Jenaed Brodell: BDA-Registered Freelance Dietitian, London, UK

Private Practice Dietitian: London

Med Sci Hons, RD & B.Sports Sci

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Profile for Jenaed Brodell, BDA Registered Dietitian

Jenaed Gonçalves Brodell is a well know Registered Dietitian (HCPC) and  Sport Scientist. She has experience working for the NHS & in the private sector and has a special interest  in working with junior athletes as well as adult athletes specialising in sports performance.  She has experience in the Paediatric field specialising in cows milk protein allergy, picky eating , anaemia, autism and selective eating. 

When it comes to weight loss, Jenaed has an holistic outlook, focusing on all spheres of life and focuses on finding a sustainable solution for you , that fits your lifestyle and goals.

As an ex semi professional sports person, she is relatable in the sports field and knows the power of nutrition and optimal performance. 


Youth and adult Sports performance 
Weight management 
Paediatric (childrens) nutrition including allergies, growth faltering, picky eating and weaning , Selective eating
Non communicable diseases : Hypertension and cholesterol 
Plant based diets 
GUT health : IBS and Low FODMAP
Unhealthy Relationship with food and emotional eating 

Business Details:

Nutrition Synergy

Phone: 020 8168 6887

Private Practice

Services offered:

Online Consultations

Youth and adult sports performance dietitian and Paediatric dietitian - Remotely based

Details of Dietetic Services Provided

Industry Services

  • Articles
  • Catering
  • Conferences
  • Consumer Press
  • Corporate Health
  • Digital Health
  • Event Management
  • Functional and Integrative medicine
  • Health screening
  • Lecturing & teaching
  • Recipe & Menu analysis
  • Recipe development
  • School Health
  • Social media content creation
  • Speaking
  • Workplace Education Sessions

Clinical Expertise

  • Elderly
  • IBS
  • Teenagers / Child Nutrition
  • allergies
  • attention deficit disorder
  • autism
  • body image
  • cardiovascular disease
  • coaching
  • counselling
  • depression
  • early years nutrition
  • falls prevention
  • fussy eater
  • healthy ageing
  • heart health
  • hyperactivity
  • learning disabilities
  • malnutrition in the elderly
  • medical nutrition
  • medical nutrition support
  • medical supplements
  • nutritional supplements for elderly
  • paediatric
  • pregnancy & pre-conception
  • sports nutrition
  • vegan diet
  • vegetarian diet
  • weight management

Geographical Areas Covered

  • International
  • UK

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