Hove, Portslade and beyond
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Sadia Latimer

BSC (Hons) Biochemistry, MSc Human Nutrition, PGDip in Dietetics

Altrincham, England
Sadia Latimer is an experienced gastroenterology dietitian registered with the Health Care Professional Council and a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA). She has fifteen years of postgraduate experience in the National Health Service (NHS) across a wide variety of clinical settings, specialising in digestive health conditions in 2010. …

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Soraya David-Pineda

BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Dieteitcs, Pg Cert Sports Nutrition, IBS FODMAP trained

Cardiff, Wales
I am a registered dietitian who is passionate about helping people achieve their nutrition and lifestyle goals. My specialist areas of interest are plant based nutrition, IBS Fodmaps, type 2 diabetes and intuitive eating focusing on emotional and mindful eating and having a positive relationship with food and your body.  …

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Nusrat Kausar

BSc (Hons) Dietetics, Sport and Exercise Nutrition (PG Cert), Graduate SENr registrant

Bradford, England
Hello, my name is Nusrat. I am an expert in nutrition in a range of areas particularly, diabetes (all types) and sport and exercise nutrition. I am a registered dietitian (BSc) and sport and exercise nutritionist (PG Cert) based in the Bradford/Leeds area of West Yorkshire. I can meet you …

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Sarah Mirza

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

, England
I have been a Registered Dietitian for 3 years following graduation from King’s College London. As a community dietitian I have gained extensive experience in helping clients in their own homes, as well as in clinics and nursing homes, with a variety of nutrition and diet related issues. Having seen …

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Adri De Sousa

Bsc Nutrition & Dietetics

Cambourne, England
In working in the NHS since 2008 and before that in South Africa as a registered dietitian, I feel that I may be useful in projects relating to respiratory and/or neuro nutrition as well as weight reduction. I have been involved in direct patient care in a Cardiothoracic hospital and still is as part of my weekly work pattern. But I have also covered various different roles such as hospital menu contract review, leading & creating education sessions to patients/students and/or hospital staff respectively. I love getting involved with different ways of working and created a gastrostomy pathway by engaging different stakeholders to have made this possible. I also undertake line managing, have been involved in dietetic magazine article writing and recently a small section of the latest Manual of Nutrition & Dietetics.
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Kylie Bishop

BSc (Hons) RD MBDA

Kylie sees private practice clients at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital.  During your appointment, Kylie will take a detailed history and a dietary treatment plan will be discussed. Personalised goals will be set. Kylie will provide evidence-based advice which will be tailored to your individual circumstances. Kylie can provide dietary advice for …

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Jean Sullivan

BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, MSc (Clinical Research), Registered Dietitian

Ilkley, England
Jean is a West Yorkshire-based Registered Dietitian with extensive dietetic experience gained in both the National Health Service (NHS) and private sectors. Jean specialises in one-to-one personalised consultations Clients will be provided with in-depth, personalised and high-quality dietary advice. Clients can be advised on a range of nutritional areas including: …

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Jasmine Carbon

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

London, England
I have broad range of experience of delivering tailored dietetic advise to NHS patients in a hospital, clinic and group setting. I offer online consultations for meal plans and diet analysis. Please have a look at my website for more information about me, my experience and my services.
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Elaine Anderson

BSc (Hons) Dietetics RD

Manchester, England
Specialising in training, consultancy and workplace health.
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Lisa Bailey

MNutr, RD

Cardiff, Wales
Lisa Bailey, the founder of Spoonit®, has 15 years of experience as a Dietitian and currently works within the NHS as part of a weight management service in Wales.
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Dalia Maori

BSc Hons, RD (USA CDR and UK HCPC)

Cambridge, England
In addition to private practice, I provide nutrition consulting services to companies and organisations. I am happy to speak with the media and travel around the country providing corporate wellness courses, workshops and lectures.
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Rania Salman

PgDip Nutrition and dietetics (Merit), BSc (Hons)

London, England
If you are looking to lose weight, need healthy eating advice or have an illness and require expert nutritional advice, I can help you. My name is Rania and I am a qualified and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist based in London and Essex. Knowing which foods to eat is difficult enough, with all the conflicting information out there. If you are trying to manage your weight or you have a serious illness, it is even harder! As a trained dietitian I use an evidence-based approach to support you in reaching your goals. My areas of expertise include oncology/heamatology, diabetes and weight management in addition to general health and wellbeing. Do get in touch if you feel that I can help you with any of the above!
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Jemma Threapleton

BSC (Hons) RD

Manchester, England

Tazmin Lewis

Nutrition and Dietetics Bsc

, England
Tazmin Lewis is specialist Registered Dietitian situated in the diverse population of North West London. Having grown up in this area she is familiar with the local population and the diets of different cultures. She enjoys getting to know her clients and working towards their goals together. Tazmin has experience …

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Sheri Taylor

Registered Dietitian

Birmingham, England
Sheri works exclusively with clients in the community who have had a life-changing injury – brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy or amputation. She is happy to accept referrals from case managers and solicitors, as well as from clients directly. Clients are most commonly referred for: – fatigue – …

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Isabel Anderson

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics. Post Graduate Certificate Applied Sports Nutrition

Worthing, England
I am currently on maternity leave and therefore unable to take on any new work, I'm sorry for any inconvenience - Izzy I specialise in Sports Nutrition and Gastroenterology including IBS and the Low FODMAP diet. I mainly provide online 1:1 consultations but local face to face consultations can be arranged. I am also happy to provide talks to local sporting groups on relevant sports nutrition topics.
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Joanna Lenz

BSc (Joint Hons), PGDip, RD

Oxford, England
I'm a skilled registered paediatric dietitian with over 13 years experience working within the NHS for leading Trusts such as the Royal Free London and Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust. I've worked in both hospital and community settings and treated an array of complex conditions.  My speciality is paediatrics and my passion is for helping children and their families. As a mother of three young children I only know too well the difficulties of providing children with a healthy diet whilst juggling the pressures of a busy family life.  Based in Oxfordshire, I provide both group and one to one consultations.  I qualified with a First Class Hons Degree in Food Science and Nutrition and Human Biology and went on to gain a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics.  I am registered with the HCPC, and a full member of the BDA and sub groups including the paediatric, allergy and freelance groups.
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Lucy Upton

Master of Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, HCPC DT25636

Birmingham, England
Lucy is a passionate and enthusiastic Dietitian, specialising in infant and child nutrition. She has over 10 years paediatric experience, working in the NHS and private sector including;  specialist mental health settings, community practice, special schools and large teaching hospitals.  Her current NHS role is based at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. …

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Caroline Laidlaw

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Post Graduate Diploma Dietetics

, England
Caroline studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Kings College London, qualifying with distinction in 1990. Since then she has worked as a Specialist Dietitian in the NHS at a variety of teaching Hospitals including Charing Cross and Westminster, St Marys (Paddington), Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary before settling on the South Coast at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton in 2002.  Specialities include Gastroenterology (irritable bowel), Oncology, Malnutrition/ Nutritional Support, Community Development work, Obesity and Bariatrics, Mental Health (including dementia).
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Maureen Moerbeck

BSc Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons), PG Dip Sports Nutrition, PG Cert Pub Health, RD

, England
I am a registered dietitian and have a BSc honours degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, a Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee and a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. I have over 15 years of clinical experience in both the UK and Australia working within the …

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Alice Johnson

BSc (Hons) PG DIP RD

Hay-on-Wye, Wales
The Hereford Dietitian offers clinics in rural Herefordshire. It is run by Alice Johnson, an experienced Dietitian with over 10 years experience working in the NHS. Alice has a specialist interest in helping people to lose weight. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements and to see how Alice might be able to help you lose weight in a safe and sustainable way or visit The Hereford Dietitian website for further details about the weight management programmes which are on offer.
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Lynda Rigley

Post Graduate Diploma Dietetics RD; PhD in Children's growth and nutrition; Bsc (Hons) Catering Science and Applied Nutrition

, England
Lynda is a HCPC registered Freelance Dietitian and a full member of the British Dietetic Association.  Lynda has 17 years dietetic experience in the NHS working in many areas with both children and adults.  She has specialised in paediatric nutrition for 15 years.  Her areas of clinical expertise include food …

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Tanya Thomas

BSc (Hons) RD

Welwyn Garden City, England
I am an experienced dietitian with nearly 30 years experience. I specialise in paediatrics (I have experience in all areas), food allergy/intolerance, coeliac disease and IBS. I am an accomplished nutrition writer and have written articles for Dietetics Today, Complete Nutrition, Nursing in Practice and other health publications. I am a British Dietetic Association Media spokesperson. I have worked as a consultant for a number of different nutrition companies, producing printed patient resources, web copy and as a speaker at consumer events. I am a visiting lecturer on the Nutrition and Dietetic and Physician Associate courses at the University of Hertfordshire and on the MSc Nutrition course at the University of Surrey.
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Dawn Goudge

BSc(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, RD

I have over 25 years of clinical experience gained from working in both the NHS and private sector. By always providing the most up to date and evidence based advice clients can be confident in receiving relevant information in a relaxed and professional environment. Key specialist areas include gastroenterology, nutritional support and weight management.
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Hayley Fowler

PG Dip Dietetics

Epsom, England
I qualified in 2009 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, and initially worked on the wards at Epsom General Hospital.  I have since worked in various community settings with a focus on nutritional care of the elderly and general dietetic clinics seeing a wide of range of clinical cases, …

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Liane Reeves

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, MSc Allergy, RD

Wantage, England
Liane specialises in helping teenagers and adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gastro-intestinal conditions and diagnosing and managing food allergies and intolerances. She has over 20 years’ experience working in the NHS where she continues to work part-time as Adult Allergy Specialist Dietitian as well as run her private …

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Laura Stewart

PhD, BSc in Dietetics, BA (HONS)

Perth, Scotland
Dr Laura Stewart and AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy provides expert consultancy to give companies and organisations sound scientific information to enable them to support their clients and employees to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
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Jennifer Ryan

PGDip MSc Dietetics

Birmingham, England
I run a gut health clinic and treat clients who present with numerous gut conditions and symptoms. I also help clients to boost their overall gut health. I have a history of coeliac disease and IBS, so for me, gut health is an area that I am particularly passionate about and I understand just how debilitating it can be. Contact me for further information via my website:
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Anne Cushen

BSc Honours (Registered Dietitian)

Wakefield, England
I am a very experienced dietitian and I have worked with both children and adults for around 17 years. I graduated in 2003 from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) with a BSC honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with registration. Since then I have worked in a range …

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Samantha Howard

Master of Nutrition

, England
Samantha is an experienced Dietitian and co-founder of Sunlight Nutrition Limited. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2007 with a Master of Nutrition Degree. Samantha spent 10 years working in the NHS in a variety of clinical roles including gastroenterology, nutrition support, food allergy and more latterly in …

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Hannah Dobson

BSc (Hons) Dietetics and Nutrition

Sheffield, England
I provide my clients with evidence based nutritional information and advice, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make food choices that suit their individual needs. Several years of clinical experience, study days and the completion of additional courses, has provided me with the nutritional expertise and behaviour change skills to help …

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Nishti’s Choice

Specialist Dietitian for Children & Parents (RD UK & Denmark)

London, England
We empower parents to change the way they feed their children’s physical & emotional wellbeing 💚
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Hannah Whittaker

BSc Community Nutrition & PgDip Nutrition and Dietetics

Liverpool, England
Specialist Paediatric Dietitian and BDA Media spokesperson.
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Paula Wood

BSc (Hons), MSc Public Health Nutrition

, England
I am a dietitian with over 20 years of experience working in the field of nutrition and dietetics. I am a firm believer in the benefits of a healthy diet to optimise health and wellbeing. I recognise that we all have different nutritional requirements and that these requirements change at various times through our lives e.g. age, levels of activity and illness. I also understand the pressures and strains of daily life and how these can sometimes negatively impact on eating patterns and food choices!  I will offer clear, practical and realistic advice based on lifestyles, to help achieve and maintain optimum health benefits through the appropriate nutrition.
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Elizabeth McCabe

BSc (Hons) RD

Coventry, England
I am a HCPC registered detitian (BSC Hons Dietetics), which means I am fully regulated to guide you by providing up-to-date information that is purely evidence based. This means it has undergone rigorous evaluation and scientific studies. I have a passion for food, health and promoting evidence based healthy eating advice. I share my passion for factual nutritional advice by blogging facts not fads @deliziouslylizzinlife. I can help you achieve/improve your personal wellness! My aim is to support you through this journey of achievement to improve your symptoms and OPTIMISE your nutritional status.
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Marie Skerry

BSc (Honours) in Nutrition and Dietetics from The University of Surrey and Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetes from the University of Surrey Roehampton

Lichfield, England
I am an experienced Dietitian with 20 years post graduate practice. I have extensive experience across a wide range of dietetic areas with particular skills in diabetes, heart health, allergy, malnutrition and elderly care including dementia. I am a good listener and will help you understand how diet could improve …

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Tess Warnes

BSc (Hons) RD

avisso are an expert team of food consultants, including dietitians, with a wealth of experience, working in a wide range of settings including clinical, corporate, education and the food industry.
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Sandra Tyrrell

BSc Dietitian

Bodfari, Wales
I have worked for the NHS for over 10 years in various areas of dietetics. I currently work part time freelance and part time for the NHS. I am confident that I can help patients with various conditions. Please call to discuss. I have been involved in media tv programmes, such as, ITVs ‘Tonight’ and I have written articles for magazines.
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Cherry Hagger

BSc Dietetics (Hons) BA International Hospitality Management (Hons) RD

Chelmsford, England
The driving force for setting up Cherry Nutrition was a deep desire to help improve people's lives by giving them insight into their health conditions and empowering them to make positive change. My passion is helping people to improve their gut health with conditions such as; IBS (FODMAP trained), acid reflux, coeliac, chronic constipation, issues post gallbladder removal, diverticular disease, chronic diarrhoea, & other gastroenterology conditions (see Cherry Nutrition).
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Rachael Hunter

BSc Hons (RD)

, England
I qualified as a dietitian in 2009 and have been passionate about helping people ever since. My key interests involve healthy eating for a healthy weight in both adults and young people, diabetes, vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as weaning and maternal health.  From my what I have learnt …

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Vandhana Patel

Bsc(Hons) RD

Solihull, England
patients having surgery abroad or having complex problems post weight loss surgery. I am a dietitian passionate about empowering patients to make lasting changes to improve their health, vitality, and quality of life. I focus on mindset coaching to empower patients to build a healthy relationship with food and help them transform both physically and mentally, breaking the cycle of negative self-talk. I provide nutrition screening for corporate companies and group sessions at HeaI created “The Dietologist” to support Bariatric patients during one of the most significant, and possibly overwhelming times in their life, especially those lth & Well Being events.
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Dr Rona Antoni

BSc (Hons) RD, PhD

London, England
I am a Research Fellow in Nutritional Metabolism at the University of Surrey, current working on a project looking at the health effects of saturated fat. I am also considered one of the world leading experts in intermittent fasting, having picked up several awards along the way in my career from the Nutrition Society and European Association for the Study of Obesity.
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Alice Connolly

BSc (Hons) RD

London, England
Weight management, women’s health and fertility nutrition are the areas I am passionate about and have dedicated my 10 year NHS career to. It’s easy to know when you need a lifestyle change, but not so easy to decide where to begin. My approach is purely collaborative; working with you to identify what’s important to you, feeding back honestly what benefits diet and lifestyle change could have and supporting you to form a plan that you are comfortable with and will withstand the ups and downs of life. We have the option of meeting face to face, either in my sunny Notting Hill therapy room, or taking the opportunity to combine a session with a walk in the local area. Video calls are also an option. Please do drop me a line and say hello ?
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Mairi Wilcock

Bsc(hons) RD

Preston, England
I have been a registered dietitian for 21 years. I have worked in several hospitals throughout the northwest since graduating in 1998 and gained a broad range of experience in that time.I began my freelance career as I realised that not all people who required reliable, trustworthy nutritional advice could access it easily.I specialise in the treatment of digestive problems, weight management, heart health, diabetes and nutrition during cancer treatment, having spent a large proportion of my NHS career in working within these areas.I believe it is vital to have a diet that suits our lifestyle and that we enjoy! This is why I am passionate about working with my clients to find a diet that suits their individual needs and preferences, whatever their healthcare concern or medical diagnosis might be.I am fully trained through Kings College, London to provide advice on the FODMAP diet for IBS.I provide one to one consultations in my clinic and at BMI Hospital in Lancaster.
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Anna Pain


Kibworth, England
Hello, My name is Anna. I have worked as a dietitian for 12 years in a large hospital and have a wide range of skills and experience. As a freelance dietitian, I offer friendly, individualised guidance and support to reach goals on; 1. Weight Management 2. Cholesterol lowering 3. Improving …

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Emma Jones

Nutrition and Dietetics BSc Honours

London, England
Emma is a specialist dietitian registered with the HCPC and is a member of both the diabetes and freelance specialist interest groups of the BDA. Emma has years of experience of working with individuals and groups, including families, to meet their health and nutrition goals. Emma has successfully worked with …

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Emmalia Simpson

BSc (honors) RD

, England
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics Registered Dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council Background: Emmalia trained for four years at the University of Surrey, graduating with an honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2013. She has since gained experience working both privately and for the NHS in …

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Vikki Poole

BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics

Nuneaton, England
Vikki has worked as a dietitian in the NHS with a variety of medical conditions during her career such as; diabetes, pulmonary and cardio rehabilitation and nutrition support. More recently she has worked within adult weight management empowering people to get healthy through lifestyle changes. She has a personal interest …

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Elizabeth Campling

BSc Hons Dietetics

Falmouth, England
Registered dietitian (freelance) Elizabeth Campling can check through your diet, address your nutritional concerns, and provide guidance about what and how to make appropriate dietary and other lifestyle changes.
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London, England
WELCOME TO HARLEY DIETITIANS NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANCY Are you concerned about your child’s nutrition and require advice to fit your child’s individual needs? Or has your child been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that requires specific dietary advice, for example cow’s milk protein allergy/ Crohns disease/ reflux or poor growth/ gastric problems/ coeliac disease/weight management of even advice regarding neonatal nutrition? Or are you currently pregnant and seeking advice around your own nutritional needs during pregnancy or have specific medical concerns including gestational diabetes, morning sickness etc.
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Joleen Sutcliffe

BSc (Honours) Dietetics (1st class)

Birmingham, England
I am a registered dietitian specialising in supporting and advising parents and carers with a wide variety of infant and childhood feeding and dietary issues. I am able to offer prompt support to families requiring dietary advice for their children and also to breastfeeding mothers.
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Carin Hume

BSc Dietetics, MSc Sports Nutrition

Reading, England
I want every patient to feel heard and cared for.  Knowing that the path to achieving their health goals is as unique as they are, and that it takes a joint effort to piece the puzzle together.  My areas of expertise include gut health, food intolerances, diabetes and other blood …

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Rosemary Bonney

BSc (Honours) Dietetics

Lutton, England
IBS including FOD MAP Women's health including pregnancy, breast, feeding and menopause Mens Health COPD Heart Health and cholesterol reduction Osteoporosis
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Lydia Leighton

BSc (Hons) RD

Iron Acton, England
I am passionate about food and improving lives through good nutrition and supporting a sensible and healthy relationship with what we eat. As a Dietitian I provide expert food and nutrition advice to both individuals and groups. My philosophy is that you are what you eat and that it is …

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Ms Shem Heather Allanson

BSc RD (+ teaching & counseling qualifications)

Shem is a full member of the BDA, (The Association of UK Dietitians). BDA Membership number: 2791. She is also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council: Registration number: DT03980. She carries full professional insurance and is qualified to advise on any aspects of nutrition and dietetic care. Shem’s interests include: Achieving optimal health through nutrition Coeliac disease / gluten sensitivity disorders / gut disorders / leaky gut Stomach and bowel problems Autoimmune diseases Multiple sclerosis Diabetes and insulin resistance Allergies and intolerances Migraines and headaches Cancer prevention and treatment Special diet cookery, especially for gluten, corn and cow’s milk free diets Gluten free training / special diet training – for restaurateurs and caterers
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Evangelos Tsatiris

● BSc Dietietics ● MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health ● BSc Psychology ● MSc Health Psychology

Bristol, England
Evangelos Tsatiris is a qualified, HCPC Registered Dietitian and a full member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the Freelance Dietitians group, currently working in the area of Bristol. He is committed to forming relationships with people looking to lose or manage their weight, and deal with chronic conditions. …

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Ana Etxeberria

BSc Hons Nutrition & Dietetics; BA Hons Psychology; Postgraduate Certificate in Sports & Exercise Nutrition

London, England
Ana qualified as a registered Dietitian in 2009, registration number DT25349. Ana is trilingual and is able to carry out dietetic assessments and interventions in English, Spanish and Basque. Ana previously qualified as a Psychologist in Spain where she conducted Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with women suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome …

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Paula Hallam

B.Sc (Med)(Hons) RD

Kingston upon Thames, England
My name is Paula Hallam and I am a Paediatric Dietitian with 20 years experience, working in both the NHS and the private sector, as well as consulting to health charities and the food industry. I currently run a private practice called ‘Tiny Tots Nutrition’ with clinics based in Walton, …

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Karen MacDonald

BSc Hons Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Glasgow, Scotland
Private Registered Dietitian working in and around East Kilbride area
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Dalhia Campbell

BSc Hons Dietetics

Perth, Scotland
Food and Nutrition Central offers you a professional nutrition and dietetic consultancy service.   With advice from a registered dietitian, you can be reassured that you will receive expert nutritional advice that is unbiased, evidence based and practical to meet your needs. Whether you are a company that is interested in the health and well being of your employees, a care provider, food retailer or the media, Food and Nutrition Central can provide the service you want when it comes to nutrition. Dalhia Campbell is also a British Dietetic Association media spokesperson.
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Navjt Kaur Sidhu

Nutrition and Dietetics BSc Hons

Dartford, England
Navjit has worked with a range of businesses, charities and religious groups . She has a flexible and friendly nature which aids her to develop a deep understanding of the target audience. Her knowledge of Dietetics has helped to influence communities and consumers.
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Nicola Guess


London, England
I am a Registered Dietitian with a PhD in the dietary management of prediabetes from Imperial College London. I am currently a lecturer in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London where my research focuses on the role of diet in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. I have a particular interest in the …

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Angharad Banner

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, PG Dip Dietetics, MBDA, RD

Cardiff, Wales
Good food great futures! I write recipe books, articles, web posts and blogs as well as do a lot of presentations including cookery workshops to health care professionals and patients.
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Sian Shepherd

BSc (Honours) Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, Further Education Teacher's Certificate

London, England
Sian is a HCPC Registered Consultant Dietitian with practising privileges at BMI The Cavell Hospital and BMI The Kings Oak Hospital in North London. She has an extensive NHS portfolio which ensures exemplary evidence-based clinical practice and consistent professional development. She now works primarily in the NHS on behalf of …

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Caroline Hill

BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition. MSc Nutrition and Dietetics.

Ramsbottom, England
I have experience of working for a global medical nutrition company therefore have a range of skills and expertise to support in this area, including new product launches, marketing material development, clinical evidence reviews. In addition to this, I am able to provide menu and dietary analysis, plus corporate health and wellness training.
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Joan Gavin

BSc (Hons) RD MPhil

Bishop's Waltham, England
Thank you for selecting my profile. I am a registered children’s dietitian with over 20 years’ clinical experience in the NHS, and with particular expertise in food allergies and gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. I have a BSc Honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics …

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Penny Mutch

Bsc. RD. DipADP. Postgrad Cert counselling .HCPC .

, Scotland
Penny has been in private practice for  26 years, before this she worked in the NHS. for 5 years. (total 31 years) She offers IgE allergy blood testing and full food intolerance dietary diagnosis and investigation. She is specialised in Allergy and IBS , and has published literature on producing Guidelines …

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Cindy Woolley

BSc (Hons) RD

Leicester, England
Freelance Registered Dietitian based in Leicester. I provide evidence-based dietary advice tailored to your individual needs. I specialise in IBS, including the low FODMAP diet but can also assist you with a range of other health conditions.
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Victoria Holmes

MSc Nutrition and Dietetics

Stockport, England
I am a Highly Specialised Paediatric Dietitian, with over 15 years experience within the NHS and private sector,currently working at the largest children’s hospital in the UK.  My private practice clinic is based in Bramhall, Cheshire but I also offer video and phonecall consultations. The Specialities I cover include: -Cows …

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Harriet Smith

BSc (Hons) RD

, England
Harriet Smith is an award-winning Dietitian and Health Writer who is registered with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Her business 'HRS Communications' is a Nutrition PR agency producing evidence-based content for over 30 food, nutrition, and medical nutrition companies globally. Their services include B2B copywriting, B2C copywriting, social media content creation, website copywriting, medical writing, podcast hosting, online course creation, and PR campaigns. As a Health Writer, Harriet has over six years of experience writing for national, trade and consumer media. She was a Complete Nutrition (CN) Magazine Columnist for 18 months and was recently awarded the title of "CN Writer of the Year" for 2018.
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Natalie Daniel

BSc (Honours) PGCert RD

Westward Ho!, England
At North Devon Nutrition, we can provide practical, bespoke guidance to enable you to make appropriate life style and food choices. As qualified health regulated professionals we are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual and health level. We not only work with sporting and healthy people, but diagnose and support those with medical conditions through analysis of diet and nutritional problems.
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Tamsin Kivi

BS’c honors in Dietetics

Worcester, England
This is where your journey to OPTIMUM HEALTH starts!! Whether it is symptom relief, weight loss, help with identifying food intolerances or you are looking to achieve optimum health. You will get expert advice and support from a Registered Dietitian. Specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Food Intolerances. At Digestive Health, we aim to support you through your journey to achieving OPTIMUM health and getting you the BEST results! I have extensive experience in providing personalised and evidenced based advice to clients with a variety of conditions including: Coeliac disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). low FODMAP diet Food intolerances Weight management Bespoke Nutritional Plans: Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Wheat/Dairy-Free, Histamine-Free. I have completed a specialist training course at King’s College University London, focusing on the specific use of low FODMAP diet to manage & improve IBS symptoms
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Aisling Pigott

BsC Human Nutrition and Dietetics, PgCert Sports Nutrition, MsC Advanced Dietetic Practice, RCBC First into Research

Cardiff, Wales
Aisling (Ash) Pigott (RD) PgCert Sports and Exercise Nutrition, MsC Advanced Practice. Research and evidence based practitioner. Anti-Fads, Pro-Health Media Expert *BBCNews, BBCWales, ITVWales, Radio5, Vogue magazine (and more). TV, Radio and Print. Relationships with food *When it comes to weight, there is no one size fits all. Building a healthy relationship with food and self is key to health and wellbeing Sports Nutrition * As an ultra-endurance runner, passion for sports nutrition. Ex-Sports Nutrition Lecturer (University of South Wales). Experience with professional and amateur athletes. Early Years Nutrition *As a first time Mum and Paediatric specialist, Ash is ideally placed to understand evidence based guidance and practical application Family Planning * Planning a family can be a difficult time. Nutrition plays a key role in conception and pregnancy. Building healthy relationships with food, self and managing weight pre (and during) pregnancies.
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Claire Fudge

Bsc Hons RD, Adv.Dip, PgCert

, England
Clinical dietitian and high-performance sports nutritionist Experience in a wide variety of clinical nutrition including FODMAPs, renal, obesity and bariatrics, diabetes and eating disorders. Experienced sport performance nutritionist and dietitian
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Debbie Wilkins

BSc (Hons) SRD MSc

, England
Experience in weight management, IBS, Diabetes Type 2 and healthy eating.
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Douglas Twenefour

MPhil PG Dip, Registered Dietitian

London, England
I have over 20 years experience in supporting people to make and sustain changes to their health, lifestyle and food choices. I work with a friendly team of experts to provide evidence-based nutrition services that is personalised to individuals, and tailored to organisations and corporate bodies.
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Ann Johnson

BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Oxford, England
I am a registered dietitian with 20 years experience working in the NHS I have spent most of my career working in the community, preventing ill health and coaching clients to achieve their personal goals. I am particularly interested in supporting transgender and gender non-binary people to establish and maintain …

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Niamh Gilligan

BSc Hons in Dietetics, RD, HCPC

Manchester, England
Kids Feeding Team work hard to improve the health of babies and children by providing a patient-centred approach from a passionate, approachable and knowledgeable team. We provide babies and children with immediate access to a specialist multidisciplinary feeding team service. Our vision is to improve the health of babies and children by providing parents with immediate access to an evidence-based multidisciplinary feeding team service. Niamh is our committed Specialist Paediatric Dietitian who has experience in both the NHS and private sectors. She understands the complex needs of each individual child and their family to provide patient centred care which is results-focused, evidence based and personable. At Kids Feeding Team we provide a range of services to improve the health of babies and children, check out our website for further information at
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Sejal Jacob

M.Sc (Dietetics)

Norwich, England
Sejal Jacob is a registered dietitian with Masters degree in Dietetics.She works within the NHS trust and also has a private practise.Sejal has nearly 10years of  experience and in-depth knowledge in various aspects of nutrition and diet both in adults and paediatrics. She is trained in low fodmap diet from …

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Cristy Dean

Bsc First Class (hons) RD, mBDA HCPC

Bath, England
Fettle & Bloom was launched by Bath-based NHS dietitian Cristy Dean, to provide tailored, expert and dedicated support to those with irritable bowel syndrome and related gut health conditions. After graduating from the University of Plymouth with a first-class degree in nutrition and dietetics, Cristy spent many years working in …

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Rebecca McManamon

Master of Nutrition, Registered Dietitian

London, England
Rebecca is a HCPC Registered Dietitian with a wealth of experience in helping clients manage health conditions through dietary change. Since Rebecca has worked for 10 years in the most multi-cultural area of the UK, she has a real understanding of how our relationship with food may differ according to …

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Kattya Mayre-Chilton

B. Sc. Human Nutrition & Dietetics, RD DT25287

London, England
Kattya qualified as a registered dietitian in 2009. Kattya is bilingual, and is able to conduct interviews and assessments in Spanish. She began her dietetic career in the NHS, with caseloads in acute medicine, elderly care, oncology and gastrointestinal (GI) admissions, ante and post-natal, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), surgical, palliative …

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Sarah Almond Bushell

MPhil, BSc (Hons) RD

Eastbourne, England
I help baby & toddler brands, by giving them my time and expertise to help them make the right decisions when it comes to food and nutrition, to enhance their credibility and grow trust from their customers, by being part of their team discussions offering nutrition and public health expertise (what mum's actually want) when developing new products. By communicating with their customers via content on food, nutrition & feeding (website copy, video's, social media, guest speaking) By assessing their current products and working with them to improve them to give them my 'nutritionist approved' seal of approval. By ghostwriting books, recipes, scripts for personal brands to deliver. By educating their staff on nutrition either for themselves (corporate wellness) or to provide a better understanding of their target market. Clients have included: Hovis, Annabel Karmel, Tommee Tippee, Plum Baby, Mother & Baby, Zoono, Hungry Monsters Caterers, Dinoshakes, Nature & Nurture, Tidy Tot & Rachels
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Sophie Claessens

RD, BSc (Hons), HCPC, mBDA

Bristol, England
I am a dynamic and experienced Registered Dietitian based in Bristol who can help your business with projects such as: Nutrition consultancy 1:1 consultations Workplace health seminars Staff nutrition education and training Group education for health promotion Contact me today to find out more!
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London, England
My name is Adriana and I am a specialised Paediatric Dietitian with over 16 years’ experience. I am from Mexico City where I studied a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics. I came to London over 12 years ago to study a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition at King’s College London. …

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Alex Evans

BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Abergavenny, Wales
Hi – I am Alex, a Registered Dietitian with twelve years’ clinical experience in the NHS in various settings including outpatient clinics, hospital wards and group education.  My specialties include gastroenterology and nutrition support.  Although I love my work for the NHS and this still takes up the majority of …

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Sarah Lindsay Brown

BSc (Hons), PG Dip, RD

, England
I am Sarah Lindsay Brown; a registered dietitian with a nutrition degree and postgraduate dipolma in dietetics. I have 11 years experience as a dietitian since qualifying and 15  years work experience since completing my nutrition degree. My work has been varied but has mostly had some focus on pregnancy, …

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Helen Turner

BSc (Hons) PG Diploma RD

Cheadle, Greater Manchester
Helen is a registered dietitian based in Stockport, Greater Manchester and has worked for the NHS for the past 24 years. Over the 24 years Helen has worked in the NHS (for GPs, community and in hospitals), private sector (private weight management company) and public health (Wigan and across Greater …

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Evelyn Toner

BScHons, PGCert, RD

London, England
I am a Registered Dietitian specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the Low FODMAP Diet (formal training), Sports Nutrition, Coeliac Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Liver Disorders, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating and Wellbeing. I use individualised and practical advice to help my clients achieve their goals and optimise their health, fitness and wellbeing. I am flexible, based around southwest London and also offer Skype/FaceTime consultations if that’s more convenient.
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Claudia Ehrlicher

Registered Dietitian

, England
Claudia is a dedicated Dietitian with a passion for food and teaching and motivating people to lead a healthy life, always taking into account their individual needs and circumstances. She has many years of experience in helping people with the challenges confronted when changing lifestyle and eating behaviour and adapting …

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Ailsa McHardy

BSc (Hons) RD

Aberdeen, Scotland
I have 10 years of NHS experience and have worked with all age groups, from premature babies to older adults. My particular areas of experience and expertise are infant feeding, food allergy and intolerance, the low FODMAP diet for IBS and eating well during illness. I also love to promote …

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Elaine Allerton

BSc (Hons), RD

Guildford, England
I’m a friendly and empathetic Registered Dietitian, located on the Surrey/Sussex borders.  Alongside my private practice and freelance work, I have a part time contract with the NHS, specialising in Diabetes. I translate evidence-based nutritional science… holistically with a healthy dose of pragmatism so that any dietary changes suggested will …

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Elaine Lane

HCPC Registered Dietitian, BSc Hons Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Masters Healthcare Studies, RNutr, mBDA

Dewsbury, England
Elaine, as a self-employed Dietitian based in West Yorkshire, offer professional food, nutrition and dietetic expertise to; developmental projects requiring a partnership approach to health and well-being, deliver nutrition training and much more...
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Victoria Mann

MSc Dietetics, BSc (Hons) Diet & Health

Oxford, England
Victoria is both an experienced Dietitian and Personal Trainer and is therefore in a unique position to advise on both diet and exercise. Victoria graduated from King’s College London in 2011 and practiced as a registered Dietitian within the NHS from 2011-2018. Since then she has focused on her private …

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Angela Tella

BSc (Hons) RD

, England
Angela Tella is a registered dietitian, consultant, trainer and author.  With an honours degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics from King’s College London, her wide-ranging experience and expertise is reflected in her diverse past and present client portfolio spanning from the food service, contract catering and weight loss industries to government agencies, local authorities …

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Emma Townsin

Master of Dietetics (MSc); Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

London, England
I help women understand their bodies so they can be free of constant food thoughts and have the head space and confidence to get back to living their lives. I specialise in the biological, psychological and emotional drives toward eating. We work together to learn how to eat rather than telling you what to eat. You will develop trust and respect for your body and it's innate signals so you never have to stress over food again. I work with women who are experiencing stressful food thoughts which are holding them back from living life to the fullest. This is just not good enough. You deserve to show up as the confident, caring, fun woman you really are. Register for my FREE webinar where you will learn 4 powerful steps to ditch stressful food thoughts and reclaim your confidence starting today!
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Elaine Greenman

BSc 1st Class Honours Degree

Rye, England
Having worked in adult dietetics I have moved to specialising in Paediatrics advising on infant feeding, weaning, fussy eating, faltering growth, obesity, bowel disorders, anaemia (and other nutrient deficiencies), Coeliac disease, Autism, and more. I have worked closely with young adults having anxiety linked eating problems resulting in either anorexic or obesity status as well as educating and supporting children and young adults with Type 1 Diabetes. An opportunity to work at Britain’s most prestigious children’s hospital; Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, allowed me to further develop my skills providing oral and enteral nutrition support in the dietetic management of challenging and rare clinical conditions. I have completed menu analysis and development projects within catering. I also have a Food Science degree and have worked in the Food Industry for ~ 10 years (research, product development and technical sales) so would welcome any technical projects too.
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Rebecca Stacey

BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), RD

Wokingham, England
HCPC registered Dietitian/Nutritionist specialising in nutrition for children and adults
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Mairi Huntly

BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics

Great Shelford, England
Hello, I'm Mairi Huntly. I enjoy recipe development and menu planning and I have recently completed the recipe analysis course to ensure the best practice for analysing recipes. I also enjoy media work and recently appeared on Food Unwrapped Summer diet special.
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Hilary Du Cane

MBA, BSc (Hons), DipM, Dietitian

Maidenhead, England
Nutrition Means Business comprises Hilary Du Cane, a dietitian and nutritionist with masses of business and marketing experience. As you can see from the company name, Hilary specialises is turning nutrition into competitive advantage.
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Carly Killen

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, MSc Innovative Healthcare

, England
I have been a Registered Dietitian in Hull & East Yorkshire since 2009 working with a wide range of people to improve their health. Skillset: Mentoring and Coaching Critical Care Endocrinology Respiratory medicine Nutrition Support Pre and Post Surgical Rehab I am now also a qualified Personal Trainer using my …

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Karen Jones

BSc (Honors) nutrition and dietetics, Registered dietitian

Kenilworth, England
Karen is an experienced HPCP registered dietitian, and currently works as a Senior Teaching Fellow at Warwick Medical School. She is Course Director for the Certificate in Diabetes Care course and involved in the Masters degree programme. These courses are designed for health care professionals (GP’s, practice nurses, pharmacists and …

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Lorraine McCreary

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

Bothwell, Scotland
Currently working with NHS Scotland and as a freelance Dietitian.
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Maxine Palmer

2:1 BSc (Hons) Dietetics, Coventry University

, England
Hi, I’m Maxine an experienced Dietitian & Nutritionist. If you want support to achieve a health goal, I specialise in Weight loss programmes, IBS packages, Workplace Health, Business Consultancy services and more.
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Cordula Henggeler

MHSc in Nutrition and Dietetics

London, England
My mission is helping women who have been diagnosed with PCOS or endometriosis to improve their symptoms through nutrition and assist those who are trying to conceive or are struggling with fertility and would like to explore natural ways to enhance their chances of conceiving a baby. I am an experienced UK registered Dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. While I have a few interests, I specifically work with women to help them understand their body and improve their long-term health through evidence-based nutrition and sustainable long term changes.
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Ruth Harvey

Postgraduate Diploma Nutrition and Dietetics

Exeter, England
Hi. I am a registered dietitian with over 10 years experience working within the NHS, abroad and in research. I offer services to women with a focus on gut health, maternal nutrition and weaning. My business Pod&Pea Nutrition is based in Exeter. I can offer individual consultations, group education including workshops, food festival talks and demos, staff health and wellbeing days, media copy and recipe/diet analysis.
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Shola Oladipo

BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics

London, England
I qualified as a dietitian way back in 1996. I have had an extremely varied career with experience in NHS acute and community settings, senior management of multi disciplinary services in a community foundation NHS trust;  and as a scientific lead in the medical nutrition industry. My areas of interest …

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Rachel Zibe

BSc (Hons) Pharmacology and Physiology; Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics; International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Newcastle upon Tyne, England
I’m an experienced dietitian, specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), weight management and nutrition for sport. Through one to one consultations, I can tailor nutritional advice to support individuals improve their health and wellbeing.
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Alison Kyle

MSc. Nutrition, B Sc Nutrition and Dietetics, Certificate in Education

North Curry, England
I am a registered dietitian and have worked for many years both in the NHS and as a freelance dietitian.  I qualified as a dietitian from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 1986 and progressed to study for a Masters degree in Nutrition at the Rowett Research Institute/ Aberdeen University and …

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Lynn Harbottle

BSc(HONS) Home Economics, PG Diploma in Dietetics, MSc Medical Anthropology, PhD Nutritional Anthropology, Diploma in Management Studie

Bournemouth, England
I have worked across a wide range of clinical, academic and research contexts and within a large number of NHS trusts. I have initiated research and audit projects, produced local guidelines and published extensively. I held a CQC special advisory role in nutrition from 2012-18 and have significant medico-legal experience. I have also undertaken independent dietetic service reviews and other trouble-shooting and reorganisation roles.
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Gillian Killiner

BSc. (Hons) MSc. RD

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Gillian Killiner is the founder of 121 Dietitian a unique award wining nutritional consultancy service across Northern Ireland and the UK online and in clinic. Gillian has 23 years of hospital and freelance experience. Her company 121 Dietitian provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. Using expert nutritional and medical information we assess and assist overall health allowing for complete nutritional optimisation. This ensures top performance and productivity. Specialist areas include physical and mental repair and recovery, gut health optimisation (Low FODMAP practitioners), treatment for resistant weight loss, hormonal balancing, optimisation for sports performance and repair for chronic illness sufferer's eg: High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Metabolic health, autoimmune conditions. Company talks, workshops and mini consultations are provided within the corporate setting to ensure the full workforce are tip top.
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Tai Ibitoye

BSc (Hons), PGDip, MSc, RD

London, England
Registered Dietitian and Researcher
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Ella Terblanche

BSc Food & Nutrition, PG Dip Dietetics, MSc Critical Care

London, England
I have over 20 years NHS experience working at an advanced level in large London teaching hospitals. I have now moved into the next exciting phase of my career as a freelance dietitian providing a high quality clinical expert consulting service. I am the co-owner and director of a healthcare …

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Gemma Collins

MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health, PG Dip Dietetics, BSc (Hons) Consumer Science

Bristol, England
I am an experienced Dietitian, having qualified in 2004 and working in the NHS Since then. Now working freelance alongside an NHS role.
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Helen Phadnis


, England
Helen runs her own Dietetic Private Practice in Brighton and Hove, and on the web. She currently works as a dietetic consultant at Bluecrest Healthscreening, is the sports nutrition tutor for Brighton University Sports Scholars, and enjoys incorporating the most up to date nutrition research into advise for businesses and writers.
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Jo Robinson

BSc (Hons) RD, PGcert Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Counterweight Plus Practitioner, Fodmap trained at KCL

Southend-on-Sea, England
Hi! I’ve been working as a dietitian for over ten years and have worked in both the hospital and the community. My focus as a freelance dietitian is in weight management, gut health, sports nutrition and cancer survivorship & prevention. I have undertaken further study to varying levels in all …

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Bethan Lockley

PgD Dietetics, BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition

Rotherham, England
I graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2016 with a Post graduate Diploma in Dietetics, and have since worked within the NHS as a UK Registered Dietitian. Prior to this I graduated from Northumbria University in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition. I have a desire to help …

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Rachel Redman

BSc (Honours) RD

Ascot, England
Passionate and results-driven dietitian and marketer, with 17 years experience in the NHS and healthcare industry. With extensive dietetic expertise, and marketing skills covering all areas of the mix, Rachel offers a unique set of skills, exceptionally qualified to translate complex scientific data into clear and compelling content, driving the end user to take action. That is, after all, critical to the success of any marketing campaign, whether it be for a corporate, public health or charitable cause. If you’re looking for a nutrition expert to get the right message across to the right audience in the most compelling way, you've come to the right place...
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Dawn Kidger

BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics

I work via online sessions and can provide input across the UK. I have a special interest in sport and exercise nutrition, and I'm currently studying my PG certificate in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Leeds Beckett, with aim to gain accreditation on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register. I have over 14 years experience, a large part of it specializing in mental health and eating disorders. I have recently left the NHS to pursue a specialist career with athletes and sports teams, alongside working as a freelance Dietitian. My particular interests, and areas of specialty are sports/performance nutrition, eating disorders, obesity, and women's health, including fertility.
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Danel Tainton

B.Dietetics, University of Pretoria, South Africa

I am a registered dietitian with 17 years dietetic experience across the NHS and medical nutrition industry. During my dietetic career I have developed a passion for working with children and their families to establish good eating habits and a positive relationship with food. I have extensive experience in paediatric dietetics across different areas which include weaning, food allergy, faltering growth, fussy eating, tube feeding and tube weaning, blended and texture modified diets. My time working for industry has developed my skills in product launch and marketing, selling, delivering training, developing patient and HCP resources, medical writing of articles and scientific review and application of scientific literature. My experience allows me to consider the “wider” picture when planning and delivering projects and/or patient care.
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Luci Daniels

BSc Hons, Registered Dietitian, Fellow BDA

, England
I have been practicing as a self-employed dietitian for many years.  My main areas of work are Private Practice ( inpatient and outpatients) as well as Nutrition Consultancy. I am a past Chairman of the BDA and have been involved in the BDA for most of my working life.  I …

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Lisa Gilbert

BSc (Hons) RD

Kilmarnock, Scotland
Lisa Gilbert has worked as a dietitian in the NHS for 12 years since qualifying in 2008 from Glasgow Caledonian University. Having worked in an acute setting in Greater Glasgow and Clyde  for 8 years across various Specialities (Including Gastroenterology, Surgery and Critical Care, Neurology, Blood Borne Viruses, Infectious Disease, …

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Dawn R. Goudge

BSc(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, RD

, England
I have over 25 years of clinical experience gained from working in both the NHS and private sector. By always providing the most up to date and evidence based advice clients can be confident in receiving relevant information in a relaxed and professional environment. Key specialist areas include gastroenterology, nutritional support and weight management.
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Anita Bowes

Masters of Science (MSc distinction) Nutrition & Dietetics - Leeds Metropolitan University; Post Graduate Diploma (PG Dip) Dietetics - Leeds Metropolitan University; Bachelors of Science (BSc 1st class hons) Nutrition & Food Science - Oxford Brookes University

, England
My specialist dietetic clinical expertise is weight loss, diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2), pre-diabetes and digestive diseases (IBS, including Low FODMAP diets; Coeliac Disease).
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Susan Burry

RD, MSc (Obesity), MBA, PCert Plant Based Nutrition

London, England
Susan has over 20 years experience and specialises in weight loss, plant based nutrition and gut disorders. Other areas include corporate wellness and personalised nutrition.
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Joe Alvarez

PgDip Nutrition and Dietetics, BSc (Hons) Nutrition

, England
I am Joe Alvarez, a Registered Dietitian offering a range of services, but specialising in gut health & IBS management. With a proven track record using evidence based methods to treat 100’s of people just like you. ​ IBS and other digestive issues can get in the way of your life and prevent you from …

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Rosa Holt

BSc (Honours) Nutrition and Dietetics

, Scotland
I am an experienced dietitian who takes a holistic and realistic approach to health.  I focus on nutritional quality, provenance and environmental sustainability to create positive changes for individuals and businesses. My unique knowledge and innovative skills use nutritional science to provide evidence based and practical advice to achieve dietary …

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Priya Tew

BSc (Hons), PG Dip, MSc (Diet).

Southampton, England
Priya is an experienced dietitian in the freelance world. Best known as the dietitian on BBC 1's Eat Well for Less. Her no nonsense, common sense and down to earth approach is approachable and evidenced based.
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Nicole Lackenby

BSc PGDip (Hons) RD

, England
Registered Dietitian in the North East of England 5 years NHS experience in various specialities
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Marcelle Glantz

BSc (Honors) RD

London, England
My name is Marcelle Glantz and I have over 20 years experience working as a Specialised Paediatric Dietitian. I have worked for over 10 years at specialist children’s hospital helping babies, toddlers, children and teenagers with special diets, tailored to their individual needs. I have expertise in the management of …

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Cathy Redman

BSc Dietetics, SOS approach to feeding children.

, England
I have a range of NHS experience working with children and adults, I am not looking to use this experience in other area's.
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Symone Genovezos

Registered Dietitian

With over 10 years professional practice as a registered dietitian I help people navigate their relationship with food and their journey towards optimal health. I have worked in both the pubic and private sector with clients from all walks and stages of life, from diverse cultural backgrounds and with various health conditions. From my experience food and health is universal, yet what works for any one of us can be unique to every one of us. Getting this right and sustaining it, making lasting positive change, is not just a matter of a good diet plan. Through my training in functional medicine, I work with my clients to address the root cause of their health symptoms. I address areas such as Diabetes and blood sugar disorders, heart disease, cholesterol, thyroid conditions, circadian rhythms, and weight management.
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Denise Kennedy

BSc(Hons) Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, PGCert

Horsham, England
I am an experienced, friendly dietitian with over 25 years experience after I obtained my degree from Surrey University. Privately I see children with a variety of conditions including food allergy, faddy eating behaviours, weight management and for general health advice and nutritional assessment. I have undertaken many projects, working as …

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Nicola K Clarke

BSc (Hons) Registered Dietitian

Redhill, England
Experienced educator and speaker on topics related to diet and health. Available for dietetic consultancy work.
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Joanna Injore

BSc Honours Nutrition and Dietetics and Pre-Master of Clinical Research

London, England
Joanna Injore is a registered Dietitian with over 16 years experience of providing expert evidence-based nutrition advice. Joanna offers flexible 1-2-1 appointments to suit your needs in a range of areas from healthy eating, family nutrition to specific medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular health or weight management. In addition …

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Samantha (Sam) Perkins

BSc (Hons) RD, RNutr (public health)

London, England
I qualified as a Dietitian in 1994 and have 25 years experience covering many areas of nutrition.  My main areas of interest include child nutrition (including SPD, Autism and ADHD), women’s health and disordered eating / eating behaviour. I also have experience in oncology (cancer) , HIV, gastroenterology, and other …

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Nishti’s Choice

Specialist Dietitian for Children and Parents (RD UK and Denmark)

London, England
We empower parents to change the way they feed their children’s physical & emotional wellbeing 💚
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Sarah Elder

RD Msc PGDip BSc

Yarm, England
Sarah is a Registered Dietitian with the HCPC. She began her studies at Leeds University in 2006 studying Food Studies and Nutrition. She followed her interest in the area of human nutrition and completed a post graduate Degree at Leeds Beckett University in Nutrition and Dietetics and converted this into …

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Isabel Hooley

PgDip RD

, England
Diabetes Specialist Dietitian with skills in communicating science and health messages in a concise and engaging way. Broad experience, including corporate events and policy production. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.
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Isabelle Fry

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, PG Diploma Dietetics

Leatherhead, England
Isabelle is a registered dietitian, passionate about helping people reaching their health goals through balanced nutrition. Isabelle has over 15 years experience as a clinical dietitian, having specialised in diabetes, weight management and IBS. Having worked successfully with individuals and groups in a variety of settings, to help improve their …

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Rachel Clarkson


London, England
Rachel is a Personalised Nutrition Specialist Dietitian on Harley Street, registered with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). She undertook a Masters of Science (MSc) degree at King's College London and complimented her clinical training at St Thomas's, The Royal Marsden and Imperial College trust. Rachel is an expert in Nutrigenomics, weight-loss and digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
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Caroline Fletcher

BSc (Hons), PG Dip, RD

Oxford, England
Caroline is a highly skilled and experienced registered dietitian with a passion for helping people to achieve their nutritional goals. With over 10 years experience of working in the NHS, her specialist clinical areas include diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2), weight management and bariatric surgery. She focuses on …

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Deborah David

BSc Hons. Nutrition & Dietetics, PGCE, MSc. Virology

Hampton, England
Deborah David. Freelance Dietitian - Hampton, Middlesex. UK
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Alice Walker

Bsc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics (Surrey University 2009)

, England
Experienced nutrition expert providing concrete dietary advice with more than 11 years NHS experience. Specialised in IBS (fodmap trained) and gut health but able to advise on a variety of other conditions. Empathetic and caring dietitian with passion and drive to improve the health of others. I am currently offering remote/virtual consultations at "out of office times" eg- evenings and weekends
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Chelmsford, England
I have worked as a Registered Dietitian since 1986, combining NHS work with a busy private practice. As well as having a wide range of experience in most areas of dietetic care. I tailor all advice to each individual and take account of your lifestyle, habits and preferences when working with …

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Gail Pinnock

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, RD, MBDA

, England
I am a dietitian with an honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I’m also a qualified chef and I believe this combination of skills allows me to provide a holistic approach to nutrition-related health problems. I’ve spent the past eighteen years working in the specialised area of bariatric (weight loss) …

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James Jackson

Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) Dietetics

, England
Peach Clinical Nutrition is a specialist nutrition & dietetic service based in Hillingdon, North West London and the Thames Valley. We take pride in providing safe, up to date, evidence- based nutritional advice tailored to you to improve your health condition or medical diagnosis. We are specialists in the low FODMAP diet for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the Counterweight Plus programme for weight loss and remission of type 2 diabetes.
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Emily Foster

B(A)Sc. RD

London, England
Emily Foster is a Canadian trained, UK based, digital dietitian and founder of Glowing Potential, a digital health consultancy focusing on designing and creating evidence-based online health and wellness programming. Since 2017 she has worked with health and wellness brands to individual healthcare professionals such as WW (formerly, Weight Watchers), Deliveroo and 4th Discipline. Emily has been featured in the media as a nutrition and health expert on the BBC One Show (2020) and in other media outlets such as the UK’s The Mirror online and The Daily Express and Canada’s Global News Morning Live and CTV News. 
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Rachel Wood

BSc Hons Dietetics

, England
RW dietetics specialises in Paediatric Nutrition, with expertise in food allergy and gastrointestinal conditions i.e. infant feeding/reflux/Coeliacs/IBS/ Fodmaps.
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Stephanie Fade

BSc Nutrition First Class Hons, Postgraduate Diploma Dietetics, PhD

Watford, England
Hello I'm Dr Stephanie Fade lover of food, science and health. I am passionate about helping schools and organisations innovate to improve health. My approach is designed to enable you to generate and grow innovative ideas and test them out with your people to develop them at pace into high impact actions.
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Ruth Conroy

BSc Hons, SRD, Specialist Dietitian

, England
Ruth qualified in 1994 from the University of Surrey with a BSc Hons in Human Nutrition and Dietetics following her training at University College/Middlesex Hospital, London. She has a wide range of experience in adult dietetics and worked as the Lead Specialist Oncology Dietitian for 11 years at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Northwood. She has extensive oncology and nutritional support experience – she has been seeing and supporting cancer patients for many years. Since 2011 after specialist training she has started using a low FODMAP approach in treating IBS. Ruth maintains up to date practice through professional activities such as regular workshops, short courses and meetings. Ruth strives to provide excellent standards of dietetic care and improve patient outcomes. Ruth has expertise in a range of conditions, including: Cancer and palliative care Gastrointestinal (Digestive) conditions e.g IBS, Coeliac Disease Difficulties in gaining weight/experiencing unintended weight loss,
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Jo Cunningham

BSc (Honors) RD

Rickmansworth, England
I provide advice for a wide range of clinical conditions with specialist interest areas in Cancer, and Gut Health
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Victoria Young

Bsc (Honors) RD

Salisbury, England
Freelance dietitian Based in Salisbury
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Mabel Blades

PhD, RD, MPhil, MBA, BSc hons, MIFST,

, England
Dr Mabel Blades RD, MPhil, MBA is an experienced dietitian registered with the HCPC and member of the British Dietetic Association. Provides expertise to people with dietary issues plus also to organisations dealing with food and nutrition.
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Anna Hardman

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, PGDip Dietetics, Non Medical Prescribing (V300)

Sheffield, England
Anna is a highly-skilled registered Dietitian, with specialist areas of gastroenterology ( i.e IBS), weight loss and eating disorders. She also has experience working with the media such as The Telegraph and Guardian.  Anna graduated as a Dietitian from Leeds Metropolitan University and has recently completed the Non-Medical Prescribing (NMP) …

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Gaynor Bussell

B.Sc (Hons) Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, HPCP, MBDA

Cardigan, Wales
I am an experienced dietitian who has extensive experience in the food industry (6 years at the Food & Drink Federation as Nutrition Manager), academia (research, writing courses and lecturing at undergrad and M.Sc. level), many years’ experience in a variety of NHS settings and have published books, articles and in academic journals. I am a practised speaker and have workplace well-being experience. I have experience with Cooking demos.
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Chloe Elliott

Registered Dietitian

London, England
Chloe is an experienced children's dietitian with expertise in neurology and gastroenterology.
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Yvonne Mitchell

BSc Honors Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Torquay, England
Hello! I’m Yvonne. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with over 15 years experience working in the NHS and as a freelance Dietitian. I am passionate about my clients health care and helping people improve their life and achieve goals. If you are looking for a personalised, tailored plan to …

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Melinda Boyd


, England
Melinda Boyd is a US trained dietitian now credentialed in the UK. After living in Thetford, England for 3 years she has recently relocated back to the US. She is available for video conferencing/telehealth visits. Melinda spent her early years as a dietitian working in a large hospital in Las Vegas, …

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Hazel Elliott

BSc (Hons) Dietetics, RD

Edinburgh, Scotland
I am a fully committed and highly experienced Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of post-graduate experience working in NHS and private hospitals in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. My particular area of interest is the treatment of Eating Disorders and I have worked in specialist in-patient units for the treatment …

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Will Hadfield

Specialist Dietitian (Masters of Nutrition with HCPC Accreditation Registered Dietitian)

London, England
Will is a Registered Dietitian specialising in Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes; Pre-Diabetes & complex weight management. Will offers simple, tailored and individualised nutritional  therapy to empower YOU to achieve YOUR health goals. Personalised packages are made to develop holistic, achievable and sustainable long-term health changes. Consultation & …

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Heather Daniels

BSc (Hons), RD

Edgware, England
Heather Daniels is a registered dietitian and a member of the British Dietetic Association and Health Professions Council. She completed her Nutrition and Dietetics degree at Kings College London in 2005 and has since worked in both hospitals and outpatient clinic settings. Between 2006 and 2008, she worked as a Community Dietitian in …

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Emer Delaney

BSc (Hons), RD, BDA, INDI

, England
Television and radio appearances, regularly published in the UK press BBC Good Food Writer Spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association IBS Emer is fully trained in the low FODMAP approach and will help you ease your painful symptoms. Her recent cook book ‘IBS? Recipes For Success’ is full of delicious …

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Wendy Ballard

BSc (hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

Shrewsbury, England
Wendy qualified as a dietitian in 2004 and has since completed over 14 years working for the NHS. Working at Band 7 level, she set up and developed a paediatric dietetic service and now works at the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, as a paediatric dietitian. Although specialised in paediatrics she retains her currency in adult dietetics. Keenly sought for her expertise, Wendy has written pathways for cows' milk protein allergy to support GPs and Health Visitors in two NHS Trusts. With her skills in high demand, Wendy has delivered training for GPs, Health Visitors, Nurses, Schools and HM Forces. For more information about her services, please visit her website by following the link provided above.
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Naomi Oxberry

MNutr, MSc, RD

Taunton, England
Naomi is an experienced dietitian who has recently been awarded the advanced certificate in dietary management of IBS and the use of the FODMAP diet run by Kings College London. She is therefore qualified to successfully and safely deliver the low FODMAP diet for optimal efficacy. She is currently the …

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Sue Acreman

Dip Dietetics (1974); ISM diploma management (1999); MSc 2000 ; clincal leadership programme 2001;Doctorate in Health studies 2008-2012 (partly completed); Diploma in professional practice 2011; OU mentoring skills badge (2016)

Cardiff, Wales
I worked in cancer care for 26 years and during this time I provided many people with advice on dealing with the nutritional issues which arise when someone has cancer. I understand that people with cancer need to know how their diet and the good they eat can help them during their illness. the cancer patients I've worked with over the years have said how much better they feel and how more able they are to cope with their illness after receiving my dietary adv ice. Many people living with cancer experience side effects of cancer and it's treatments, and dietary changes can play a central role in providing relief. I offer : Guidance on the best diet to keep you healthy and help prevent future illness. Help you consider the benefits and pitfalls of alternative diets for cancer. Guide you through the maze of information about diet and cancer. Helping you if cancer prevents you from eating and drinking well. Contact me at or phone 02920863450
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Dorottya Norton

BSc Hons (RD)

London, England
Dorottya is an experienced dietitian with a specialist interest in complex weight management and in eating disorders. She has considerable clinical experience in working with children and adolescents as well as adults in both these fields and is well suited to provide expertise in supporting clients with multiple physical and mental health complexities. Dorottya's practice aims to create a therapeutic environment and is informed by psychological approaches for sustained behaviour change. She is passionate about empowering her clients to implement realistic and sustainable changes that make a lasting difference for long term well-being.   
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Claire Fenlon

Bsc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics (first class)

Hemel Hempstead, England
Claire is an experienced Dietitian, who graduated from the University of Surrey in 1991 with a first class honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Claire has over 20 years of clinical experience and can offer advice and support for a wide range of medical conditions. She is passionate about the …

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Maria Kolotourou

BSc (Hons), MSc, RD

Harrogate, England
Your Greek Dietitian {online}
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Sue Dawe

BSc(Hons), RD

Fairford, England
I am a registered dietitian, passionate about food and how it affects health and wellbeing.  I want to share my knowledge to help people make well-informed food choices. I currently work in the NHS providing nutrition advice for individuals with kidney disease but I also have wide experience in the nutritional aspects of …

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Kate Twine

Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant BSc (Hons), PGDipDiet, RD, DMS, HCPC Registered, MBDA

, England
KATE TWINE BSc (Hons), PGDipDiet, RD, DMS, HCPC Registered, MBDA Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant. Kate is a dietitian with more than 30 years’ experience in both clinical practice and food industry.
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Lesley Reid

Bsc Hons Dietetics

Glasgow, Scotland
Lesley Reid Nutritional Health was set up in 2013 as a freelance dietetic company by Lesley Reid, who has over 17 years experience as Dietitian. Having started her career at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead back in 2000, within 2 years Lesley had taken up a post in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, working mainly with Maternal health and helping mums with their nutrition in pregnancy. In 2009 Lesley moved into Community Dietetic where she worked for 8 years. She has worked in Public health roles for NHS 24 and In January 2017, she moved from the NHS to working full time as a Freelance Dietitian across Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Recent qualifications include: Counterweight and Counterweight Plus training (licensed practitioner) Qualification from Kings College London in Low Fodmap diet in Functional gastrointestinal disorders. BDA Professional development award in Behavioural Change Certificate in Sports Nutrition With a Bsc (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics from Glasgow
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Helen West


, England
My Passion I love food and my passion for great ingredients led to cooking, started as a very small child helping my grandmother make cakes.  Throughout my life, I’ve always been aware of the positive, medicinal benefits that a healthy relationship with food can bring and after years of experience …

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Maeve Hanan

BSc (Hons) Dietetics

South Shields, England
Maeve Hanan is a Consultant Dietitian and the founder of Dietetically Speaking - a nutrition communication and consultancy company which promotes accessible, no-nonsense messages about nutrition. has had over 350,000 visitors from all over the world and has a combined social media following of 38,000 people. She is passionate about spreading evidence-based nutrition messages which promote long-term health and a healthy relationship with food.
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Anne Wright

BSc, Grad Dip Ed, Grad Dip Nutr&Diet, MBDA, FHEA

, England
Are you looking for a Nutritionist/Dietitian to help you manage a health condition or work with you on a nutrition plan to improve your health and wellbeing? I offer expert, professional, “up to date”, integrative and evidence-based dietary advice and nutrition plans, especially tailored to you and your family. I …

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Dahlia Kulkarni

BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics - RD

, England
The Dietitian's Room is an evidence based consultancy and provides the most current and up to date information and research to clients. Whether your company requires research for a particular project or you need an expert opinion/report please feel free to contact me.
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Liz Fleming

BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics

Plymouth, England
Liz is an experienced dietitian with a specialist interest in Type 2 Diabetes and weight management, and a passion for positive nutrition. There is no need for deprivation when it comes to eating well and losing weight.  Working with Liz will help you to embrace a more positive way of …

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Charlotte Finlay

BSc (Hons) RD

Canterbury, England
Weight reduction, weight management, weight reducing, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, CVD, pregnancy
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Lucy Perrow


Nottingham, England
Lucy Perrow (nee Turnbull) is an award winning weight management dietitian, who has worked in the field for nearly 20 years in both the UK and the USA. She specialises in weight management and offers one-to-one consultations face-to-face or online. She also offers a 12 week interactive online programme to …

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Experience in the education sector, developing corporate policy, medical diets, GDPR, project implementation, team management.
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Clare Thornton-Wood

BSc(Hons) RD

Guildford, England
I am an experienced Registered Dietitian (RD) with a specialist interest and training in paediatric nutrition Contact me for a free initial discussion, to see how I might help you.
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Jo Price

BSc (Hons) RD

Paediatric and Adolescent Dietitian 25 years of Specialist paediatric experience
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Barry Cullen

PG Diploma Dietetics

Ilkley, England
Hello! My name is Barry Cullen and I’m the LivewellDietitian. I’m an expert in nutrition, based in Yorkshire, who is ready to help you with whatever your nutritional needs may be. If this involves having a medical condition that causes you symptoms, or you’re someone who wants to lose weight …

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Claire Pettitt

MSc, BSc (Hons), PGDip, RD

London, England
Claire is a BDA Media Spokesperson often working with the media on written articles, social media and consumer press. Claire is a published scientific author who enjoys lecturing and teaching both students and in the corporate environment.
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Katharine Sheldon

BSc hons dietetics, post graduate certificate in Education, post graduate diploma in Health promotion

Wolverhampton, England
Kate gained a BSc hons in dietetics in 1984 at Leeds Polytechnic  She then trained as a teacher and gained a post graduate diploma in health promotion, and worked in Further education, and as a Health promotion specialist within  the National Health Service.  She returned to dietetics in 2002. In 2007 she set up a …

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Christine Kenny

BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics REPs Level Personal Trainer

Altrincham, England
Combining my expertise in nutrition and fitness means I can offer a complete range of nutritional and lifestyle services, such as optimising health, clinical nutrition, disease related malnutrition, IBS, weight loss advice, optimising nutrition for physical performance. Identifying the individual and realising how I can help them make positive changes …

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Emily Sutton

Master of Nutrition

Berkhamsted, England
An expert in the field of maternal, infant, child and adolescent nutrition, Emily is passionate about improving health through diet.   She has specialised as a Paediatric Dietitian for over 10 years and using her wide breadth of knowledge gained by working at different NHS hospitals, set up Well Child Nutrition …

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Jeanette Starkey

B.Sc. Hons Dietetics; P. Grad Diploma Allergy

Chester, England
Jeanette is a specialist gastroenterology dietitian and her areas of research and expertise focus on irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, food allergies/intolerances and probiotics She also works closely with patients who have inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease and liver disease. Jeanette set up Vie Nutrition to provide a unique service focusing on bowel health and function. We are able to provide an in-depth assessment and fully understand the clinical, social and nutritional factors which affect bowel function. This enables us to focus on the key factors which affect bowel health and thereby provide the right advice and dietary management. We can also undertake testing for food allergies and for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). We also provide a specialist service for Diabetes and Weight management which is run by our experienced and award winning lead dietitian in this field.
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Sian Riley

MSc Nutrition & Dietetics

Macclesfield, England
Sian completed her MSc in Nutrition & Dietetics in 2007. Since then, she has worked in the NHS and become a busy mum to 3 little ones. Founder of The Internet and co founder of Red Pepper Nutrition LLP, she is experienced in working with a range of diets …

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Dr Megan Rossi

BSc (Nutrition and Dietetics); PhD

London, England
At The Gut Health Doctor, we’re passionate about driving gut health education and initiatives. Dr Megan Rossi has worked with world-leading companies across the globe to bridge the gap between the science and the consumer offering. Providing essential credibility and expertise, Megan acts as a consultant, ambassador and spokesperson for brands not only in food, but across all areas of gut health, spanning fitness, healthcare and lifestyle.
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Sarah Roberts

Bsc(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics , Registered SOS therapist (Feeding difficulties)

Coventry, England
Sarah Roberts : Professional Dietitian Specialising in Mental health , Eating Disorders including ARFID , Autism ,Sensory processing and feeding difficulties in Children and Adults
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Janet Gordon

BSc. Dietetics; HCPC Registered Dietitian DT03412; MBDA; ILM Level 3; VTCT L3 Assessor

Solihull, England
Are you looking for a registered dietitian to assist your organisation with a project; written article; menu or recipe analysis; training staff including within care homes; workplace health promotion or any other relevant piece of work? Then please get in touch after viewing my profile. I have many years of experience in the NHS and am now available for freelance work.
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Ruth James

MSc MBA RD DipM PGTC Dip in Coaching and Counselling

Oxford, England
I am a registered dietitian and performance nutritionist. If you want to realise your sporting goals and ambitions through enhanced and personalised nutrition then I can help you. I have enjoyed a great career in the NHS working both as a clinical dietitian and as a senior manager. My passion in sports nutrition is further fuelled by my daughter being a GB and international junior rower. I have both the theoretical and practical knowledge to give you sound evidence based and tailored advice.
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Laura Clark

BSc (Hons) PgCert

Bath, England
Do you feel overwhelmed with information, but lacking in clarity as to what is right for you and your body? My ethos is to be realistic and down to earth and cut through the confusion so you gain insight, with advice that's tailored to your day to day life. No gimmicks, no fad diets, just an holistic approach, grounded in science, to empower you. How does that sound? I have nearly 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian, in the NHS, healthcare services abroad, and in the commercial sector which have given me the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals, allowing a unique depth of understanding into the challenges many people face when exploring changes to their diet and lifestyle. My post-graduate training in many aspects, including Behaviour Change Therapy and Intuitive Eating, facilitate us to consider all that influences your food choices, to enable you to develop a much happier, healthier relationship with food. Free discovery calls are available to book.
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Paula Day

BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetic, MSc Public Health

Preston, England
Weight Loss Expert. North West, Preston, Liverpool, Garstang, Lancaster, Blackpool.
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Laura Tilt

PG Diploma Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Registered Dietitian, MSc Public Health Nutrition

Portishead, England
I offer 1-2-1 consultations delivered online. This works really well as you can still be face to face with me - but from the comfort of your home at a time to suit you. Packages vary from one off consultations to 3-month options offering ongoing support. Occasionally it may be necessary for me to have a quick chat with you before you book in to check I can support you with your goals. You can also book a free 10-minute call with me before booking. Please contact me for a chat about how I can help.
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Marcela Fiuza

BSc honours, MSc, PgDip, RD

, England
I am a Dietitian and award winning Nutritionist with many years of experience working for top NHS hospitals and the private sector. I currently balance my time between my private practice in Chelsea and NHS commitments as well as acting as a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association (BDA). …

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Julie Walker

BSc Hons RD

Bishop's Stortford, England
Based in the heart of Bishops Stortford we offer one to one online sessions to explore and support you with practical advice to deal with your dietary issues. Face to face sessions will be available in the near future.
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Lucy Kerrison

BSc (hons) Nutrition & Dietetics

London, England
Specializing in gastrointestinal conditions, sports nutrition and weight management.
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Louise Middleton

MSc Public Health & Nutrition, BSc (Hons) Dietetics, PG cert Person Centred Practice

Edinburgh, Scotland
Experienced dietitian with 25 years in practice. Coming from a very varied  career. Around 20 years NHS career; returning to academia in the the last 5 years, alongside  this  a variety of third sector employment and  community health improvement work. In the midst of setting up an exciting novel role …

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Aleeza Rosenberg

BSc (Hons) MSc (UCL) RD MBDA

London, England
Aleeza Rosenberg is a registered dietitian offering evidence-based nutritional services to individuals and corporates. She graduated cum laude with an Honours degree in Dietetics and was awarded the degree ‘MSc Clinical Nutrition (Eating Disorders)’ with distinction from University College London (UCL). She has been practising since 2004 and has extensive …

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Alison Woodley

BSc, MSc, PGdip RD

Much Hadham, England
Alison Woodley is a registered dietitian with a wide breadth of experience in both clinical and public health nutrition.  
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Kirsten Jackson IBS Specialist

Bsc Honours Dietetics RD PGCert mBDA

, England
Kirsten Jackson is a consultant gastroenterology dietitian specialising in IBS management.
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Wendy Murray

Bsc Dietetics

, Northern Ireland
Hi my name is Wendy Murray and through my own  experiences, and that of seeing many people struggle in my practice, my passion is helping people get out of the dieting trap and learn to make peace with food , their body, gain self esteem and find a weight that …

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Gillian Larcombe

Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, RD

Bakewell, England
Offering services to individuals, groups, and businesses, promoting a nutrient dense diet,within the framework of mindful eating.
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Gabriella Goodchild

Masters of Nutrition (Dietetics)

Nottingham, England
I run a private clinic in West Bridgford, Nottingham. I also deliver talks and run workshops to groups including support groups and members only groups. I have research experience and am a published academic author in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I have written articles for both CN Magazine and Dietetics Today. I offer nutritional consultancy services to small and large businesses.
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Lucy Pritchard

BSc (Hons) Registered Dietitian

Plymouth, England
Lucy trained in Cardiff and qualified as a registered dietitian in 2004.  Lucy combines full-time NHS employment as a specialist gastroenterology dietitian with private practice and freelance nutrition consultancy work. Lucy is experienced in the dietary management of bowel conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and is the lead specialist …

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Paola Falcoski

Specialist Eating Disorder / Mental Health and Sport Nutrition Dietitian MSc community health

, England
I am an advanced specialist dietitian, passionate about everything related to nutrition and my main strength is my deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term wellbeing goals. With nearly 10 years of experience in both outpatient and inpatient for Eating Disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, ARFID and food refusal) and experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Health illness and Sequential Oral Sensory – SOS approach to feeding. In addition, I have a wealth of experience – both professionally and personally – in Sport Nutrition where I have had the privilege of working with Olympic athletes, Ironman, ultrarunning, swimming, football among others. Combined with a coaching approach and my training in Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, I am well equipped to provide the highest standard of care.
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Erin Adams

Bachelor of Human Nutrition; Master of Dietetics

London, England
Hi! I’m a Specialist Mental Health Dietitian offering enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT-E) for binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa, and nutrition counselling for mental health.  CBT-E is the leading evidence-based treatment for adults with an eating disorder. My service is based over video call meaning no need for you …

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Jessica English

BSc Honours Nutrition and Dietetics, HCPC Registered Dietitian, Monash FODMAP trained Dietitian, Member of the BDA

Brighton, England
Private Dietitian Nutritionist in Brighton, Hove and Liverpool - helping you to be more confident in your food choices with expert nutrition advice that's tailored to you.
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Saira Khan

BSC (Honors) RD

Brighton, England
I am a registered dietitian with over 10 years of experience in a senior position within the NHS. I’m passionate about nutrition and the science behind it and could talk about it all day! There are many mixed messages about nutrition, more so in recent years causing much confusion. As a dietitian, I …

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Gillian Farren

BSc (Human Nutrition and Dietetics), Hons Dip (Human Nutrition and Dietetics), MA (Health Promotion), PG Dip (Healthcare Informatics), PG Cert (Diabetes Specialist Care)

, England
Gillian has extensive experience in the field of public health, having held leadership roles in obesity prevention, tobacco control, school health and early years nutrition. Gillian is a keen public speaker, facilitator, trainer and change management expert.
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Sema Jethwa

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

Bishop's Stortford, England
Diabetes Specialist Dietitian
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Rochez O’Grady

BSc (Hons) Dietetics, Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics (Centre Translational Genomics), Mindful eating for Disordered Eating

Rochez is the lead dietitian at the 100 % digital private practice, Savour Nutrition, with more than 10 years of experience. She is the founder of two successful private practices. She specialises in personalised nutrition, treating YOU as an individual. Her passion lies in finding root causes, using tools like gene based personalised nutrition (DNA testing), optimising GUT health. weight management, plant-based eating (vegan/vegetarian) and changing behaviour through mindful eating principles. She has written for nutrition publications, regularly attends health conferences, adding the most up to date science-based nutrition methodology to the practice. On the corporate side, Rochez has years of experience developing programmes to improve workplace wellness, nutritional consulting for food companies.
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Sharmain Davis

BSc (Hons). PG Dip. RD

London, England
When it comes to diet………….one size does not fit all! I can provide you with a personalised nutrition plan that considers your lifestyle, your fitness/health goals and your food preferences. Alongside this I can advise on the best dietary changes to treat a recent or existing medical diagnosis, ensuring that you receive an all-encompassing and effective nutrition plan. My clinic is based in South West London but can also provide virtual consultations for those further afield.
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Naomi Ronan

PgDip Human Nutrition and Dietetics BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science

London, England
I am a HCPC registered dietitian with 7 years experience working in the NHS with experience in presenting and lecturing in a wide range of topics including GI disorders, fad diets and dispelling the myths.
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Katie Psarou

BSc (Hons) Dietetics, MSc Weight Management, PhD Diabetes and Endocrinology

Warrington, England
Hello! I’m Katie. I’m a Specialist Registered Dietitian with over 18 years experience working in the NHS, academia and private practice as a freelance Dietitian. I help individuals and families to find practical solutions to wellness and healthful living. I offer expert, up-to-date and evidence-based advice to reach your personal …

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Vanessa McMinn

BSc(Hons) Human & Dietetics

Dungannon, Northern Ireland
I am a Registered Dietitian since 2000 and I have gained extensive experience in many medical conditions, health promotion, school nutrition and performance nutrition. In 2003, I qualified as an Accredited Sports Dietitian and started up my sport nutrition consultancy: Victory Nutrition. I have also completed a MSc Module in …

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Tabassum Kabeer

BSC Nutrition & Dietetics

Langstone, Wales
Your goals your pace your personal Dietitian
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Jennifer Low

PGDip Dietetics, MSc Nutrition, BSc Psychology, Sports Dietitians Australia Sports Nutrition

Sevenoaks, England
Jennifer has a wealth of experience working in media. She is the dietitian for the Healthy Food Guide magazine. She is a media spokesperson for the the British Dietetic Association. She has expereince of TV, both live and pre-recorded, on and off-screen, radio, writing articles for trade and consumer press and commenting on many aspects of nutrition in a broad range of media. She has peer-reviewed two high profile nutrition books, published in January 2018. She was also the dietitian for a MTV "body transformation" TV show.
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Moya White

BSc Honours in Nutrition & Dietetics. Masters in Sports Nutrition Registered Dietitian

Dartford, England
Moya White graduated as a Registered Dietitian in 1983 and worked as a Community and Mental Health Dietitian for the NHS. Currently she works in a Brain Injury Unit and several other private hospitals. She also gained a Masters Degree In Sports Nutrition and has worked with several athletes including …

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Laura Coster

1st Class Bsc. Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons)

Southend-on-Sea, England
I am passionate about helping and have been commended on my level of care and commitment to my patients and clients whatever their nutritional concerns. I am compassionate and knowledgeable with NHS and private practice experience since 2010. I realised early on that I enjoy both clinical and other areas of dietetics. Clinically I have worked across many specialties including medicine, surgery, respiratory, gastroenterology, neurology, IV-nutrition, oncology and diabetes. I am confident in working alone as well as part of a team. I have been a researcher on 5 different nutritional supplement trials and am always keen to be part of nutritional research. Non-clinical work includes nutritional analyses and advising in the food industry, writing, presenting at conferences, corporate health days visits and lots more. I love new challenges and through my varied work experiences I have many transferable skills and am able to adapt my nutritional knowledge to a multitude of projects.
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Brenda Smith

RD BS (Hons) PGDip (Allergy)

Sevenoaks, England
Mrs Brenda Smith is a Registered Dietitian, who qualified from Kings College London with a Bachelor in Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2009.   She was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Allergy from Southampton University in November 2018.  Previous to dietetics she worked in finance. Brenda has practiced as …

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Lucy Jackman

BSc Hon Dietetics

, England
Paediatric Dietitian
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Helen Bond

State Registered Dietitian - BSc. (Hons) Dietetics SRD, MBDA

, England
Helen Bond BSc. (Hons) SRD, MBDA State Registered Dietitian and Consultant Dietitian Helen Bond is considered by many as one of the leading Dietitians in the UK.  Helen graduated in 1996 with a 2:1 BSc. Honours degree in Dietetics from Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, having incorporated six months studying …

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Jenny Stevens

Masters of Nutrition

Horningtoft, England
I have worked for over 13 years in the NHS as a senior dietitian; in a hospital setting but mainly working at GP surgeries in clinics and giving talks to groups of patients. I have worked with clients around; diabetes, heart disease, cancer, PCOS, IBS, coeliac disease, malnutrition and weight management. I have also worked with the military and their families in the Ascention Island and for MEND (a healthy eating and lifestyle group for overweight children). I have also run an after school cookery club for primary school children. I am now working in private practice. I can see clients face to face in private consultations, give talks to groups and run workshops or cookery sessions for adults or children. I have set up weight loss and healthy eating groups to support clients to identify barriers to weight loss and create practical plans to suit individuals and their lifestyles. I use cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational techniques to help achieve and maintain goals.
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Makheale Shirley Mabindisa

Bachelor Of Nutrition RD

Aldershot, England
My name is Shirley Mabindisa I am your Dietitian and founder of MSM Nutrition Consultancy LTD. My passion is to improve your quality of life through diet. I am friendly, compassionate and I believe in a person-centred approach when it comes to dietary counselling. I am confident that I can empower you to take charge of your diet and health despite of your health condition and life stage. I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and am also a full member of the British dietetic association.
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kate nelson

Bsc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

St Albans, England
Kate Nelson is a registered dietitian with a wide breadth of experience in both adult and children’s nutrition. Kate set up the Inspire Dietetic Consultancy, her private practice, after many years of working in the NHS. She has worked in a variety of nutritional and dietetic roles throughout her career …

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Deepti Loomba

Registered Dietitian

Southall, England
    If you are needing a dietitian that is a personal trainer, with both private practice and NHS experience, look no further. Weight management, functional training, fertility nutrition are areas I am passionate about. I understand how challenging it must feel where you do not know where to begin …

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Lucy Neary

BSc Hons Nutrition & Dietetics

, England
As a registered paediatric dietitian it is my passion to help children to eat the best diet possible for their individual needs. I work with babies and children with a variety of nutritional issues including: allergies, faltering growth, fussy eaters, babies starting solids, coeliac disease, constipation, vegetarian & vegan diets …

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Qualified as a Registered Dietitian in 1999, I have extensive experience in many specialties.  I worked as a Dietitian for 10 years at University Hospitals Birmingham -Queen Elizabeth and then for a further 10 years in  Birmingham Heartlands NHS Trust  Since 2010 I have also worked in private practice, providing …

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Alison Chambers

BSc Honors Nutrition & Dietetics PhD

I am dietitian offering online dietetic advice. I provide advice on a range of diets and can help to find the best diet for specific medical conditions and weight loss. I have found that not all diets suit all people! My role is to find a dietary solution that works …

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Eugenia Grand

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

Currie, Scotland
Hi, my name is Eugenia. I am a freelance dietitian specializing in fertility, pregnancy and female health.
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Clare Grace

RD, MSc, PhD

Leeds, England
I am a registered dietitian with over 20 years experience of working in weight management. I was the lead dietitian in several NHS specialist weight management services supporting people with severe weight problems so I understand what a difficult, complex and frustrating challenge managing weight can be. I set up …

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Carole Tan

Registered Dietitian

Tonbridge, England
I am a state registered Dietitian with extensive experience working in the NHS, public health and private health care setting.   I am currently working in a private hospital and have the capacity to see you on certain days of the week. I can provide diet therapy and diet treatment if …

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Mei Wan

BSc Honors RD MBDA

London, England
Mei Wan – FdSc, BSc (Honors), RD, MBDA Mei is a dedicated and caring Dietitian. A graduate from The University of Surrey, Mei has worked as a specialist project lead for adult and childhood obesity management as well as a specialist Dietitian for Type 2 diabetes / pre-diabetes in digital health. Mei’s passion is to help empower people to go above and beyond their health goals. Her devotion stemmed from transforming her own health problems so she understands the challenges too well when it comes to making lifestyle changes! Mei continues to work within the NHS and provides consultancy work for private healthcare alongside her Private Practice and Freelance Dietetic services. She has an established background for creating practical and sustainable solutions for healthier and happier lives. Special interest areas: nutritional counselling, emotional eating, behaviour change, weight management, obesity, Type 2 diabetes prevention.
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Ian Thomas

BSc *Hon) Nutrition and Dietetics

Churchdown, England
I am a registered dietitian who specialises in weight management, type 2 diabetes and restoring intuitive and natural eating patterns. I take a holistic approach to my care and promote overall wellbeing and health through nutrition, exercise coaching and stress management.
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Karine Patel

Registered Dietitian, BSc. (Hons) MSc. (Hons)

Staines-upon-Thames, England
We offer online counselling and coaching services over Skype or telephone with accredited dietitians/ nutritionists only. Whether it is to lose weight, prevent/ treat chronic diseases, improve sports performance or to help you with any other health related concerns our only goal is to make you succeed and get results! Our team constantly work at their best to provide you with a unique, outstanding and personalized service. We commit to continuous improvement to deliver a service at its highest quality.
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