Emma Townsin


Emma Townsin

Master of Dietetics; Food Science and Nutrition (Hons); Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutr; Psych)

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I’m Emma, the founder of Foodi Nutrition.

Foodi uses an evidence-based non-diet approach to implementing lifestyle changes. We focus on improving health through ditching diet culture and developing skills in intuitive eating.

This includes connecting with our body’s innate eating cues, mindful eating, reducing binge eating, accepting our body the way it is, finding movement we enjoy, responding to our emotions and letting go of food fears to embrace a healthy balance of all foods.

We find that when we stop focusing on weight as the primary outcome, we are able to focus on making changes that improve our health- both physically and mentally.

Whether you are looking to escape from the diet culture you feel trapped in, or start on a journey towards healthier habits, Foodi Nutrition will help you get there while avoiding the confusing world of dieting and misinformation.

Foodi is an online dietitian service using a telehealth platform called Healthie. You will have access to private video appointments, receive documents, direct messaging and journals including food photo journals, emotions, activity and goal setting- all shared instantly with your dietitian.

We offer 1:1 packages including:
– video review packages
– moving forward packages (a combination of 1:1
appointments and an online personalised program)
We offer online courses:
– 8 week intuitive eating course
– 6 week habit change

About me: I studied a Master of Dietetics at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. I have since worked in hospitals across Australia and the UK. The past 4 years have been spent working in the NHS, currently working part time in a hospital and part time at Foodi.

I founded Foodi Nutrition as I was frustrated by the limited time and support offered to my outpatients in the NHS. I felt a pressure to provide a service that wasn’t possible without having closer support.

I completed further training in Mindful Eating and The Non-Diet Approach in 2018 after seeing the damage that dieting and body image pressure was doing to my clients.

If you want to know more, get in touch through my website! Or feel free to check out my blog, free resources and social media platforms.

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