Cristian Costas Batlle: BDA-Registered Freelance Dietitian, 69 Farringdon Rd, London EN1M 3PN, UK

Private Practice Dietitian: City Dietitians, Farringdon Road, London

BSc, PG Dip, RD

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Profile for Cristian Costas Batlle, BDA Registered Dietitian

Cristian is gastroenterology dietitian who specialises in coeliac disease and has over 5 years experience working with inpatients and outpatients with digestive conditions in the NHS.

He has won a national dietitian recognition award from GUTS UK and Dr. Falk for improving patient care through building an exemplary dietetic-led coeliac service in the NHS and he predominantly works with coeliac patients.

He can explain the diagnosis if newly diagnosed, offer thorough education and support with the gluten free diet, help manage ongoing symptoms, advise on what bloods may be needed, provide support if finding it difficult to follow the diet and offer annual check ups to ensure everything is going well, since national health guidelines recommend that people with coeliac disease have an annual check-up with a health professional. 

He is very passionate about raising awareness of coeliac disease so that more people understand how important it is to get diagnosed with this medical condition and follow the proper gluten free diet that will reduce the risk of further complications and improve gut health. 

He is currently also studying a Masters to show the impact of the dietetic-led coeliac service he runs and he enjoys writing nutrition articles. He has recently had an article published in the British Journal of General Practice Life to raise awareness of the importance of referring people with coeliac disease to dietitians. 

He also has ample experience in helping people with digestive symptoms and digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. 

You can see some of his previous work on his social media posts, where he raises a lot of awareness about coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. 

Finally, he speaks English and Spanish, and therefore can offer consultations in Spanish too if this is required. 

Currently he only delivers online consultations so he can see patients all over the UK. 

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City Dietitians

City Dietitians is a collective of exceptionally highly qualified and world-leading dietitians that have worked in both the NHS and private practice for many years as well as all being involved in clinical research and/or expert media engagement

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