Emma Shafqat: BDA-Registered Freelance Dietitian,

Private Practice Dietitian:

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics RD

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Profile for Emma Shafqat, BDA Registered Dietitian

Hi, I’m Emma. I’m the Dietitian with a Difference. As I’m a Paediatric Dietitian and also the Mum of a little girl who has had complex dietary needs.

I provide private virtual consultations for children with dietary problems and support parents who are concerned about their child’s nutritional health.  

Since graduating with a first-class honours degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, I have working as a Dietitian for the NHS, focusing on children’s health. I help children and their families overcome a broad range of dietary issues and I’m proud to also bring this professional experience to my private clinic.

Mum of a fussy eater

My daughter Olivia had severe reflux as a baby and went on to suffer from several food allergies. I fully understand the feeling of despair that so many other parents experience. I saw Olivia arching her back in pain and screaming as she struggled with reflux. She developed rashes from an egg allergy and also spent time in hospital as a result of her cow’s milk allergy.

My training as a Dietitian has helped us manage Olivia’s dietary needs enormously. We made carefully considered changes to her diet and she is now a completely different girl! She is still a ‘fussy eater’ but my ‘Dietitian toolkit’ means that I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs as she’s growing up.

As a parent, I fully understand the practical implications of all the advice I provide and I believe in an intuitive eating approach.

Support with Childhood Dietary Problems

From Birth to 18 years old

I specialise in:

• Allergies and intolerances 
• Coeliac disease
• Fussy eating
• Constipation
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Nutritional deficiencies – anaemia
• Infant reflux and colic
• Growth concerns – faltering growth and weight management
• Enteral (feeding) tubes – blended diets 
• Weaning guidance
• Vegan and vegetarian diet advice

Business Details:

Dietitian with a Difference

Private Practice

Services offered:

Online Consultations

Details of Dietetic Services Provided

Industry Services

  • Event Management
  • School Health
  • Social media content creation
  • Speaking
  • Surveys
  • Tradeshows & exhibits
  • Workplace Education Sessions

Clinical Expertise

  • Coeliac disease
  • Teenagers / Child Nutrition
  • allergies
  • attention deficit disorder
  • autism
  • blenderised / texture-modified diets
  • early years nutrition
  • fussy eater
  • learning disabilities
  • paediatric
  • recipe development
  • vegan diet
  • vegetarian diet

Geographical Areas Covered

  • UK

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